Dyson Pure Cool HEPA Air Purifier Review

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Although it has an unusual appearance, the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier works well.

It works better than most other air purifiers.

HEPA filters can capture pollutants as small and as low as 0.3 microns.

The Dyson comes with an activated charcoal filter that reduces household odors, VOCs, and other pollutants.

It is controllable via an included remote control or Dyson Link App. Here you can view and download air quality reports. You can also control it using Alexa if you prefer to speak.

Pure Cool has been certified allergy-friendly by the Noise Abatement Society and is certified as Quiet Mark (super quiet).

Although the price is higher than other single-room purifiers, many customers feel it’s well worth it.

For my complete review of the Dyson Pure Cool, please read on.

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Best Features

HEPA Air Purifier

High-Performance Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Cool purifier is an entirely new technology.

Air purifiers draw air through HEPA filters and spread it around using fans.

Dyson Pure Cool is a different kind of cooling.

You’ll be able to see the fans, but there is no base or tower.

The fans are inside the base. They force air up the tower through small, angled slits.

Under pressure, the air blows forward. This creates a low-pressure area that causes air to flow around the room and joins the air flowing towards you.

This is why the loop has been called an air multiplier.

Air passes through a HEPA filter before releasing from the unit. This filters pollutants down to 0.3 microns. In addition, an activated carbon filter is available to remove harmful VOCs and common household odors.

The Dyson Pure Cool removes 99.97% of allergens from the air.

The high-performance air multiplier technology purifies air faster than traditional purifiers.

Doubles As an Air Conditioner

The tower’s air multiplier tower produces a powerful cool airflow that is more powerful than a desktop fan.

In summer, you don’t need to switch on the fan. Instead, use the Dyson Pure Cool purifier.

It will clean the air and produce a pleasant, relaxing breeze.

WiFi Connectivity

HEPA Air Purifier

Pure Cool has WiFi connectivity. The Pure Cool air purifier comes with a companion app for your smartphone to control. If you prefer to use voice commands, you can also connect it to Alexa.

The smartphone app will help you connect the purifier to your WiFi network during setup.

It can be challenging to use at first because of its complexity. However, it’s easy to get used to, and it’s surprisingly helpful and informative.

Dyson’s air quality reporting is the most distinctive feature of Dyson’s app. I’ll be talking about it shortly.

The app allows you to control your air purifier or use the controls on the unit.

You can change the operating mode, fan speed, control the timer, and start, stop, or pause the purifier.

An Amazon Echo device is required to use Dyson Pure Cool Link and Alexa. The Alexa app must also be there on your smartphone. Look for Dyson’s skill on Amazon’s Skills page and enable it. You are now ready to go once you have linked your Dyson account and Alexa account.

You can use the following voice commands:

  • “Alexa, ask Dyson to turn on.”
  • “Alexa, ask Dyson for a speed setting of 7.”
  • “Alexa, ask Dyson about the indoor air quality level.”
  • “Alexa, Dyson, tell me how many filters are left.”
  • “Alexa, ask Dyson about the temperature.”

Real-time Air Quality Reports

The Dyson Pure Cool continuously monitors your home’s air quality and sends a report back to the Dyson Link App.

The app allows you to view the current air quality status and air quality statistics for the past few days.

It is a great way to keep track of your indoor environment.

Multiple Operating Modes and Settings

  • 10 airspeed settings. To make your air purifier quieter, you can reduce speed or increase speed to create a stronger breeze.
  • You can toggle oscillation on or off to improve air purification and cooling.
  • Auto mode. The air purifier will automatically choose the most suitable settings based on air quality and daytime. In addition, the purifier can automatically turn on night mode.
  • Night mode. Night mode can be turned on via the app or remote control. However, this will lower fan speed and dim the display.


It is a bit expensive.

HEPA air purifiers are usually less expensive than $200.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is almost $500

The price is justified considering the technology, connectivity, air quality reports, and wide operating modes.

It is not logical to replace the expensive filter pack that includes a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. The average HEPA filter costs $62, so it is quite expensive to replace.

Dyson claims that the filter replacement reminder will turn on after 12 months. However, some owners have confirmed that they will need to replace the filter more often than that, depending on how clean your home is and how long you use it.

If you are a frequent user of the air purifier, you might spend a lot on replacements.



Although it is unusual in design and quite expensive, the Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier air filter removes allergens, pollens, and odors from your home. It also provides cooling when it gets hot.

This air purifier is ideal for people with severe respiratory conditions or those who require a high-performance unit.

This is a great option for anyone looking for an air purifier with remote control or air quality analytics.

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