Zero Breeze Air Portable AC: Review

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The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a battery-operated portable air conditioner designed for personal cooling in enclosed spaces.




Our Review

Rechargable Portable AC Review

Although we have reviewed many portable air conditioners, their portability is not anything out of the extraordinary.

In addition, they are not easily movable from one room into another.

However, that’s not the case with the Zero Breeze portable AC because this unit can be easily and very conveniently taken with you wherever you like, including camping tents, RVs, and offices.
It’s so portable that it can quite literally cool you on the go.

Moreover, the Zero Breeze is a true air conditioner. And by an real AC, we mean it has a compressor just like the larger portable AC units.

You might be wondering how long a lithium-ion battery can run an air conditioner.
Well, the included 630Wh battery powers the AC for approximately 5 hours.

If you choose sleep mode, it can also last the night.

If you need longer periods of cooling, use the included AC adapter.

The Zero Breeze portable battery-powered portable air conditioner delivers the best cooling performance you’d expect from such a compact unit.

Zero Breeze’s Mark 1 made many enhancements in terms of efficiency and performance, whereas Mark 2 cools quicker and covers a broader area range.

The Zero Breeze AC battery-powered AC isn’t technically a room cooler. This AC works best in small spaces of around 20-40 square feet, and it can lower the temperature by up to 30 degrees in those areas.

An ideal use for this device is to cool a tent, for example.

You can also use it to cool off your bed, your desk, or even outside.

How much will you pay to have a portable AC?

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 costs $800, and this is without the battery. However, the AC adapter comes with it.

The addition of another battery cost around $300.

Obviously, the Mark 2 is more expensive than many other portable ACs that can cool entire rooms.

The Zero Breeze is a portable tent, boat, or RV air conditioner, useful in various situations.

This is what this Zero Breeze Mark 2 portable air conditioner review will reveal.

Best Features

Rechargable Portable AC Review

1. Battery or AC Power

The Zero Breeze air conditioner takes portability to a new level, because it can operate on batteries.

As a result, the Zero Breeze is the perfect cooling solution if you spend a lot of time outdoors or camp.

The 630Wh battery provides cooling for 5 hours. You can also get a whole night’s cooling by switching to the sleep mode that is less energy-intensive.

If you plan to travel for several days, you will need to buy batteries or find a way of charging the unit while you’re on the move. A small portable solar generator or your car cigarette lighter socket will work.

The AC adapter lets you stay cool indefinitely, useful for home or office.

Zero Breeze sells a more basic model with an AC adapter, while the version with a battery will cost more.

2. Cooling Power For One

Zero Breeze’s 2,300 BTU cooling power is ideal for small areas of up to 20-40 square feet.

Think about a tent or the back of an RV.

According to the manufacturer, a 3-person tent with a size of 70.9″x82.7″x40.9″ is the recommended cooling space.

You can also use it as a personal cooling device on your desk or beside your bed – just point the vent in your direction and the unit will blow cool air towards your face.

This little air conditioner is also useful outdoors, but you need to be very close to the vents to feel the cool breeze.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 cooling performance, despite its limitations, is quite good. It cools quickly and effectively because it uses a compressor similar to large portable AC units.

You’ll notice a big difference in 10 minutes. According to the manufacturer, it can reduce temperature up to 30F in that timeframe.

3. Dual Hose

The Mark 2 uses a dual-hose venting system, which was one of its significant improvements. Zero Breeze Mark 1 uses a single hose.

A dual-hose system uses one hose to take the hot air from the room or tent, while the other hose draws air from the outside for cooling.

This eliminates the negative pressure issue that is common with portable ACs using a single-hose hose.

When an AC pulls cool air from the room for cooling, it can create negative pressure, allowing the hot air outside to return into the room.

Zero Breeze Mark 2’s dual-hose system increases cooling efficiency. As a result, it can cool more space in less time while using less power.

Do not worry about having two hoses. It doesn’t make it more complicated. The Zero Breeze is very easy to set up. Simply attach the hose adapter to your unit and then extend the hoses so that they poke out of the tent.

4. Built-in Dehumidifier

The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner is the perfect solution if you are tired of camping in the heat and humidity.

The dehumidifier can cool and dehumidify simultaneously, much like a large portable AC.
The dehumidifier has a limited coverage area and capacity, however, just like the cooling function – it can only remove a few ounces of water per day.

Zero Breeze’s internal tank holds approximately an hour of condensed humidity.

Simply tilt the AC backward to drain the tank. You can also use the drainpipe included to drain the AC continuously.

5. Compact and Lightweight

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 weighs just 14 lbs, so you can easily carry it by hand, unlike most other 50-80lb portable ACs.

The compact size makes it easy to fit in a car trunk or on the ground between the seats.

6. Use It As A Power Bank

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 can also function as a power bank. There are three USB ports, two USB-A (and one USB-C), that can charge small devices and smartphones.

Be aware that charging devices can reduce battery life if the AC is running on battery and will dramatically decrease cooling time.

We love the bright LED lamp integrated into the AC, too. It is a valuable addition for campers.


Rechargable Portable AC Review

Limited cooling performance is the biggest drawback of the Zero Breeze AC. It can only cool a tiny area, compared to most other portable AC units.

This restricts the unit’s versatility because it is really only useful in enclosed spaces such as a tent, RV, or car.

The battery capacity is another limitation. It is portable and lightweight, but it only provides 5 hours of cooling. So the Zero Breeze is not the right choice if you have no means of recharging the battery.

Zero Breeze can also be loud, especially in close quarters like a tent. Although sleep mode is acceptable, it reduces cooling power.

Price is another important consideration.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 AC unit is more expensive than larger AC units with four to five times the cooling power.

The high price tags is probably due to the extensive R & D involved in this product’s design, development, and creation.


Zero Breeze Mark 1 vs. Mark 2

Zero Breeze’s original product was the Mark 1, developed and manufactured by the company through crowdfunding.

Their latest release, Mark 2, features a higher BTU rating, faster cooling, larger space coverage, a dual hose vent system, an IR remote control, and a longer blowing range.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 also has more power and is larger.

Mark 2 Plus and Plus Extra

You will find three versions of this unit on Zero Breeze’s website: the Mark 2, the Mark 2 Plus, and the Mark 2 Plus Extra.

The accessories that come with each unit make them different.

The basic Mark 2 does not have a battery.

The Mark 2 Plus includes both a battery and a charging cord.

The Mark 2 Plus Extra provides two batteries and two power cables for longer cooling times.

You can also buy an extra battery.


Rechargable Portable AC Review

The Zero Breeze is a far more portable than other portable ACs.

And it is the most powerful personal cooling product on the market right now.

For the right person who loves camping but hates the heat, this is a lifesaver.

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