EvaPolar evaSMART EV-3000 Personal Air Cooler Review

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Most room air conditioners can cool rooms between 100 and 500 square footage.

These portable ACs are ideal for cooling most rooms in your home. However, they may not be the best choice if you need to cool your private space – only a portion of one room.

For example, you can’t take one of these monsters to work. They are noisy and too large.

They can also be cumbersome, so you will need to vent outside. This is impossible in an office.

The Evapolar evaSMART portable AC is the solution. It is small and portable, so it is useful at work or home. In addition, it can cool down your bedroom at night.

Despite its small size, the evaSMART is powerful and has a humidifying function.

You can also use it wherever you like because venting is not required.

For my complete review of the EV-3000 Personal Cooler, please continue reading.

You can find my recommendations for whole-room ACs in my portable AC buying guide if you’re looking for something stronger for your entire bedroom, living room, or office.



Best Features

Personal Air Cooler

Small But Powerful

The evaSMART AC measures just 6 by 6 inches. As a result, this AC is not like other room ACs, which you place on the ground. Instead, you can put it on your desk or your bedside table.

It can cool down the air by up to 15 degrees, even in hot or dry weather, even though it is compact.

This will depend on how big the space you use it in. It can cover a 45-square-foot area, which is enough to fit a desk or bed. However, it cannot cool your entire bedroom or living room.

It’s easy to set up – no venting required.

Evapolar Personal Evaporative

Although portable ACs can be great, the setup process can be quite tedious. It is better to place it near a window, and then the vents and sliders should be set up. You will need to do the same setup every time you move it into a different room.

There is no need for Venting in the EV-3000. Instead, simply add water to the reservoir and plug it into a power bank or computer. Then, you can enjoy cool, purified air.

There is no complicated process for creating a bubble that you can enjoy wherever you go.

One full reservoir lasts around 6 hours. You can keep it on your bedside table all night. It does not have a sleep timer, so you need to keep it on until the water runs out.

3-in-1 Operation

The evaSmart cooler is capable of three things:

  1. It cools the air in the immediate vicinity
  2. It is a humidifier.
  3. It is an air purifier.

Evaporative technology cools the system. A refillable evaporative cartridge evaporates water and causes warm, dry air to pass over it to cool. It doesn’t require venting, and it doesn’t let warm air out of the room. It produces only cool, moistened, and clean air.

The integrated purifying mechanism ensures safe and clean air. In addition, it is safe for pets and children, making it suitable for your nursery or kid’s bedroom.

The temperature can be adjusted using the touch-sensitive display and the scroll wheel.

If you want to minimize noise or increase cooling power, you can adjust the fan speed.


This portable AC is convenient to use anywhere if you have a USB cable.

You don’t have to look for a power outlet. Instead, plug the cooler into a computer or power bank. It is highly portable, making it ideal for outdoor and camping trips.

This versatility is also useful in the event of a power cut.

You don’t need to be concerned about it draining your power bank. It draws only 10W of electricity, which is the same as a tablet computer.

LED Night Light

You can also use the EV-3000 as a nightlight.

The entire cube’s face generates cool LED lights whose colors you can adjust to fit your mood and the surrounding environment.


Personal Air Cooler

It is quite expensive to buy a personal air conditioner.

Although it is more powerful than a $20 USB desk fan, the price tag of $150 still seems high. In addition, the evaporative cartridge needs replacement every six months. Each cartridge is $40.

It’s an excellent investment for anyone who lives or works in hot and dry areas. This is also great for those with asthma and other respiratory problems caused by dry air.

They should have included a timer for the price. This comes in handy when you aren’t going to be awake at night and don’t want the cooler to turn off until morning.

Another restriction is the environment to use it. The evaSMART3000 is best for dry and hot areas. However, the evaSMART 3000 will not cool down properly if the air is too humid. This is due to its dependence on evaporation.

Customers have complained about the water leaking from this unit. However, this is not likely to be a problem with it but an owner’s error. The water will leak if you add too much water to the reservoir or fill it up before the indicator lights up.

Before you use the evaSMART cooler, make sure to read the instructions.



The evaSMART EV-3000 portable air cooler is powerful and versatile. It can cool your personal space, but not the whole room.

The humidifier and air purifier are great for allergy sufferers or children.

The evaSMARTEV-3000 is also extremely portable. As long as there is fresh water and a place where you can plug in the USB power cable, it will keep you cool no matter where you are: in an office, bedroom, RV, or camping tent.

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