Best Air Filter Delivery Subscriptions 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

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It is very easy to take for granted the clean air we breathe every day. It is all around us and invisible yet essential for keeping us alive. Just like the water we drink, the air we breathe in has a direct impact on our overall health.

We usually ignore the quality of this life-altering component until it’s very late. 

Air pollution is always linked with various different health issues such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Unhealthy air puts stress on your lungs by limiting the capacity and reducing the amount of oxygen that can enter your body.

These situations lead to permanent diseases such as asthma as well as other serious ailments, including cancer. The easiest way to keep your household air clean and fresh is by changing the filters present at your home. 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you changed the filters? If you are like most people, then you may not remember, and when you don’t change your HVAC filters often, your health suffers. Thankfully, automated air filter deliveries have become more and more common today.

These air filter subscription services have two main purposes; firstly, they are convenient, and secondly, they come at a regular interval and serve as a reminder for you to change the filters right away. Hence, people are more inclined to opt for these services and rely on them for a whiff of clean air. 

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What's In This Buying Guide

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Having central heating and air conditioning is a perk for many household owners, but like every other major appliance in your house, you must maintain your HVAC system in order to ensure maximum efficiency. This article discusses the basic function of these air filters along with their ability to improve the air quality present in your house. 

We start by discussing why and who requires these air filter subscriptions to provide you a complete overview of this service and who it is best for. 

You will also get an in-depth review of the best air filter subscription services present on the market. This will help you in deciding which subscription service is more suited to your needs according to your settings. 

Furthermore, we discuss the main features that you should consider when opting for any air filters subscription service. Knowing these features will assist you in making the right decision. You will also know about any advanced service these filter companies offer when you subscribe to them. 

Maintaining the air around your house is essential, and changing the air filters ensures you get crisp, clean air all the time. You must know how to change the air filters on your own and how much it costs, and for this reason, we have included some tips and tricks on these services. This article is a complete buying guide for air filter subscription services, and with this information, you can relax and get your money’s worth.

Who Needs an Air Filter Delivery Subscription?

air filter subscription

Air quality is a very significant issue in the United States. The air inside your house is more polluted than the air outside due to the high concentration of pollutant sources.

An air filter helps in removing these particles, and subscribing to air filter delivery ensures that you change your filter for crisp air every month. 

Some sources of pollutants inside the house are mentioned here. If you can relate to these sources, then having an air filter subscription is a good idea for you. 

You Suffer From Respiratory Issues Such As Asthma or Allergies

air filter delivery

People who suffer from asthma or allergy and other breathing issues can feel a reduction in their symptoms, such as coughing or wheezing with a clean air filter. New filters have a better ability to capture the common irritants, including pet dander, pollen, and dust, and having this subscription is ideal for them. 

You Have Pets

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet; animals can collect dust and pollen in their coats. Even cats that do not shed or dogs that have no fur will release danger and skin in the air. You may not feel allergic to your pets specifically, but it doesn’t mean that the fur won’t cause breathing problems. 

New air filters help in capturing stuff like pet hair before it causes any issue. It also purifies air at a regular pace, and so your pet’s allergens don’t cause any problems for you at all. 

You Live With A Smoker Or You Smoke

air filter delivery

Cigarette smoking, even secondhand smoke, has a very negative and significant effect on your health and on the health of people you live with.

In fact, even the slightest amount of secondhand smoke poses a risk, and simply having open windows does not reduce this issue. 

However, having filtration and ventilation such as with a good air filter can provide you with relief. Smoke has the tiniest particles as compared to pollen and dust, and these particles usually do not get caught; however, a new clean filter does a better job of removing it from the air around you. 

You Live With Roommates or Kids/You're Pregnant

air filter subscription

You can be the tidiest and cleanest person present, but you still cannot control how your kids or roommates tend to behave. If other people aren’t as meticulous as you about decluttering or they tend to bring in pet hair, dust, pollen, and dirt, then an air filter subscription will carry the burden of clearing such pollutants and filtering air around you. 

Furthermore, if you are pregnant, then preventing chemical exposure early on is critical to do so. Many researchers believe that pollutants or toxins in the air can lead to diseases that can take years to evolve from an early stage.

