Best Ventless Non Window AC 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

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Shopping for the best ventless air conditioner?  You’ve come to the right place.

Traditional central and window air conditioners consume a lot of energy.

And window AC units require an outside exhaust.  Sometimes this also requires the purchase of a separate fan unit to push hot air outside.

In contrast, by purchasing one of the top-rated ventless air conditioners we review in this guide, you can save energy and enjoy cool air in your room without the hassle of installing an exhaust vent or fan.

Plus, a ventless unit won’t block the view from your window 😉

Our Top 3 Picks

What’s In This Buying Guide

Table of Contents

In this guide, we review our top picks for the best ventless air conditioners for a single room, with a focus on their pros, cons, best features, and known issues.

Then we explain how non-window air conditioners work, explain how they differ from a standard window AC, and why they are safer than other top-brand alternatives. 

Finally, we answer a few common questions regarding ventless non-window AC units.

Best Ventless Non-Window Air Conditioners

portable windowless air conditioners

  • PureGuardian H8000B

  • Award
    Best Personal Ventless Non-Window AC

  • Dimensions
    16.5 × 16.5 × 19 cm

  • Weight
    2.84 pounds

  • Fan Speeds

  • Modes of Operation
    4 – Cooling, Humidifier, Diffuser, and Fan

  • Power Source
    USB port and batteries

  • Special Feature
    7 Colors LED

best non window air conditioner

  • Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Cooler

  • Award
    Best for Outdoor Use

  • Dimensions
    24 x 16 x 38 inches

  • Weight
    39 pounds

  • Fan Speeds

  • Modes of Operation
    2 – Cooling and Fan only

  • Power Source
    Corded Electric

  • Special Feature
    Easy to operate rotary controls

best non window ac units

  • BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 evaporative air cooler

  • Award
    Most Convenient

  • Dimensions
    13.6 x 15.8 x 36.6 inches

  • Weight
    16.96 pounds

  • Fan Speeds

  • Modes of Operation
    4 – Normal, Natural, Sleep, and Smart

  • Power Source
    Corded Electric

  • Special Feature
    Remote Control

Onewell’s 4-in-1 Mini Arctic is the perfect solution for keeping yourself cool at home or work.

Designed for use on a desktop, the Mini Arctic is very portable and comes with a 7-color LED light set for an interesting effect.

This personal air conditioner has a clean and modern design that compliments any modern home or office environment.




Our Review

The Onewell 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler has many functions. It can serves as a personal air cooler, a humidifier, a diffuser, or as a fan.

From your bedside to your desk, this little unit adds just the right amount of cool air to make all the difference.

The bacteriostatic blue light kills bacteria in the water before it evaporates, and the fine water atomization generates a cool mist. 

You can also add your favorite essential oils to it.

The Onewell Air Cooler runs on batteries; or, you can hook it up with your laptop, PC using the included standard USB adapter.

This is also one of the least expensive ways to stay cool at work.  

That said, this air cooler is not designed to cool an entire room down.  It’s best used on a desk or bedside table top.

Editor's Rating


Best for Outdoor Use

Hessaire MC37M is a powerful compact air cooler that is powerful enough to be used outside during balmy days.

With a 3,100 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) cooling capacity, it can cool large areas of your home in no time. You can also use it on your patio, by the pool, or by the grill and enjoy the cool breeze as you enjoy your summer activities.

The MC37M uses standard dial controls, making it easy to operate by anyone without a manual. 

It functions both as a fan and air cooler and runs at 3 different speeds, providing enough flexibility for any environment




Our Review

Unlike most other ventless ACs, the Hessaire MC37M is powerful enough to cool outside.

It doesn’t necessarily need constant refilling either. The Continuous Fill option makes the task easier  – you have to attach a hose with the included float adaptor.

The control panel features 4 switches for adjusting fan speeds, controlling the pump, adjusting the fan louvers, and a power switch.

When the device is on, the power button lights up to indicate its status.

It also features 3-sided high-density cooling pads that increase the evaporative surface area for better performance.

As powerful as it is, the Hessaire MC37M is also very portable. It comes with a 7-feet long cord and caster wheels for enhanced mobility.

