Best Mini Air Conditioner 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Looking to buy a mini air conditioner?

We have rounded up the best ones below. 

Mini air conditioners are compact and lightweight devices designed to create a personal cooling space. Though they certainly cannot keep your entire house cool but do work well enough to lower the temperature in your immediate surroundings. 

Such mini AC units have become a rage in 2022 because of their simplicity and ease of use. However, that also means the market is flooded with functional and garbage products that you cannot differentiate just by looking. 

To make things simpler, we have compiled a list of the best mini air conditioners in 2022 that you can check out. 

When does it make sense to use a personal/mini air conditioner?

Mini air conditioners have fast become a popular choice because they don’t require any venting or installation. You simply have to fill their reservoir with water and plug in the cable to enjoy a cool breeze. The simplicity of design makes them suitable for a variety of situations. 

A mini air conditioner can be beneficial for:


mini portable air conditioner

Corporate offices are enormous buildings with hundreds of people working. Although they have central AC systems to keep the entire building cool, it is still quite common for workers to feel hot.

Sometimes the vent is a bit far away, or the higher outdoor temperature messes with the system’s efficiency resulting in uneven cooling. 

You can use a personal air conditioner to feel cool and comfortable in such situations. The compact size will easily fit inside your office bag and is also simple to set up on your desktop. 


Though we take every measure to keep ourselves comfortable during the night, some people tend to sleep hot. Night sweats are a common phenomenon that people experience mainly because of the hot bedroom environment.

Setting up a mini air conditioner on their nightstand can help people stay cool and comfortable. With its cooling capacity, the device can increase their overall sleeping experience. 


Patios and summers go hand in hand. But most people avoid patio time because the heat makes them uncomfortable and sweaty

Just like their bigger variations, the mini evaporative coolers can keep you cool when you want to enjoy some patio time alone. 

Our Top 3 Picks

What’s In This Buying Guide

Table of Contents

Best Mini Air Conditioners

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mini air conditioner
  • Evapolar evaCHILL

  • Category
    Best Quiet Mini Air Conditioner

  • Dimensions:
    7 x 7 x 7 inches

  • Weight:
    1.7 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    Up to 21 Sq. Ft.

  • Tank Capacity:
    800 ml

  • Run Time:
    up to 9 hours

  • Noise Level:
    28 dB

  • Functions:
    Cooling, humidification, and Air Purification

  • Power Consumption:
    7.5 watts

  • Warranty:
    1-year warranty

mini portable air conditioner
  • Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill

  • Category:
    Best Affordable Mini Air Conditioner

  • Dimensions:
    7.95 x 8.05 x 10.10 inches

  • Weight:
    2.81 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    Up to 45 Sq. Ft.

  • Tank Capacity:
    750 ml

  • Run Time:
    up to 10 hours

  • Noise Level:
    50 dB

  • Functions:
    Air purification, humidification, and cooling

  • Power Consumption:
    7.5 watts

  • Warranty:
    60-day money-back guarantee

smallest air conditioner
  • BLAUX Wearable AC Plus

  • Category:
    Best Wearable Mini Air Conditioner

  • Dimensions:
    35mm X 199 mm x 222 mm

  • Weight:
    1.1 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    Immediate personal space

  • Tank Capacity:
    No tank

  • Run Time:
    up to 18 hours

  • Noise Level:
    Little to no noise

  • Functions:
    Air purification and Cooling

  • Power Consumption:
    Not Specified

  • Warranty:
    Not Specified


Best Quiet Mini Air Conditioner

Like its more expensive sister model the Evapolar evaSMART EV-3000,  the Evapolar evaCHILL is an affordable yet fun-looking air conditioning device. It features a portable design with 3-in-1 functionality.

You can use it to keep yourself cool, humidify your surroundings, or rely on the incorporated filter cartridge to purify the air you breathe in. It also has a nice night light that emits a soft blue glow on both sides. 

This mini air conditioner for rooms can almost instantly cool the area in front of it. It uses a new Eva Breeze evaporative material that does not rot.

There are no toxic gases involved in its cooling process. Rather the fully biodegradable evaporative pads make it an environmentally friendly option.




Our Review

The Evapolar evaCHILL is a pretty alternative to a regular desk fan. It features a simple yet cute design that looks great on your office desktop, nightstand, or anywhere else.

You can choose between a variety of fun colors to find the one that suits your decor the best. 

Despite being a compact device, the evaCHILL delivers a powerful performance. It boasts 3-in-1 functionality. Plus, there is a night light function that fills your room with an ambient bluish glow. 

