10 Giant Bubble Machines – These Bubbles Are Huge! (Videos)

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There are few things in life that kids love as much as a good bubble machine. Kids generally love playing with bubbles, and to know that there are hundreds and thousands of them being blown out of a machine can really excite them.

In fact, you don’t need to be a kid to appreciate the unique mechanism and beauty of bubble machines. They’re low maintenance and can spread happiness and excitement all around the place. In this article we take a look at 10 giant bubble machines that will make you gasp in excitement. Go through this list and enjoy the unique machines.

1. Bubble Storm

Bubble machines do not really get better than this. The bubbles released by this machine are impressive and really are an indication of just how much the kids will enjoy this machine.

2. Giant Bubble Machine

This DIY giant bubble maker hack is interesting and will definitely increase the interest of kids around you. The process itself is simple to follow for anyone with a penchant for DIY work.

3. Giant Bubbles

Who doesn’t love giant bubbles spread across the sandy background of a beach? Well, these giant bubbles will show you just what we are talking about as they embrace the skies and the background.

4. Bubble Machine

This giant bubble machine can be set according to your specifications. The machine starts slowly and once it picks up pace, it starts blowing a number of bubbles rapidly.

5. Premium Bubble Machine

This premium bubble machine might look small, but it surely can improve the aesthetics of an interior space. This bubble machine here can be seen throwing bubbles all over the place.

6. LED Bubble Machine

This LED bubble machine follows a simple, yet effective concept to generate bubbles and blow them out. We love the simple functions and speed.

7. New Bubble Machine

This YouTube vlog takes you through a couple of kids playing with their new collection of bubble machines. The machines work fast and are able to produce hundreds of bubbles in a matter of seconds.

8. Over 500 Bubbles

This small and effective frog bubble blower can make over 500 bubbles in one go. The machine is really effective and is a treat to play with.

9. Giant Bubble Machine

This super-sized giant bubble machine is capable of blowing a number of bubbles in one go. We love its efficiency and the rapid processes.

10. Bubble Machine for Toddlers

Toddlers do love some bubbles around them, and this is the perfect bubble machine for them. This machine comes with multiple hoops to blow bubbles and light up the room or sky.

These bubble machines are all in favor of kids and have a number of exciting benefits. We hope you enjoyed these machines and can show the videos to your kids.

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