Best Humidifiers for Asthmatics 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for a humidifier for an asthmatic? We have you covered with a list of the best models currently available on the market. 

Why Buy a Humidifier for an asthmatic?

Anyone who suffers from asthma knows how important it is to maintain the good air quality in their home and workplace. It’s not just good for their health but also crucial for them to breathe properly. 

Asthma is a serious respiratory condition usually accompanied by a tight chest, coughing, breathlessness, and wheezing. Having a humidifier helps alleviate these symptoms. Here is why you should buy a humidifier for an asthmatic:

Prevent Dryness

A humidifier is a machine that adds moisture to the air. It converts water into a fine mist and evenly disperses it throughout the room. If you live in a dry or cold region where the heating system remains, you will know how difficult it is to breathe in dry air. 

So, whether you are asthmatic or you simply suffer from dry/itchy skin, having a humidifier really helps. 

Keep Airways Free

An asthmatic person has inflamed airways. They react to different stimuli in a way that a normal person does not. Dust particles, pollens, and other similar allergens can aggravate the inflammation, resulting in more thickened phlegm and shortness of breath. 

A humidifier adds warm or cold moisture to the air, which clears their airways and enables them to breathe easily. 

Maintain Desired Humidity Levels

Most humidifiers available on the market these days feature a humidistat. It is included as a humidity monitoring and control feature that enables you to manage the humidity levels around your home in a better way. 

Since an asthmatic person needs optimum humidity levels to keep triggers under control, having a humidifier really helps.

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What’s in This Buying Guide

As soon as you hit search for the best humidifiers, you will be bombarded with hundreds of models, all claiming to be the best in their category. However, you cannot purchase just any product as you have to look for a model suitable for your unique needs. 

In this case, for relieving asthmatic symptoms, since the device is crucial for the wellbeing of the patient, you have to be very careful about what you choose. That’s why in this buying guide, we have rounded up the best humidifiers for asthmatics to help make your choice easy.  

We have also included a detailed buying guide, so you understand what to look for. 

Table of Contents

Best Humidifiers for Asthmatics

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humidifiers for asthmatics
  • Aprilaire 500 Whole Home Humidifier

  • Type:

  • Control:

  • Dimensions:
    10.25 x 15.63 x 13 inches

  • Weight:
    7.75 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    3,000 sq ft

humidifiers for asthmatics
  • MIRO-NR08M Completely Washable Modular Sanitary Humidifier

  • Type:

  • Control:

  • Dimensions:
    14.3 x 12.5 x 12.4 inches

  • Weight:
    8.93 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    600 sq ft

humidifiers for asthmatics
  • Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Type:
    Cool Mist

  • Control:

  • Dimensions:
    13.6 x 6.8 x 13.5 inches

  • Weight:
    5.5 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    300 sq ft

humidifiers for asthmatics
  • Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Type:

  • Control:

  • Dimensions:
    10.87 x 9.45 x 13.46 inches

  • Weight:
    4 pounds

  • Coverage Area:
    100 to 400 sq ft


Best Automatic Humidifier

If you want a single device that can tackle the humidity issues around your entire house, look into getting the Aprilaire 500 Whole-Home Humidifier.

This comprehensive device alone is enough to target all asthma and allergy-related triggers and provides a clean and humid air to breathe in. 




Our Review

Say goodbye to asthma triggers with this automatic humidifier from Aprilaire. Its effectiveness is not limited to just a single room; instead, it can humidify an entire house measuring up to 3,000 sq. ft. However, to do so, it needs about 12 gallons of water per day. 

It is an extremely energy-efficient device that uses a natural evaporation process to convert water into vapors. 

It comes with dual sensors, one for measuring outdoor temperature and the other for keeping the indoor relative humidity in check. With both of these, it maintains optimum humidity throughout the day. 

Editor's Rating


MIRO-NR08M Completely Washable Modular Sanitary Humidifier

Best Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is a beautiful yet fully functional unit that provides effective asthma relief. Featuring a creative design, it is completely waterproof, making it both easy to use and maintain. You can take it apart and wash every component without any worry. 




