10 Incredible Claw Machines You Gotta See (Videos)

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Claw machines might be based on luck more than skills, but players and enthusiasts still enjoy playing on them. Go to any indoor amusement park or festival, and you’re bound to find a claw machine with people queuing for their turn on the machine.

If you’re a fan of these claw machines or are just looking for a giant claw machine for sale, then you are at the right place. In this article we look at some of the most incredible claw machines and the winnings that some people have enjoyed through them.


1. Winning at Dave and Busters

There is nothing more amazing than winning something special on a giant claw machine. This YouTuber films their experience with a giant claw machine at Dave and Buster’s

2. Winning PS5

There are plenty of things to admire in this video. We start with the giant claw machine located in a Philippines indoor park, and the PS5 this lucky YouTuber has won through it.

3. Huge Claw Machine

Claw machines do not get biggeror better than this. Imagine hitting gold and winning this amazing set of stuffed toys. The YouTuber is happy, as are we for their win.

4. Winning at a Claw Machine

There is nothing more satiating than winning the product you had your eyes on at a giant claw machine. This video takes you through the giant machine at arcade and the winnings of a YouTuber on it.

5. New X-TREME Claw Machine

The New X-TREME claw machine is the biggest you’ll find in many places. The claw machine has some life-sized stuff toys and is surely a delight to play on.

6. Decent Claw Machine Win

This YouTuber went to the Arcade and won a good gift from the giant claw machine there. The winnings are admirable and the machine itself is a beauty.

7. Claw Machine in the UK

Turns out that claw machines are famous pretty much all over the globe. This video from the Arcade in England shows a YouTuber pocketing a massive jackpot from the claw machine.

8. Going Inside a Claw Machine

Whatever you do, never try to sneak inside a claw machine. But that doesn’t stop us from watching this YouTuber as they sneak inside and capture some clicks in this claw machine.

9. Unbelievably Big Claw Machine

This claw machine is unbelievably big – definitely one of the biggest you’d see around. The fun part is that the claw machine is easy to win on.

10. Giant Claw Machine Fail

Experiences in claw machines end in failure more often than not, and this was the case with this YouTuber. Unable to pocket the Xbox they wanted; the YouTuber had to walk home dejected.

We hope you loved our collection of giant claw machines and have also learnt a few tricks on how not to lose on these machines.

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