The 10 Funniest Machine Videos You’ll See This Year

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The industrial revolution and the progress following it have meant that we now have a number of interesting and quirky machines available in the market. These machines, as efficient as they are, do present a funny and humorous view when they’re working in all their glory.

In this article we look at some of the funniest machine videos you will see of machine operations. These videos will surely leave you impressed and in cackles due to the unique operations of the machines in context.

1. The Cake Server

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than viewing all the intricate details and patterns that go into a cake serving operation. This machine by tech genius Joseph shows an intricate set of processes to eventually lead to a piece of cake on the table.

2. Brick Making Machine

While this brick making machine looks funny and weird to the naked eye, the actual processes and output are quite cool. This video takes you through the machine’s operations and what makes them elegant.

3. Bad Day at Work Machine Fails

Laughing at the expense of others isn’t the right thing to do, but there are times when we just can’t stop ourselves from doing so. This video takes you through a number of machine-fails at the workplace.

4. Useless Machine

Although most machines serve a purpose, there are some that are entirely useless and don’t serve any distinguishable purpose. This useless machine is one such unit and is funny to watch.

5. Robot Fails

The invention of robots through the industrial revolution is by far the best thing to come out of it. However, robots are prone to failure as well, as is evident within this machine fails video.

6. Numberblock Dance Machine

This funny dance machine is fun to look at and gives you a full flavor of music and entertainment. We love the visual aesthetics on display and the way this machine functions.

7. Funny Coffee Machine

How could a coffee machine be funny? Well, this machine takes the challenge seriously and presents coffee being poured through a unique mechanism. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

8. 15 Useless Machines

While useless machines do not perform any function and don’t come handy for much, they do help out produce some gags. This compilation of useless machines is fun to watch and will surely leave you in tatters.

9. Bad Day at Work

Handling machines at the workplace is no mean feat. But these workers had a bad day at work, and eventually ended up creating some fun material for us. The machine operators couldn’t have hoped for a day worse than this.

10. Out of Control Machines

Automated machines can malfunction at times due to programming or operational errors. The malfunctioning can lead to serious repercussions such as the ones shown in this video. Some of these fails are serious, while some will make you laugh.

We hope you had fun going through these funny machine videos and had a good laugh, just like we did.

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