Interesting Ways to Use Your Old Dehumidifier Water

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Did you know that water is a precious resource for over 1.1 billion people around the world? It is no wonder that water conservation is so important. So, stop throwing away gallons of water from your dehumidifier’s tank.

Instead, you can reuse the water for many other purposes, which is an excellent way to help save water.

In this post, we have given the adequate uses of dehumidifier water. 

How Does a Dehumidifier Work?

dehumidified water

To know why we can use dehumidifier water for some stuff and not others, let’s talk about how this unit collects water.

A dehumidifier runs on the same principles as air conditioning systems do. It draws in moisture from the air with the help of a fan and then passes it through some chilled coils.

As the air cools down, it is unable to hold moisture any longer. Consequently, water droplets form as a result of condensation, leaving the air dry.

The dehumidifier then reheats the air and blows it outside, lowering the humidity. What about the condensate. It collects in the tank of the dehumidifier and waits for you to empty it.

Is Dehumidifier Water Distilled?

The way a dehumidifier removes humidity from the air looks similar to how distillation works. However, dehumidifier water is not distilled, although it comes close to that category.

When water is heated and then turned into steam, distillation occurs. This process kills most pathogens. After that, water evaporates, leaving behind minerals and other contaminants. The steam is very pure and clean when it cools down to liquid form.

Your dehumidifier, on the other hand, doesn’t heat or convert moisture into steam. Instead, it draws moisture out of the air through condensation.

Dehumidifier water does not contain any minerals. This is why it is similar to distilled water. However, it doesn’t go through the same treatment, so it isn’t as safe and pure.

Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier?

can you drink dehumidifier water

Dehumidifier water is not safe for drinking, and there are many reasons for this.

Tap water and water bottles are subject to filtration, boiling, or other procedures that make them safe for drinking. Dehumidifier water may carry airborne particles and pathogens.

Second, cooling the air with coils can leach metal into water. This could make it dangerous and toxic. The dehumidifier tank remains stagnant for a long time, which could lead to bacteria and mold growth.

Dehumidifier water is not safe to drink, even for pets. However, it is useful for other purposes, which we’ll talk about below.

Can You Water Plants with Dehumidifier Water?

Dehumidifier water is safe for indoor and garden plants, even though it isn’t considered potable water.

However, keep in mind that the water lacks minerals like calcium and magnesium, which your plants require to thrive. Therefore, only watering them with dehumidifier water can affect their growth in the long run.

Use tap water along with dehumidifier water to balance things out. Also, it is better to use this water for a hydroponic garden.

Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals which can harm hydroponic plants. On the other hand, dehumidifier water is excellent for hydroponic plants. Just make sure to add nutrients and check the PH before you use it.

Other uses for dehumidifier water

Are you having trouble finding other uses for the dehumidifier water? Here are some ideas.


can you drink dehumidifier water

Use water from your dehumidifier to clean windows and mop floors instead of tap water. To make an antibacterial cleaning solution, you can add bleach or vinegar to the water.

Use this water to clean windows, countertops, and cars. It’s also suitable for hand-washing towels and other fragile laundry items.


dehumidified water

If you use your steam iron daily, it will require a lot more water. If you have used one before, you will know that tap water can cause mineral deposits in your iron.

The solution? Dehumidifier water. You will not only save water, but you’ll also be saving steam iron from the minerals.


dehumidifier water uses

You can also use dehumidifier water to flush your toilet. Then, you will only need to lift the lid on your toilet to pour the water in.


dehumidified water

Are you feeling creative? Fill a container with water from a humidifier and grab your paints. Afterward, you can use dehumidifier water to wash the paint brushes.


If you’ve flower vases or other decoration items that need water, use dehumidifier water for filling them. You can use it to wash and clean these items.


water from dehumidifier

If the air in your home is clean, it is safe to use the dehumidifier. For example, you should use water from a basement dehumidifier just for flushing. If you’re confident the air is clean enough, you can use dehumidifier water for plants, cleaning, etc.

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