Other functions include cooling, being the most obvious, humidifying, and air purification. All of these functions happen at the same time. 

All you have to do is fill its reservoir with water, plug it in and press the button to initiate its operation. 

Once started, a small yet powerful fan pulls the hot, polluted air through the back of the device. This air first passes through the Eva Breeze filtration cartridge that traps dust and other airborne particles allowing cleaner air to pass through. 

Next, the fan forces the air through water-saturated cooling pads. As the air passes through these, the water inside these evaporates as water vapors to humidify and cool the air down. Finally, this cool, humid air blows out the front of the device in the form of a cool breeze. 

The device boasts a simple, one-button interface that makes it extremely user-friendly. You can use this button to switch between three speeds and to turn on the night light as well. 

It comes with a USB cable for powering up, which gives you the freedom to plug it into a wide variety of power sources. You can pair it with a compatible adapter for wall socket connectivity, or directly plug the USB cable into your laptop or PC to use them as a power source. 

A common concern about owning an air conditioner is its running cost. However, the Evapolar evaCHILL is one of the most energy-efficient units out there.

It consumes only 7.5 watts, which is equal to the energy consumption of an ordinary light bulb. Hence even if you continue to use it for long hours, your electricity bill won’t jack up.

Editor's Rating


Best Affordable Mini Air Conditioner

The Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill is a popular choice amongst buyers looking to purchase a portable mini air conditioner.

It features a compact and lightweight design that you can place on any surface to keep yourself cool. Plus, it also works to humidify your surroundings with moisture. 

This device boasts a unique Hydro Chill Technology to blow cooler air. It pulls the hot air through an evaporative air cooling filter to convert it into colder, more refreshing air.

It has multi-directional vents that you can adjust to blow cold air in the desired direction. Plus, the four speed support lets you set it to your desired intensity. 




Our Review

We like the Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill for its compact and lightweight design. It measures 7.01 x 7.87 x 9.8 inches while weighing 2.66 pounds with an empty reservoir.

It does not take up too much space with this size, and you can easily place it on tabletops, nightstands, office desktops, etc.

This unit features 3-in-1 functionality. In addition to the air cooling feature, it also works well as a humidifier and an air purifier.

It operates using a fan and motor system that helps pass the air through the device. First, the air goes through the air filter, which prevents dust particles, pollen, and other allergens from going across.

Next, using its evaporative technology, this Ontel device cools and humidifies the clean air before blowing it out the front vents. 

Where other mini air conditioners can only cool things that are directly placed in front of them, the Arctic Air Pure Chill incorporates multi-directional vents into the design.

This means you can adjust them to blow cool air in the direction of your choosing without having to turn around the entire device. 

Plus, the upper region of the device is fitted with a LED mood light that helps create an ambient atmosphere. The light can change colors, so you can select one according to your mood or room vibe.

It helps increase visibility in low light conditions. However, you can not turn off this light. This may cause discomfort to people who prefer sleeping in complete darkness.  

This mini AC unit is very easy to set up mainly because of its top-fill water tank. Because of its lowered and thoughtful design, the tank fills up quickly without spilling. Plus, a single full tank can last for up to 10 hours of usage. 

Powering it up is also not an issue because it can plug into a regular power socket as well as a USB port. It is also very efficient in its power consumption, using merely 7.5 watts of energy to function. 

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Best Wearable Mini Air Conditioner

The BLAUX Wearable Fan is an innovative wireless air cooling device that you can actually place around your neck.

It features a bladeless design with 120° positional air outlets taking their place. There is an air inlet on each that filters the air before blasting it out. It also incorporates a thermoelectric cooling plate into its design that keeps you cool in the hottest temperatures. 

This mini AC is battery-operated and lasts up to 18 hours of operation on a single full charge. It boasts 2-in-1 functionality, purifying and cooling the air before blowing it towards your face and neck. 




Our Review

BLAUX Wearable AC Plus is a game-changer in the smallest portable air conditioner category. It is one of the smallest air conditioners on the market.

Unlike other devices that you place in front of you, this unit features a wearable design that goes around your neck. It creates a personal cool air bubble around your head, making you feel incredibly comfortable even on the hottest day. 

It is a battery-powered device equipped with a 3,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery enables it to deliver longer run times but takes as little as four hours to charge completely. This BLAUX AC can operate on three different speeds and lasts for up to 18 hours on the slowest one before needing a recharge. 

We also like this device for its 2-in-1 functionality. It is an air cooling device that doubles as an air purifier with its built-in ionizer and nanosilver filters. These filters install on each end of the device just inside the air inlet, ensuring all the air entering the device is free from pollutants and allergens. 

