Tripp Lite SmartRack 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Are You Looking For A Powerful Portable Air Conditioner For A Server, Media Or Gaming Room?

Tripp Lite SRCOOL offers 12,000 BTUs cooling and dehumidifying energy and a network management system. It is a great choice.

The unit will not struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in computer rooms or hot single-server areas.

It can cool and dehumidify even large spaces, up to 500 square feet.

The Tripp-Lite is compact and functional in small spaces.

You have two options for controlling and operating the AC: either the top-mounted control panel ($250) or the optional SRCOOLNET network management system ($250).

Here is our complete Tripp Lite SRCOOL review.

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Best Features

Portable Air Conditioner

12,000 BTUs = enough to cover 500 sq. Ft. Room

The AC’s BTU output is enormous. The AC can handle rooms up to 500 square feet in size, no matter how hot they get.

The Tripp Lite is an excellent choice, whether you are cooling a small server room or a large area with many computers.

General and Directed Cooling

Two types of cooling are available from the AC.

The general multi-directional cooling mode is ideal for large rooms that require cooling in all directions. The unit’s front louvers allow cool air to escape and then spread evenly throughout the room.

The vents on either side can direct the cool air at a target. In addition, the flexible tube can direct cool air towards the vents on the sides. This is a great way to concentrate cooling on a particular server or hot spot within the room.

Self-Evaporative (No Drain system)

The air conditioner works by using a self-evaporative system to expel condensed water from the room. There are some limitations.

The evaporator may be overwhelmed if there is too much moisture. The water must then be drained manually using a drain hose. If you don’t, water can leak onto your floor.

Water leaking is the last thing you want to see in a room with machines. To protect yourself, we recommend connecting a drain line.

Portable and Compact Design

The Tripp Lite industrial AC is 73.9 pounds heavy.

It is compact and easy to place in smaller servers and computer rooms.

The four casters on its underside make it easy to transport.

Ceiling/Window Exhaust Options

This unit can vent through the window, or a drop ceiling, unlike residential portable AC units, which use window venting. Kits are available for both types.

Remote Control and Monitoring with SRCOOLNET Network Management Module

You have two options to control your Tripp Lite portable AC.

It is easiest to use the buttons on your control panel. You can adjust the temperature, operation mode, and timer settings on this panel.

The SRCOOLNET Network Manager Module, which is sold separately at $250, can be used to remotely control and monitor your AC.

The module connects to the AC, turning it into a remote control unit. As a result, you can remotely control many settings from any computer around the globe.

Although it sounds great, customers complain that it is difficult to set up and use. It requires a tech specialist to set it up. Even once it is running, it can be challenging to use. Many people find it easier to use physical controls.

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Safe

Close-Coupled cooling helps in maintaining low temperatures.

This cooling method is not the same as that used by ACs for perimeter cooling.

Close-Coupled cooling is more efficient at eliminating hot spots and requires less energy.

It also uses an Ozone-Safe refrigerant.

It is RoHS Compliant, which means that it requires very little use of hazardous materials in manufacturing.


Portable Air Conditioner

This model has many problems, including the fact that it is not compatible with other portable ACs. In addition, they can leak if there is too much humidity.

They have a drain hole at the bottom. It is beneficial.

Customers have complained that they must drain the unit manually or end up hooking a drain tube.

Customers also complain that their units can have issues after a few months, even though it is an older problem.

Live tech support is available by the manufacturer.



Tripp Lite 12,000 BTU portable AC is usable in server and computer rooms that are not sufficiently cooled by central air conditioning.

This AC will keep your computer and your network cool, whether it’s in your office network room or at your home gaming area.

We like that the manufacturer offers free tech support and a one-year warranty.

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