Friedrich 8,000 BTU Compact Portable Room Air Conditioner Review

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The Friedrich portable air conditioner, 8,000 BTU, functions year-round with both cooling and heating modes.

It can also dehumidify a space, taking out approximately 3.5 pints an hour.

Although installation is more complicated than other units, it is not impossible.

This Friedrich is super simple to use once you have it set up.

It is controllable via either the control panel +LED display on the unit or the remote control that comes with it. The remote control has an LCD panel.

Continue reading for our complete review of Friedrich’s portable AC.

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Best Features

Portable Room Air Conditioner

Capacity: 8,000 BTU

Although not the most powerful AC portable, the Friedrich AC 8,000 BTU is powerful enough for cooling a 200-square-foot room (10′ x 10′)

It is ideal for heating and cooling bedrooms, dens and nurseries, small living spaces, offices, and dining rooms.
You can adjust the target cooling temperature using the remote control and the control panel.

Heater Mode

The bonus heat mode makes it possible to use the AC portable year-round.

Despite this, heating isn’t very powerful and works best when used in small rooms.

Use the heat clip to activate the heating mode. Next, turn the AC upside down so that the hot water outlet faces you. This alters the airflow and prevents warm air from leaving the room, and redirects it back inside the house.

AC heating does not require venting.

The heating mode allows you to set the temperature target between 59F – 77F.

Flexible Scheduling and Settings

Air Conditioner

The Friedrich portable air conditioner is useful in various ways to satisfy almost every heating and cooling need.

* Cool style is the main method of cooling the room. The temperature range is 63 to 86F.

* Heat mode – A bonus heating mode, which is great for small rooms. This mode only activates after you snap on the heat clip.

* Dry mode – The AC dehumidifies your room and removes up to 3.5 pints per hour. It is ideal for humid conditions or hot, humid weather.

* Sleep mode – The AC reduces fan speed to lower noise levels and changes the temperature to create a comfortable sleep environment.

* Fan mode – only the fan will function in this mode. This mode is ideal for mild cooling. To reduce noise and adjust cooling levels, you can alter fan speed. There are four fan speed options: low, medium, high, and auto. Auto mode automatically adjusts fan speed based on ambient temperature.

* 24-hour timer – You can set the AC to turn off or on at a specific time.

Partially Self-Evaporative

The AC automatically blows out any moisture collected in the cooling mode.

You won’t need to manually drain the water or install a drain line in a dry climate.

If humidity levels are high, the AC might not exhaust it all, and the drain pan may fill. If this happens, the AC will not exhaust all of it, and you will need to drain the water.

Friedrich suggests connecting a drain line whenever you use the heating/dehumidifying feature.

Antimicrobial filters

Air Conditioner

The AC unit comes with two antimicrobial filters that capture bacteria and particles from the air.

These filters keep your indoor air fresh and are reusable multiple times.

This unit’s filters are not sufficient to clean your indoor air entirely of microbes. A HEPA air purifier is ideal for anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems. There are many options available.


Many customers have complained about the poor quality of the window connection kit. The vent hose is too small for most windows. It also keeps coming off even if you connect it to your slider.

The connection between the AC and the hose is also not secure. As a result, it can fail and send some of the warm exhaust back into the room. You can fix this issue easily without the need to purchase a new kit

Tape around the joint between AC and hose is a good idea. Worm clamps are also a good option to attach the hose to your window connector.

You may need an additional vent pipe if your window is higher than the floor.



The Friedrich portable air conditioner with 8,000 BTUs is very easy to use, aside from minor installation issues.

The many modes, remote control, and scheduling options will be a hit. And the price is very reasonable.

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