They are removable, too, so you can uninstall them whenever you want. The built-in ionizer targets bacteria and other allergens, ensuring you are supplied with the highest quality air to breathe in. 

BLAUX has designed this unit to be versatile. It fits most necks comfortably, while the lighter weight does not make your neck sore even after long hours of continuous usage. 

The vent placement is also thoughtful, blowing air on both sides of your face. The design is very flexible, allowing you to adjust its shape with universal flex fit joints. Plus, you can also adjust the vents for adequate airflow. 

The device operates at three different speeds giving you better control over its performance. 

Editor's Rating

Mini Air Conditioner Buying Guide

smallest air conditioner

Why buy a mini air conditioner

There are many reasons why you should buy a mini air conditioner. If truth be told, it is a useful device because it provides the benefits of air conditioning and cooling without the high costs and noisiness of some traditional AC devices. 

If you are still unsure about purchasing one, here are some reasons why you should take the plunge:

Affordable Costs

A major concern surrounding any type of air conditioning device is its costs. This includes the upfront purchasing, installation, running, and maintenance costs. All of these combined usually become steep enough to scare away many buyers. 

The good thing about mini air conditioners is that even though also don’t cost considerably less to purchase. However, the lack of installation and lower maintenance costs also increase their value for customers. 

Whether you are willing to spend $100, $500, or more, an effective mini air conditioner is readily available in any budget criteria. So, you won’t have any problem finding a suitable one for yourself. 

Help you save money

mini portable air conditioner

Mini air conditioners help you cut down on your expenses in a number of ways. 

Apart from their affordable upfront cost and lack of installation cost, these low-maintenance devices don’t need professionals to maintain them. This further reduces maintenance costs.

Lastly, a majority of these units are battery-powered, so they won’t put a burden on your energy bills as well. 

Supplement the existing air conditioning system

A mini air conditioner is useful even when you already have a central air conditioning system working in your home. You can use it as a secondary source of air cooling to cut down on the energy costs. Plus, it is also helpful for cooling those areas of the house that the central system has difficulty reaching. 

You can also use it for targeted cooling in the rooms you use the most to supplement the central air conditioning system. Then you can lower the central AC’s setting or even turn it off entirely. 

A great backup option

A mini air conditioner can also serve as a great backup to your conventional air conditioning system.

As temperatures continue to rise, many air conditioning systems start to develop problems. Being variable in their origin and nature, some of these issues are easy to resolve. However, other issues are highly technical and require specialists to repair. 

In such circumstances, a mini air conditioner can save you from troubling heat. Mainly during the hottest days of the year, having a portable AC stocked away is a great backup option to avoid an emergency. 

If you own a battery-operated model, it can also help you during power outages. 

What to look for When Buying a Mini Air Conditioner

mini portable air conditioner

A personal AC certainly is the perfect investment for anybody who wants to spend the hot summers comfortably.  

However, the surge in demand has resulted in the market flooding with thousands of models. Some products are true to their claims of keeping you cool. Others, not so much. 

Even some high-end expensive models carry incompetent technical parts. That’s why you have to be very careful while making your choice. Here are some features to look out for:

Coverage Area

The coverage area of a mini air conditioner usually denotes its cooling output. Since these devices are targeted towards personal usage rather than keeping the entire cool, their coverage area is usually pretty small. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize it. Look into getting a unit with enough area coverage to keep you cool at a certain distance. It should be powerful enough to keep you cool when placed on the nightstand, tabletop, or on your office desk. 

The coverage area of most mini conditioners measures up to 50 square feet. Some wearable options cover even less area delivering cool air only to the face and neck region of your body. 

You should carefully check the various models and choose the one that suits your needs properly. 

Noise Levels

Another essential consideration in a mini air conditioner is its noise level. Since you are going to set it close by, the noise output should be bearable. 

While most modern air conditioning units emit about 30 and 82 decibels of noise, mini versions are quieter at about 25 to 45 decibels. 

Your goal should be a unit with a minimum noise output. This way, even if you run it during the night, you won’t be disturbed by its irritating noise. 

Energy efficiency

smallest air conditioner

Considering the energy efficiency of a personal air conditioner is important. The high energy consumption quickly uses up environmental resources and, of course, high energy bills. The more energy your air conditioner uses, the higher your bills will be. 

So, if you want to keep your energy bills under check, choose an energy-efficient model. 


