Airmega Smart Air Purifier Review

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The Airmega 400S Smart air purifier is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a HEPA filter that can clean large rooms or your entire home.

This powerful purifier can clean up to 1.560 square feet of air.

Smart features such as Alexa compatibility, filter monitor, scheduler, and intelligent mode make the 400S easier to use.

Although an air filter that powerful can be expensive, it is still more powerful than many portable purifiers.

You can read my complete review below to find out more about the beast’s strengths and weaknesses.

You can find a cheaper or smaller HEPA purifier by reading my HEPA purifier buying guide.



Best Features

Smart Air Purifier

The Airmega 400S has the best coverage of any portable air purifier.

The majority of portable purifiers are not able to clean rooms larger than 500 square feet.

The 400S can clean a total of 1,560 square feet.

This portable purifier is ideal for large rooms or multiple rooms.

Although it is expensive, you get great value for your money. For example, one purifier may be all you need to clean your entire house.

Dual Suction

The dual suction system is one of the reasons why the 400S is so strong.

Air purifiers typically only have one intake port. This restricts how much air they can inhale per minute and how long they can purify.

The 400S inhales room air through its two sides and then exhales purified air from its top. This allows the 400S to quickly purify more air in a shorter time.

It has a greater airflow (CFM) than other portable air purifiers. This is great news for those with allergies or asthma as it keeps your home’s air clean.

On a maximum surface of 1,560 sq., it can make 2 air exchanges an hour for every 1,000 square feet. Thus, it purifies the air in the room approximately every 30 minutes.

Air changes are more efficient in smaller rooms. For example, it will clean the air in a 780 square foot room once every 15 minutes.

Maximum airflow and coverage are possible when the fan is at its highest setting.

Three Filters

Two sets of filters are there in the Airmega 400S purifier.

The mesh pre-filter captures larger debris such as pet hair and fur.

The dual filter consists of an activated carbon filter for odors and VOCs and a true HEPA filter that can capture 99.97% allergens and airborne pollutants as small as 0.03 microns.

Filter Life Time Indicator

The purifier’s control panel displays indicators that indicate how long the filter is still good.

The 400S is different from other purifiers that remind users to change their filters based on when they happen. It considers both your usage and the quality of your home’s air.

The percentages of life expectancy start at 100% and end at 80%, 60%. 40%, 20%, and 0%.

The indicator will light up, indicating that it is time to wash or replace the prefilter.

Multiple modes

Two main modes of operation are available for the Airmega 400S.

Smart mode automatically adjusts fan speed according to air quality. It activates eco mode if it senses that the air is clean for more than 10 minutes. Then, to save energy, it shuts off the fan.

If the air quality sensor detects dirt in the air, Eco mode will automatically be disabled.

Smart mode activates sleep mode automatically when it detects darkness. This lowers fan speed and reduces noise.

You can also select your preferred fan speed via the app or control panel. However, the purifier will not activate eco and sleep modes if you choose a fan speed.

Smart Features

Smart Air Purifier

The Smart Air Purifier 400S is an intelligent air purifier.

It can be connected to WiFi (2.4GHz only) or operated remotely via the companion mobile app.

Controlling different settings via an Echo smart speaker is possible by connecting it to Alexa.

It is very easy to use the app and offers all the same settings as the control panel. In addition, you can set a timer (for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours) and schedule the purifier to turn on or off at a particular time.

Many owners who had verified their ownership complained that there was no way to turn off the bright display light a few months back. This issue has been solved.

You can set the time when the light will turn on and off according to a schedule.

To voice-control the unit via Alexa, you will need to enable the Airmega skill in the Alexa app.

You can then tell Alexa:

  • Turn Airmega on/off
  • You can activate a particular mode.
  • Change fan speed
  • Turn the light on/off
  • Set a timer
  • Check the filter’s lifetime
  • Get an air quality update.
  • Monitor Real-time Air Quality

The Airmega 400S has an integrated pollution sensor, which continuously measures the air quality.

The brightly colored LED ring on the front can show you how your home’s indoor air quality is. It will change color depending on how dirty your air is.

The app is useful to check for current air quality readings and a history of air quality reports.


Not cheap

The 400S portable air purifier is the most expensive at $700.

It can also clean your entire house, so it is a great way to save money and simplify your life.

It takes time to set up.

Verified owners agree that it can be time-consuming to set up the WiFi connection. In addition, Android users have more problems connecting the air purifier with their router via the app.

The company is always available to help with setup or any other problem.



Although it is more expensive than other compact air purifiers, the Airmega 400S provides unmatched coverage in large rooms, small homes, and open office spaces.

The 3-filter purification keeps pollutants, allergens, and odors out of the air.

You can monitor the quality of your indoor air and receive real-time reports.

This excellent air purifier will keep large spaces clean and free from allergens and other pollutants.

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