Editor's Rating


Most Convenient

BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 features a stylish design and ultra-fast speed performance. It blows out cold and fresh, clean air, creating a cool and comfortable indoor environment for you to relax in.

The device effectively reduces dry air issues like dry skin, itchy eyes, and chapped lips. Using its evaporative technology, it infuses moisture into the air, making it easier to breathe in. It boasts 4 different operational modes and runs on 3-speed levels for added comfort and convenience.




Our Review

BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 uses water, a fan, and a pump to cool your space. It leaves behind a significantly low carbon footprint than any of its traditional counterparts, and it is very efficient.

The BEAC75 is designed explicitly for areas with low humidity levels. You will find it perfect for the dry summer days, as it will not only cool down your home but also help eliminate dryness by adding the moisture back into the indoor atmosphere.

With different fan settings and modes, you can adjust the device according to your liking.

The normal mode blows out a steady flow of cool air. When set on the natural mode, it will cycle between different fan speeds.

The sleep mode allows it to work at a lower speed after 30 minutes of use.

While on smart mode, the air cooler automatically regulates its fan speed according to your room temperature.

Editor's Rating

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Windowless Air Conditioner

windowless air conditioning unit

If you’re confused with so many options, don’t worry.

Here are some points you should keep in mind while shopping for a windowless air conditioner:

Energy Efficiency

Ventless air coolers are an efficient solution to your energy bill problems.

Because evaporative air conditioners use a natural process for cooling, they generally consume less energy.

But since every product has different specifications, their energy consumption can also differ.

That is why you should make sure that you check out the energy consumption of each product before making your purchase.

Noise Level

Even though ventless AC are manufactured to make minimal noise, the fan speed can sometimes become an undeniable hassle.

For this reason, you should look at the sound levels and choose one with a lower frequency. This will help you enjoy your cool air without the constant hum of the AC. 

Room Size/Cooling Capacity

Room size is the most important factor when it comes to choosing an air conditioner.

A small, personal ventless AC will usually only covers 150 square feet, while a bigger, more powerful unit can often cover up to 1,000 square feet.


Many ventless AC come with at least a year of warranty coverage, which is the minimum you should look for.


Ventless/evaporative ACs are generally not that expensive.

That said, you still have to choose an option that meets your requirements and budget.

Typical prices range from $50 for a personal desktop cooler to more than $1,000 for a more powerful unit with lots of features capable of cooling a small apartment.


In an AC, a thermostat makes sure that your room reaches your desired level of cooling and then stops until the temperature changes again.

When the temperature rises, the air conditioner turns on again, and when it reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat acts up and turns the device on standby.

Depending on your budget and need, you can find an AC unit with a built-in thermostat to help regulate temperatures better.

Low Maintenance

Almost all ventless non-window AC are pretty low-maintenance. In most cases, all you have to do is clean the filter occasionally and refill the water tank.

However, some models do require more maintenance, so choose wisely.

What Is a Windowless Air Conditioner - and how does it work?

non window air conditioners

Standard air conditioners work with a compressor and refrigerant technology. They compress the air taken from the atmosphere, condition it, and release the water and hot air outside. But in ventless or windowless air conditioners, there is no need for a compressor or refrigerant.

So, how do they work, you might be wondering?

Well, ventless air conditioners are pretty nifty when it comes to their design. They have a small compartment for water storage. You add water to the tank, and once you turn it on, it evaporates the water and throws cool air into the room. Hence, it cools down the environment to comfortable levels.

And the best part is, there are no restrictions regarding where you can place a windowless AC.

Unlike splits and window AC, you can place ventless AC anywhere. You only need to take caution of the humidity levels of a room (and if a unit can handle such an area), but other than that, ventless air conditioners are pretty much portable.

How Evaporative Air Coolers Work

Evaporative air coolers have several parts that help them perform the desired function smoothly. But the primary parts are the cooling fan and the water tank.

When you fill the water tank of the AC, the fan takes it up and evaporates it in the room in the form of cool air. Since it has no dependency on any duct or compressor, it neither releases hot air nor water.