Mini air conditioners being mini are very portable. Unlike regular portable ACs, these units are very lightweight, so carrying them around is pretty easy. Most of these units even come with carrying handles that you can use to pick them up and carry all over the house. 

But if you want to take one to the office or on an outdoor trip, better choose a device that easily fits inside your bag. 


The quality of materials used and the overall build also impact a customer’s choice of a mini air conditioner. 

Most people relate the durability of a device to its price, believing a higher price tag to be a sign of quality. However, this is not very true. 

There are some very costly models that are, in fact, entirely lacking in terms of quality. 

One way to learn about the durability of a device is to check its warranty. Devices with a more extended warranty are usually quite durable because their manufacturers believe them to last as long as the warranty period at the minimum. 

Pros and Cons of mini air conditioners

mini portable air conditioner

Mini air conditioners are a great way to keep yourself cool. They can supplement the central cooling system or target cool areas where their central counterpart cannot reach effectively.  

Despite being very advantageous, it is impossible to ignore their various shortcomings. Check out the pros and cons of a mini air conditioner below:


Low price

Compared to their traditional counterparts, like window ACs, ductless split variations, and especially central air conditioning systems, mini air conditioners come at a surprisingly low price. 

You can find some good models under $50. But even if you go for a costly one, you won’t need to spend more than a few hundred dollars. 

Hence, regardless of your budget range, you will find a model without much difficulty. 

No assembly or installation

The best thing about mini air conditioners is their ready-to-use convenience. They come pre-assembled and do not require any type of installation or venting to start working. 

All you have to do is fill their tank with water, and they’ll start cooling you down in a few minutes. 

Portability and convenience

Being simple devices, personal air conditioners are pretty user-friendly. The small size and lighter weight enable you to carry them anywhere – around the house, to the office, or on your next trip. 

Even on the hottest day of summer, a mini AC unit provides you immeasurable relief, that too without exceeding your budget. 

Year-round operation

Like their full-sized counterparts, mini air conditioners are also capable of more than just cooling. Some models also feature a heating mode that keeps you comfortable during winters. The air purification and humidification functions are pretty standard. Thus, you can use one throughout the year. 


Small coverage area

The most significant disadvantage of the mini air conditioners is their small area coverage.

Being very small in size, they can only cover areas up to 50 square feet. This means they can only cool the air within a 10 to 50-feet radius.  

Increase Humidity

Many mini air conditioners use evaporative cooling to keep you comfortable. Although the technique is highly effective, it inadvertently increases the humidity level inside the room.

With regular usage, a personal air conditioner can expose you to different humidity-related issues.  

Frequently Asked Questions

smallest air conditioner

Which are better: mini air conditioners or portable air conditioners?

While we absolutely love the cute mini variations, mini portable air conditioners are definitely better in performance. They deliver powerful cooling and better area coverage than their smaller counterparts. 

However, mini air conditioners have lower price tags, no maintenance cost, and relatively less running costs. Hence, the answer to this question really depends upon your application and personal preferences. 

Do mini ACs use a lot of electricity?

In the air conditioner lineup, mini air conditioners use the least electricity. According to a report, mini ACs use one-eighth of the electricity consumed by an average central air conditioning system. 

In fact, some models are battery-powered, so you only need to plug them into an electrical outlet for charging. Afterward, they can continue to function using the stored charge.

Can I keep my mini AC on all day?

The total running time of your mini air conditioner depends upon the tank capacity. The higher the capacity, the longer the cooling effect. 

If you want to keep your mini air conditioner on all day, you will have to refill the tank several times throughout the day. So if you don’t mind filling it regularly, you can use your mini cooling device round the clock. However, we suggest letting it cool down between the fillings to ensure optimum performance. 

Does a mini air conditioner last long?

While the answer to this question is directly dependent upon the device’s build quality, some other factors also determine the lifespan of a mini AC. 

If a unit boasts expert craftsmanship with quality components, you’ll expect it to last long. But if you are negligent about its maintenance, it won’t be as long-lasting. 

A good quality mini AC that is properly cleaned and maintained can last for as long as five years. 

Final Verdict: What is the best Mini Air Conditioner?

After carefully looking at numerous mini air conditioner models, we find the Evapolar evaCHILL to be the best mini air conditioner. It is powerful, noiseless, and compact, making it a good choice for most buyers. 

But if you are after something more affordable, look into getting the Ontel Arctic Air Pure Chill. This device is also feature-rich and powerful, delivering solid performance for personal usage. 

Lastly, if you want a true personal AC, go for the BLAUX Wearable AC Plus. This battery-operated wearable unit keeps you cool any time, anywhere. 

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