10 Weird and Interesting Drink Machines (Video Evidence)

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Soda machines or soft drink machines are in great demand across arcades and other public spots globally. People like stopping for a while and filling their cups with some ice-cold soft drink to not only kill their thirst, but to also have something energizing to rev them up.

A soft drink filling machine, when in perfect adjustment, can provide all different sodas and can also make assembly a lot easier. In this article we take a look at some weird and interesting drink machines and enjoy videos from YouTube.

1. Domestic Use Soda Machine

Want to make a DIY drinking machine for home use? Well, this YouTuber has you covered. The machine is easy to make and can provide three different sodas to people in their home.

2. Soft Drink Factory

This soft drink machine has over 12 heads and can provide chilled cold drinks to both, manufacturers and retailers. The machine itself looks aesthetic and can be used in multiple industries.

3. Coca Cola Vending Machine

Coca Cola vending machines are popular with people on the go as they enjoy being able to get and drink their favorite beverage on the go. This Japanese Coca Cola vending machine is cute and cool.

4. Soda Fountains

Soda fountains are interesting machines, and we’re sure you’ve all experienced something of the nature at your favorite eatery or spot. This video looks at the inner workings of a soda fountain.

5. Automatic Drink Mixing Machine

This automatic drink mixing machine is a great addition to have in your bar. The machine fixes drinks automatically, without the bartender having to flip and roll the bottles.

6. Beverage Dispenser

This beverage dispenser by Avantco is a powerful machine that can refrigerate and mix sodas. The machine also does a good job at serving sodas, making it a useful addition to your bar.

7. Cleaning a Drink Machine

This elaborate cleaning video looks at the process of cleaning and fixing a soda machine without any trouble. The process uses a number of tools and is easy to follow with other machines.

8. Zikool Soda Machine

Zikool soda fountain machines are known for their quality and durability. This video takes you through the machine with ADF technology and explores a number of innovative features.

9. Drinks Machine

This drink machine video looks at the process for building your own DIY model at home. The project is fun and has some interesting characteristics that you would like to play with.

10. McDonald’s Drink Machine

We have all wondered what transpires at the backend of a McDonald’s counter after we place our orders. Well, this video gives you answers in the shape of a drink fountain at McDonald’s. The fountain is well-oiled and does its job brilliantly.

Drink machines are fascinating to look at and work in an interesting manner. We hope you enjoyed the collection of machines we viewed today and will share them around.

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