Objecto H7 Humidifier Reviews: In-Depth Analysis [2021]

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Are you looking for a quality diffuser humidifier that will clear up your sinuses, take care of your allergies, provide you with fresh air and add elegance to your room? Well, look no further, for we bring you the Objecto Humidifier H7.

This is one of the most stylish yet efficient pieces on the market. Within only a few hours of running, it will radically reduce the dryness in the air and bring the moisture up to appropriate levels. The best part is it does the job quietly and emits a faint pleasant smell.

It comes with four settings so that you can choose the best one for your house according to your preference. It also doesn’t have any hefty maintenance and even comes with a one-year warranty – truly an all-in-one product!

Pros and Cons of the Objecto Humidifier



Unique Features

objecto h7 humidifier reviews

The Objecto Humidifier is one of the most efficient and top-quality humidifiers on the market. We understand that you might find many other options, but this section will explain just why you need to invest your money in this unit only.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although this is hardly the reason why you buy a humidifier, if you also care about the décor of your room, then the Objecto Humidifier will definitely check your box for looks.

Its sleek exterior with a slender look has a very chic vibe. It looks like an intended piece of decoration rather than a forced necessity and looks best on a flat floor surface.

Just make sure that you keep it at least 20-inches away from walls and any furniture around as per the guidelines stipulated by the company.

Multiple Settings

The humidifier comes with four settings for mist levels: Slow, low, medium, and high. The setting you choose depends on your environment and personal preference, but a low or slow setting generally works best in most cases. In these settings, it doesn’t leave any visible droplets on various surfaces. 

However, if the temperature in the room drops below 59-degrees, those droplets may appear. Hence, having a low setting is an easy fix, even if you keep it running throughout the day or the night.

Nevertheless, if you believe that the air in your house is extremely dry and lacks considerable moisture, you can turn up the mist level and avail the environment level that you desire.

High Area Coverage

objecto hybrid humidifier with aromatherapy

This unit can work perfectly for rooms up to 650 sq. ft. This means if you have a large house with large rooms, you can still make this purchase, and the Objecto Humidifier will not disappoint. 

People have used this in open living area spaces as well and have reported that it works just fine. You don’t even have to use the higher settings as it will take care of it in lower settings as well.


Often, when we turn up the heating in our house, the air gets super dry and lacks the required amount of moisture. 

The Objecto Humidifier does an impeccable job of fixing this. It emits a stream of visible cool mist almost non-stop and maintains the vapor content of the room to appropriate levels. 

You will observe that after turning this on, your sinuses and allergies would be much better, and you would feel a lot more comfortable inside your house.

Comparing Objecto H7 with Objecto H3

The Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier is another great product from Objecto. They have rolled out quite a few quality humidifiers over the years, and it’s only best to know the differences between them.

The Objecto H3 is another top-selling humidifier by the brand. Here’s how it compares to the H7. 

While the H3 is an amazing product, the H7 humidifier does have some edge over it. The former has a coverage area of 350 sq. ft, while the latter has a coverage area of 650 square feet. This means that the former can only be used in smaller rooms.

Moreover, the tank capacity of the H3 is lower at 0.53 gallons as compared to the capacity of the H7 at 0.66 gallons. This means that it will have better running time than the H3 and can do an even more effective job. 

Moreover, the H3 doesn’t have a humidistat, while the H7 does have four mist level settings. However, the H3 comes with remote control, which is missing in the H7, even though it is pricier.

Issues & Concerns

We never just want to coerce our readers to buy the products we suggest. Although we claim that this is an exceptional product, saying that there aren’t any drawbacks or things to consider at all would be dishonest.


The cleaning of a humidifier is not so much a drawback as a slight inconvenience. Some people have bought sets of little brushes, Q-tips, and sprays to reach the areas that are generally unreachable. It also helps to clean the really small parts of the unit. 

Such tools can make the cleaning fast and a lot easier. Bleach doesn’t have to be used too often and can be just used at the end and start of each season.


We understand that this is not the cheapest humidifier on the market. However, if it falls under your budget, then it is one of the best. It gives you good value for money, has an extremely attractive and stylish design, and does the job amazingly well.

Care and Maintenance

best whole home humidifier

Maintenance of this unit is not incredibly hard. Just clean it regularly while detailed cleaning would be required only once in a while. 

You can do regular cleaning just by running it under some tap water by taking the top off, filling it up, and wiping it with clean paper towels. 

Just make sure that you follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual, and you should be fine. However, do remain cautious as it is a little fragile. So knocking it over harshly could inflict some damage. Otherwise, if you take proper care of it, you shouldn’t run into any problems.


This product comes with a limited warranty policy of one year. Within the first 90 days of purchase, if there is any manufacturing defect or malfunctioning, and it requires servicing, the company would provide carry-in repair service at no charge. 

In the next nine months, if any part is not functioning properly, it may be replaced but would not include labor charges. However, you would have to show proof of purchase.


Where to Buy

If you are interested in buying the Objecto Humidifier H7, you can find it here.

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