Our Review

Amongst the hundreds of humidifiers recommended for asthmatics, MIRO-NR08M stands out with its creative design.

This beautiful unit is very easy to take apart, and each component is fully waterproof. You can wash it after every use for hygienic purposes. 

With its one-gallon capacity, the unit can cover an area of 600 sq. ft. Although its tank capacity is not very impressive, it presents a complete light show with its soft LED.

You can adjust the color to a single tone to the whole spectra of the rainbow, or you can simply choose to turn it off. Sitting on a bed stand, it doubles as a lamp as well. 

Editor's Rating


Best Top Fill Humidifier

Out of the many Honeywell units available on the market, the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier is the preferred choice for asthmatics. It features a convenient top-fill tank that you can also remove to fill at the sink.




Our Review

Honeywell is a trusted name in the home appliance market. The brand produces reliable units that provide long-lasting service, and the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier is no different. 

It features a simple design with a bigger capacity. It is easy to fill with its removable tank and comes with a rotating nozzle for uniformly spreading the mist. 

It is a cool-mist humidifier that uses fan evaporation to convert water into a fine mist. Unlike other units lining the market, this humidifier features a demineralization cartridge, so you can easily use it with tap water. 

Doing so will prevent the mineral build-up inside the machine as well as stop them from spreading outside as dust. 

Editor's Rating

A humidifier from a well-known manufacturer of respiratory products is not something to miss. That’s why we present the Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier: A device that humidifies the air while soothing irritated airways at the same time. 




Our Review

We all know how soothing Vicks vapors feel when our airways are clogged. The company came up with this device to fill the gaping hole of a humidifier for asthmatics in its range of products. 

It features a simple design with a transparent water tank. Hence, you can check the water level at a glance.

And if you forget to do that, the device has an automatic shutoff feature that turns it off as soon as the tank is empty.

It uses Ultrasonic technology to produce a fine cool mist, not the kind that settles as water on everything it comes in contact with, but rather as a fine vapor that conditions and moisturizes the surrounding air. 

It has a filter-free design which makes it very easy to operate and maintain. Furthermore, the Dual Scent Pad slot works well with Vicks Vapopads to provide an extremely soothing effect. 

Honeywell is a trusted name in the home appliance market. The brand produces reliable units that provide long-lasting service, and the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier is no different. 

It features a simple design with a bigger capacity. It is easy to fill with its removable tank and comes with a rotating nozzle for uniformly spreading the mist. 

It is a cool-mist humidifier that uses fan evaporation to convert water into a fine mist.

Unlike other units lining the market, this humidifier features a demineralization cartridge, so you can easily use it with tap water. 

Doing so will prevent the mineral build-up inside the machine as well as stop them from spreading outside as dust. 

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Humidifiers for Asthmatics: Buying Guide

what type of humidifier is best for asthma

Humidifiers greatly help manage this chronic disease by maintaining good-quality air. However, not every humidifier is designed for this purpose. Here are some features that make a humidifier great for asthmatics:

Type of Humidifier

Depending upon their operation, humidifiers are categorized into different types.

The first type are cool mist humidifiers that use simple water evaporation to add humidity to the air in your home. 

Warm mist humidifiers are more like steam vaporizers – they release a stream of warm moist air to regulate humidity. 

Then there are ultrasonic humidifiers that use metal or ceramic diaphragms that vibrate at high frequency to release a jet of fine water mist. 

In general, a cool mist or ultrasonic humidifier like the MistAire XL is a better choice for an asthmatic.


The size of a humidifier that you purchase is a significant consideration. If you plan to use it in a stationary environment without moving from one place to another, a bigger humidifier will work just fine because you won’t be totting it. 

But if your house is small or you are a frequent traveler a larger device certainly won’t be ideal. In such cases, a compact and portable unit is a better choice. 

Coverage Area

The coverage area of humidifiers varies from one model to another. Most personal models can cover about 25 sq. ft, while bigger devices can cover up to 1,000 sq. ft and sometimes even more. 

