Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Are you searching for a portable AC unit that cools a large room or a smaller space?
Global Air Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU might be the best option. It is a portable AC that can be used in 2 modes and has a self-evaporative drainage system.

The unit is also very easy to use and includes a remote control that allows you to change settings without getting up. The control panel also helps you in this.

This AC has a rating of 10,000 BTUs. It is strong enough to cool medium-sized rooms with 300 square feet or less.

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Best Features

Portable Air Conditioner

10,000 BTUs

The Global Air AC cools large rooms quickly thanks to its 10,000 BTUs.

The maximum recommended room size is 300 square feet. It can cool rooms up to 300 square feet, as some customers have mentioned in their reviews. However, it does not work as efficiently or quickly.

We recommend that you stick to the recommended size.

For areas larger than 400 sq., you will need a stronger AC.

Three Modes

The fan blows cool air into the space when it is activated.

The 4-way vent design ensures cool air goes to every corner of your room.

When the temperature is not too high, the fan-only mode works well. It consumes a lot less energy.

The fan and cooler are automatically turned on or off depending on the room temperature.


The control is at the top of your unit. This is the place to find all settings, the same settings as the remote control.

You can select the function mode you prefer from the mode button – auto, cool, or fan.

You can adjust the temperature by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons. You can also adjust the timer or change the temperature units between F and C.

You can choose between high or low speed by pressing the SPEED button. These settings can reduce or increase airflow to the AC, regardless of whether it’s in FAN or COOL mode.

You can also set a timer to turn the unit off automatically after a certain time.

Self-Evaporative Cooling (No Drain)

This AC is self-evaporative, meaning that any condensation from the air passing through it goes outside.

Although this feature is great in theory, it doesn’t work in practice. Customers have complained that water has leaked from their drain plug, causing damage to the floor. You’ll need to be vigilant about this.

This happens when the humidity is too high, and the evaporator cannot exhaust it all.

If the LED panel reads “FL,” it means that you need to drain water manually using the drain plug.

Remote Control and Digital Controls (With 2 Bonus Modes)

Air Conditioner

Digital controls are simple and can be used to adjust temperature precisely (instead of turning a dial).

You can press the large buttons easily, and LED lights will let you know which settings are active.

You don’t need to be present to use the control panel each time you wish to modify a setting.

The remote control comes with all settings, including max cool and sleep modes.

Max cool mode turns the unit on to maximum cooling power. To speed up room cooling, the fan runs at maximum speed. In this mode, fan speed settings won’t work.

Sleep mode is for sleeping. The fan operates at the slowest speed and heats only 1 degree per 2 hours. However, it stops after a 2-degree rise.

As the night becomes colder, this warms the air but keeps it cool.

Carbon filters

Portable Air Conditioner Review

This AC can also have a carbon filter to clean the air and eliminate household odors.


The two common issues with this model are:

Leakage is the worst.

This unit is not the best for environments with high humidity. It can leak onto your floor if you don’t drain it regularly or connect a drain pipe.

It is important to inspect it closely, especially near the drain plug, if you want to purchase it. You can drain it frequently or attach a drain hose if you see any leakage.

The second problem is the high noise level when it’s running at full power. To keep the noise levels down, reduce fan speed if you have it in your bedroom at night.



The portable AC exhausts outside, which is very advantageous for users. It is easy to set up, use and very affordable. However, if you have to cool down in extremely humid conditions, don’t purchase it.

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