Coleman Mach 15 Airxcel Air Conditioner Review

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Coleman Mach 15 RV air conditioner is one of the most powerful RV units available on the market.

With a 15,000 BTU cooling capacity and a powerful 320 CFM airflow, the Mach 15 is an excellent choice for cooling large RVs. 

Moreover, if you plan to travel frequently and through all seasons, the Mach 15 can heat your RV using a separate heating kit.

For our complete review of the Airxcel Mach 15 AC by Coleman, please read on. 

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Key Features

1. 15,000 BTU + 320 CFM

15,000 BTUs is the highest capacity an RV air conditioner can provide.

That said, the Mach 15’s high airflow of 320 cubic feet per minute of air which provides really fast cooling on hot days.

2. 5,600 BTU Heater

The Coleman Mach 15 can cool and heat your RV. However, the heating power is much lower at 5,600 BTUs.

Also, the Mach 15 does not heat out of the box. To enjoy warm air, you will need a Coleman heating strip (also known as a heat strip).

3. Improved Aerodynamics

The streamlined design reduces drag on the road, so the Coleman Mach 15 has minimal effect on your RV’s fuel consumption. 

4. Easy to Install

The Mach 15 is easy to install for most customers. 

Lifting the unit is the most challenging part of installing this AC on top of your RV. To safely transport and lift this 90-pound AC, two or three people may be required.

RV owners rave about the Mach 15’s foam AC seals, which do a great job of keeping the roof opening sealed properly without the need for additional caulking or tape.

Not included with the Mach 15 is a control unit. You can save the control panel if you’re replacing an older RV AC. You can purchase the control unit as a separate item if you do not need the whole package.

The Coleman Mach 15 will also work with your existing wall thermostat. 

The Coleman RV Camper Camper Mach manual thermostat makes a great choice if you’re looking for a new thermostat.

Issues and Limitations

The poor packaging quality and the absence of a control device are my top complaints.

Shipping the AC can also be difficult as it is not properly protected. 

In addition, some customers have reported that their AC arrived with a small dent on the chassis. However, it did not appear to have any effect on the AC’s performance.

The Coleman Mach 15 also has a limitation we have already discussed: you can’t use the heating feature straight out of the box. Instead, a heat strip will need to be purchased separately.


Bottom Line

The Coleman Mach 15 roof air conditioner is an excellent solution for keeping your RV cool or warm in all seasons. It doesn’t include a control unit or a heating strip, however.

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