Sure, you should get a device that can easily cover your desired area. However, don’t overdo it, as higher humidity levels are as bothersome as lower humidity levels. So, don’t go for devices that are too large or small for your room. 

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of a humidifier is directly related to its size. The larger the device, the more its tank capacity. It also means that you won’t need to fill it more often. 

Some humidifiers have enough capacity to last days. Others are smaller and can only function for a few hours before needing a refill. 

If you have enough space and need, a humidifier with a bigger tank capacity is certainly a better choice. But if you don’t have enough space, a smaller one will certainly suffice. 


Clean air is extremely important for an asthmatic. That’s why you should look into getting a humidifier with a filter. Such devices not only keep allergens like mold and pollen at bay but also prevent bacteria from spreading throughout your home. 

Although many humidifiers come with built-in filters, ultrasonic devices don’t. So be careful about what you purchase.

What is a Humidifier for Asthmatics, and How Does it Work?

humidifiers for asthmatics

A humidifier for asthmatics is a device that can add moisture into the air by converting water into a fine mist. Since dry air can trigger an asthma attack, a humidifier for asthmatics helps regulate air humidity levels within the desired range. 

A humidifier works by using different technologies to vaporize water which is then released into the air as a stream of fine mist. It all begins with you filling the device’s tank with water. 

Once you turn it on, the metal or ceramic diaphragm fitted inside the tank starts to vibrate at a high frequency, converting water into vapors. The vapors are then pushed out of the nozzle on top of the device. 

Depending upon the model, the device will either release a straight stream of mist or spray it into multiple directions to evenly spread the moisture throughout the room and regulate humidity level.

Why Buy a Humidifier for Asthmatics?

Asthma is a chronic condition. In worst cases, a single set of triggers can leave the person out of breath or unable to breathe. That’s why they need a humidifier to maintain the air quality as well as moisture levels to alleviate the symptoms and triggers. 

These devices are good at eliminating allergens as well as adding the much-needed moisture in the air to ease dryness and clear clogged airways. 

What to Look for in a Humidifier for Asthmatics?

is a humidifier good for asthma

A humidifier is a crucial device for asthmatics. They need these machines to keep the air around them clean and moist. However, not every humidifier is made the same. The following are some features to look out for when buying a unit for an asthmatic:


Humidistat is a feature that allows a humidifier to monitor the air quality and regulate moisture levels accordingly. A device with a built-in humidistat is great for asthmatics because they constantly need clean and good-quality air to keep triggers at bay. 

When looking for a humidifier for asthmatics, be sure to choose one with a humidistat. 

Allergy and Asthma Certification Program

The Allergy and Asthma Certification Program certifies products that are safe for asthmatics. In order to receive this certification, a device has to meet the high standards set by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 

When looking to buy a humidifier for asthmatics, be sure to keep an eye out for this certificate, as any humidifier that holds it is certainly a high-quality device. 


The runtime of a humidifier represents the amount of time you can expect to receive the mist on a full tank. It is proportional to the tank capacity because the higher amount of water a device can hold; the more mist it will produce. 

You can check the stats before finalizing your purchase. Some units can go on for days at a time, while other, more personal devices can last for a few hours. 

Pros and Cons of Using a Humidifier for Asthmatics

what type of humidifier is best for asthma

Humidity levels have a direct impact on the health of an asthmatic. Too little humidity causes their throat and nose to become dry, triggering their symptoms. 

On the other hand, too much moisture escalates the threat of allergens like mold and dust mites. They can trigger an asthma attack, making it hard to breathe. That’s why it is important to maintain the right humidity levels around asthmatics, and a humidifier is helpful for this purpose.

Here are the pros and cons of using one:


Prevents Influenza

Influenza is an infectious disease that can rapidly spread from one person to another. A study noted that humidifiers significantly lower the risk by keeping the air moist enough. Moisture levels above 40% rapidly deactivate the virus hence reducing its effect. 