That said, you will have to refill water occasionally, but other than that, you can enjoy cool air comfortably.

Pros and Cons

windowless ac unit

The term ‘ventless’ simply represents how simple and convenient these cooling devices are to use. But there are some limitations to their usage too. We discuss them below.


Less Expensive

Evaporative air conditioners are surely a budget-friendly solution to beat the tiring and exhausting heat waves. Because they have a simpler mechanism, they are also cheaper than traditional AC.

But despite their low price, they are as efficient as any other air conditioning system with no extra expenses.


Since evaporative air conditioners have a simple approach to how they function, they don’t consume excessive electricity. This way, you save not only on your device expenses but also on electricity bills.

With a ventless AC, you can enjoy refreshing evenings in the summers even when you’re on a budget.


Evaporative air coolers do not contain any kind of refrigerant or other harmful substances that can pollute our environment. All they use is a water tank and a handy fan that cools down the water.

So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option to beat the heat, an evaporative air cooler is a good option.

Filtering Features

Non-window AC also contain filters that prevent dust and dirt from spreading into your room. This might not be a priority for everyone, but it is undoubtedly an added benefit for a device that cools down a room.

Easy to Store and Use

Since evaporative coolers do not need any vent or compressors, you can place them wherever you want without any restrictions on a window wall. You can also move it from one place to another with significant ease.


Water Maintenance

Since evaporative coolers use a water tank, you have to be careful about maintaining it. You have to refill it now and then to ensure constant cooling.

Humidity Control

Since evaporating air coolers use water, they can significantly increase the humidity of any place. And if left unnoticed, this problem can become a hassle.

Usually, leaving a window open for a while can do the trick, but sometimes, you have to find better solutions for this issue.

Key Differences: Ventless Non-Window AC vs. AC with Exhaust

best windowless air conditioner

While both ventless non-window AC units and AC units with exhaust have the same purpose, they have a few key differences. These include:

Installation of Non-Window Air Conditioner

Non-window air conditioners do not require any special installation. Since they don’t have any external vent or exhaust, they can be placed pretty much anywhere.

Depending on the unit, you just need a cable connection, and you can place it somewhere where the cooling will spread evenly around the corners.

Why buy a Non-Window Air Conditioner?

A non-window air conditioner provides many benefits, as discussed above. If you’re still not sure about purchasing one, here are a few more reasons why you should buy a non-window AC: 

Cleaning and Maintenance

portable windowless air conditioners

Ventless non-window air conditioners are quite easy to maintain and clean.

Unlike other devices, they do not have any part that hangs or is set outside the machine. That is exactly why they don’t require much cleaning. On the contrary, you just have to wipe down the dirt on the exterior and clean the tank.

And to ensure that there is no remaining dirt in the device, make sure to change or wash the filter once in a week or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are windowless air conditioners bad for health?

Generally, windowless air conditioners are quite safe for your health because they don’t contain any sort of refrigerant.

But if you don’t clean them and let the dust accumulate, they can become harmful to your health. An unclean tank pr clogged filters can impact the purity of air being released into the room.

All you need is a cleaning routine to ensure that you don’t face any adverse consequences.

Do ventless air conditioners give better cooling?

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner depends upon several components—the size of the room, the device’s capacity, and finally, the cooling mechanism.

Ventless air coolers can sometimes outperform window AC, particularly in small rooms with low humidity.

However, in large rooms, a window AC is better.

Does a non-window air conditioner use a lot of electricity?

No, in fact, windowless air conditioners reduce your overall energy usage. They save energy in many ways. First, they don’t have any compressor system, thus saving that extra electricity expense. Also, they cover a small area and don’t require a lot of energy to function.

Final Verdict: What is the best Non-Window Air Conditioner sold today?

Since all ventless air conditioners more or less have a similar primary mechanism and fulfill different requirements, rating them from best to worst isn’t quite possible.

However, given the uniqueness of the Onewell 4-in-1 Mini Arctic Evaporative Air Cooler, we find it the best ventless non-window AC, especially if you’re looking for something for personal use.

Meanwhile, we like the Hessaire MC37M for its ease of use.

And the BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 is also a convenient option.

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