10 Interesting, Weird and Totally Unique Coffee Machines (Videos)

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Brewing coffee is more than just an activity. It’s an art that encapsulates the finest skills and unique machinery for the perfect blend. The aesthetics of blending coffeefrom milk, ground nuts and water can be worth watching, as the liquid froth subtly changes colors and settles around the concoction.

In this article we take a look at some of the most interesting, weird and totally unique coffee machines in the world today. Stick with us regardless of whether you’re a coffee lover or not, because these machines will bedazzle you.

1. Coffee Makers on Amazon

This video takes you through a list of 10 of the best coffee makers on Amazon currently. The machines do their work well and can brew amazing blends without any trouble in the world. Choose your next coffee maker from among these options.

2. Gadgets for Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers just love their gadgets. They cannot have enough of them. This video takes you through a number of interesting gadgets, all with unique attributes of their own. The gadgets operate with the ultimate aim of improving your coffee experience.

3. Vacuum Pot Coffee

A vacuum coffee maker operates like a siphon with temperature affecting the lower vessel to release vapors in the upper one. This video takes you through the interesting machinery used to make this coffee and the process behind it.

4. Awesome Coffee Makers

These 5 awesome coffee makers will definitely blow your mind away with their precision and quality of results. These are unique machines that add a lot of intrigue and excitement to the process of brewing coffee.

5. The Weirdest and Most Unique Espresso Machine

Espresso machines do not get weirder or more unique than this. The machine comes with amazing dynamics, surely unheard of in any other method for brewing coffee.

6. Luxury Belgian Coffee Maker

Belgians take their coffee seriously, as can be seen with this luxury coffee maker from the country. The coffee maker comes with a number of interesting features that improve the overall coffee experience.

7. Crazy Coffee Machines

These peculiar coffee machines look unique and will surely excite you with their amazing methodologiesto brew coffee. The machines also look aesthetic and offer a good blending experience to users.

8. Brew Coffee 19th Century Style

Coffee was quite a hit even back in the day, and our ancestors really knew how to get the best blends going. This coffee maker comes with a balancing siphon and allows you to brew coffee just like our ancestors did back in the day. The machine itself is exquisite and gives royal vibes.

9. Breaking Bad Style Coffee Maker

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad and the unique equipment Heisenberg used in his RV? Well, you can recreate that setup to brew coffee through this instructional video. The machine looks unique and is definitely what you need to brew the highest standard coffee.

10. DIY Espresso Machine

If you’re a fan of DIY work, then this video is for you! This YouTuber saw an old medical pressure chamber lying around and leveraged that to create an espresso machine out of it. The end result does look unique.

With all the interesting, weird and totally unique coffee machines we have discussed in this article, we think it is time to sip on an amazing blend. Head on over to your kitchen or to the closest coffee shop and give yourself a well-deserved cup of the world’s richest beverage.

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