Make Cough Productive

Excessively dry air can cause anyone to suffer from a dry cough. A humidifier adds sufficient amounts of moisture into the air to moisturize dry airways, clearing out the phlegm. This thick phlegm is then expelled out as a productive cough, easing the respiratory symptoms and making it easy to breathe.

Reduce Snoring

Did you know dryness worsens snoring? When the air is dry, your respiratory airways are less likely to remain lubricated, which makes you snore. Running a humidifier as you sleep ensures that the air you breathe in remains moist. Hence you are less likely to snore. 


Require Regular Cleaning

Since humidifiers work with water, their dark, damp water tanks are ideal for microbial growth. They convert water into breathable vapor, so if the tank is dirty, the mist they produce is also dirty. Hence, it is important to clean and maintain your humidifier on a regular basis.

Work Best with Purified Water

Experts strongly suggest against using regular tap water in a humidifier. The reason is the higher mineral count that can deposit inside the machine, reducing its lifespan. 

They can also be pushed out into the air where anyone can inhale them, or they can also settle around the room in the form of dust. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

the dehumidifier keeps shutting off

If you or your loved one suffers from asthma, buying a humidifier is only the first step on the journey. You need to clean and maintain it on a regular basis to avail its many benefits. Here is how you can clean and maintain your device:

Use it with Distilled Water

A humidifier works best when used with distilled water. It has a significantly lower mineral count than regular tap water, so it does not leave behind any residue inside the machine. 

Minerals in tap water either accumulate inside the machine or are expelled into the air as dust which is inhaled or settles around your home, making it unsightly. 

Change Water Regularly

Reusing old water recycles dirty air and water around your home. It’s best to change the water after every single use because old water is a thriving ground for bacteria and allergens

If you keep using the humidifier without changing its water, it will kill the purpose of helping with asthma. Instead, it will further aggravate the condition.

Keep an Eye on the Filter

A filter in a humidifier is there to trap dirt and allergens from escaping into the air. Keeping it clean and maintained is the key to regulating the air quality around your house. Fail to do so, and the filter will eventually clog with build-up, reducing the air quality. 

Check the instructions to learn how and when to change the filter on your machine to keep it in a top shape. 

Clean the Tank

Regularly cleaning the tank is the most crucial step of maintaining a humidifier. If you don’t clean it, the dirty tank will produce a dirty mist that will be hazardous for an asthmatic. 

First, check if there are any specific cleaning instructions for your device. If there aren’t any, it is advised that you run a water and vinegar solution through it to eliminate germs; bacteria, and other allergens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

does a humidifier help with asthma

Do lungs get irritated if tap water is used for the humidifier?

Tap water has a significantly higher mineral count than distilled water. When you use it in a humidifier, the minerals can become airborne, and when you inhale them, they can cause lung irritation. To prevent this, always use your humidifier with distilled water

Can humidifiers make an asthma situation worse?

Although they are quite beneficial in relieving symptoms, humidifiers can worsen asthma if run on a high setting or for too long. It makes the air too humid, making it hard to breathe hence triggering an asthma attack. 

Always be moderate about your use of a humidifier, especially if you are using it for asthmatics.

Can a humidifier be on for the entire night?

If you are diligent about its care and maintenance, running your humidifier throughout the night is perfectly safe. They ensure better sleep, easy breathing, and reduce snoring. Just be sure to maintain the humidity level below 30%, or it will counter all the benefits. 

For asthmatics, which is better? Warm mist or cold mist?

While they operate differently, both warm and cool-mist humidifiers effectively provide relief from asthma and allergies. It’s best to consult with your doctor first, or you could also consider investing in a dual-mist product.

Final Verdict: What is the Best Humidifier for Asthmatics and Why?

These are our top picks for the best humidifiers for asthmatics. Out of these, we think the Aprilaire 500 Whole-Home Humidifier is the best choice because of its larger coverage area.The runner up is MIRO-NR08M Completely Washable Modular Sanitary Humidifier with its clever design and easier maintenance. Lastly, the Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier offers the best value for its quality performance