Of Right Size and Wrong Choices: Picking the Best Dehumidifier

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Got a damp problem in your household? 

That is an issue you definitely want to address, because it can lead to unwanted situations like mold growth, horrible smell, and even a risk of respiratory disease. 

If this is your situation, then consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

You can buy one for your entire household, or choose a portable dehumidifier you can move from one room to another.

A dehumidifier works like a vacuum cleaner in the sense that it sucks air from a room at one end and takes the moisture out before blowing it back out into the room. Soon after, the moisture drips through a collection tank that comes with it.

Dehumidifiers are likewise similar to air conditioning units in the aspect of removing moisture. In the end, the primary purpose of this appliance is to make you feel comfortable by keeping your room dry.

Tips on Picking the Best Dehumidifier

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a dehumidifier; one is the size. What size of dehumidifier for the basement or whatever part of your household would you need to buy?

Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right size for your needs:

Check your room’s condition.

Figure out how damp your space is. If it is just a little damp, you may opt for a smaller dehumidifier. If it is very damp, it is advisable to buy a unit with more capacity. Thus, the damper your space, the bigger the capacity (in pints) you need.

Know how dehumidifiers are sized.

For your information, a dehumidifier’s capacity to remove moisture determines its size. Such capacity is rated in pints of moisture a dehumidifier can remove in a 24-hour period.

For instance, a 30-pint dehumidifier can remove 30 pints of moisture in one day. The capacity of this appliance also indicates the space it needs to consume in square feet.

You may refer to a dehumidifier sizing chart.

You can find some recommendations based capacities stated by manufacturers in different testing conditions. 

Take note that a unit with the capacity to remove 70 pints of water when the air is saturated is less effective than the one that can remove 70 pints of water at AHAM conditions (average humidity conditions of 60 percent).

There are numerous other considerations when determining the right dehumidifier size for you, like the climate in your area, the number of doors and windows you have, the existence of a washer or dryer nearby, and more. Pay close attention to all these factors to make sure you’re getting the best unit for your room or household.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Dehumidifier

Choosing a dehumidifier requires a great amount of knowledge and care from buyers. Failing to meet such requirements can lead to various buying mistakes.

As a responsible buyer, you need to avoid making the following blunders:

Picking the item with the wrong capacity

Just like other appliances, dehumidifiers are not made equal. Some suit slightly damp areas, while some are perfect for heavily damp places.

When choosing a dehumidifier, make sure to know if its capacity fits your room. If your space is small and just slightly damp, buying a large item is not a wise decision.

Opting for the wrong size or weight

If you plan to move your unit from one room to another, a great choice would be a portable dehumidifier. Never opt for a heavy item, for it will obviously give you a hard time moving in different areas.

Choosing unnecessary features

While it is tempting to buy a unit that comes with a lot of features, you should also pay close attention to each thing your potential item offers. When choosing a unit, make sure to buy only those with the necessary features: automatically shut-off function, handles, and caster, for instance.

Also, make sure that the capacity of your prospective item matches the water bucket that comes with it. You wouldn’t want to have a unit with 70-pint capacity but comes with a 20-pint water bucket, would you?

Buying a noisy unit

While most dehumidifiers make vibrations and noises, you can still find some that can operate quietly. However, some buyers fail to consider this fact; and just opt to settle for an item that produces noise.

Should you want to get your money’s worth, avoid these and a lot more dehumidifier buying mistakes.


Indeed, buying a dehumidifier can be challenging especially if you don’t know enough about how it works. For this, it pays to educate yourself and apply everything you learn.

Pay close attention to each important consideration, from your potential unit’s size to its capacity. Make sure it matches your personal preferences and needs.

Dehumidifiers are supposed to make you feel more comfortable. But failing to think of important buying considerations can do the opposite. With the numerous options you have, it is a must to be sufficiently responsible and careful when making a decision.

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