The 10 Coolest, Giant and Weirdest Pinball Machines

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Originating from a simple game on Windows with the same name, Pinball is now a global fun activity with a more physical look to it. Windows users will be able to relate to the pre-installed Pinball game they have on their system and the excitement the game contains.

Well, the game of pinball has now evolved and is now a part of the physical world. Don’t believe us? Go through the giant pinball machines we take a look at in this article.

1. Biggest Pinball Machine Ever

Hercules by Atari was released back in 1979 and is to date one of the biggest pinball machines ever produced by a manufacturer. The machine comes with an amazing display and covers a significant surface area.

2. Supersized Pinball

This supersized pinball machine is surely a delight to play on and creates a real-life look. The game has definitely evolved and is now a part of mainstream amusement activities. This video will surely amuse you with the amount of detail in it.

3. Galactic Dimension

Known as the Galactic Dimension, this giant pinball machine is built for the Phaeno Center in Wolfsburg. The machine has an amazing display and comes with a brilliant interface for young users to enjoy.

4. Big Indian Pinball Machine

Indians love their pinball, as is evident with this giant pinball machine. The machine comes with a number of interesting features and amplifies the excitement of the virtual game.

5. Innovations in Real-Life Pinball Machines

Pinball machines have come a long way, and a lot of this advancement has been achieved on the basis of some crazy innovations. This high-tech video looks at the innovations that have made pinball the global sport it is today.

6. Giant Lego Pinball Machine

Pinball machines do not get better than this giant Lego pinball machine. The machine is made purely out of Lego pieces and has an aesthetic look and feel to it.

7. 1980 Pinball Machine

Packed in an aesthetic box, this pinball machine has all the callings of brilliance and is perfectly suited for interested players. The game is a far call away from the virtual version and adds a number of exciting features.

8. Big Guns Pinball Machine

This pin ball machine review looks at the Williams’ Big Guns machine which was first launched in 1987. Designed to impress, the game is surely a giant upgrade on other versions.

9. Most Expensive Pinball Machines

Size comes at a cost. This video on YouTube looks at the top, most expensive pinball machines in the world. Run through this list and enjoy the brilliance of these pinball machines.

10. Skateboarding in a Physical Pinball Rig

Amusement and excitement don’t get better than this. Sponsored by Mountain Dew, this video takes a look at thrill-seeking skateboarders taking to the arena and skateboarding in a physical pinball rig.

We hope you enjoyed these amazing videos and giant pinball machines. The game of pinball has come a long way on the back of integration with the physical world and the enlargement in size. It is now a global amusement sport and players thoroughly enjoy these giant and weird pinball machines.

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