Therefore, a newborn or fetus exposed to toxins early-on has a higher chance of developing diseases later in their life simply because this will provide the pollutant or toxin with more time to evolve. For a pregnant woman, it is important to change the air filters every month, and a filter subscription can take care of this. 

You Live Around Construction or on A Busy Street

best air filter subscription service

Air filters catch airborne particles such as dust that can get kicked in the air during construction or from cars and bikes driving down your road. Keeping your windows shut will keep the debris at bay, but an air filter helps in eliminating the particles that enter your house through the cracks. Having an air filter subscription can help you breathe better. 

Best Air Filter Subscriptions

Second Nature
  • Second Nature

  • Does It Offer Free Shipping?

  • Can You Customize The Filters?
    Yes, charges additionally for it

  • Filtration Ratings It Provides
    MERV 8, 11 and 13

Air Filtered Delivered
  • Air Filters Delivered

  • Does It Offer Free Shipping?
    Some areas have free shipping

  • Can You Customize The Filters?
    Multiple size filters are available

  • Filtration Ratings It Provides
    MERV 8, 11 and 13

TRU FIltered AIr
  • Tru Filtered Air

  • Does It Offer Free Shipping?

  • Can You Customize The Filters?
    No, customization is not available

  • Filtration Ratings It Provides
    MERV 13

Simple Filter
  • Simple Filter Plan

  • Does It Offer Free Shipping?

  • Can You Customize The Filters?
    No, customization is not available

  • Filtration Ratings It Provides
    MERV 8, 11 and 13


Best For Customization

air filters delivered reviews

Why Subscribe: Second Nature delivers air filters to your house every one to three months. They provide a wide variety of filters to suit the air quality level you are looking for with top-notch customer service. 

The first pick of air filter subscription service is Second Nature, formerly known as FilterEasy. This service was founded in 2012 by North Carolina State University students Kevin Barry and Thad Tarkington.

The main aim for opening this company was to eliminate the tiresome and usually neglected trips to the store for air filters. Today, this company has a wide circle of loyal customers and has expanded in other home wellness branches, including refrigerator filtration systems. 

The reason why Second Nature sits so high up in every air filter subscription service is the features it provides to users. Each and every filter they provide is of high quality, and they offer three different filtration ratings, MERV 8, 11, or 13.

MERV 8 is the basic entry-level filter; it gets the job done better than a fiberglass filter, and you can swap this filter after every three months. The next filter is the MERV 11 filter and is ideal for allergies and pets. The last filter is the MERV 13, which is great if you or someone in your house suffers from respiratory conditions.

Second Nature filters get rid of the smallest particles present and make this convenient to do so. Their automated delivery guarantees that the air filters arrive when they are due and deliver them right to your doorsteps on time. You can get rid of all air conditioning maintenance problems that come when you do not change your filter. 

The best part about Second Nature is that it always provides you with free shipping. Many subscription companies charge a convenience or shipping fee, but this company charges no additional fee.

Another advantage of opting for Second Nature is that it has the easiest signup process. It takes you around three to five minutes max to complete your first order, and if you know the size of the filter you need in your house, then it’ll take even less time than that. 

Simply head on to their site, select the number of filters you need at your house and then choose the quality, size, and frequency you want. Second Nature will provide you with a range of options for the size you need and also compare the different filters side by side with their pricing and information on what kind of pollutants and particles they will catch. 

After you place the order, you do not have to worry about paying for the first filter because it’s free for first-timers. You will get the first filter with free shipping on your doorstep; this trial doesn’t cost you money at all, and you can also cancel the service anytime you want.

However, the cost for the filter ranges from $10 to $30, and once you have selected the model for the filter you need, you can indicate how often you would like to receive the filter shipments. 

They also provide you filters for your fridge, and you can relax and leave all your worries up to them with their excellent and timely service. 


Best for Satisfaction Guarantee

best air filter subscription service

Why Subscribe: Air Filters Delivered comes with both subscription options and also a single-purchase option for users. It has a wide range of prices and even allows you to buy filters in bulk for more savings.

Since its start in 2010, Air Filters Delivered has worked consistently to provide users with high-quality filtration products at your door or business with a great price point. This company stands out because it provides you with not only recurring subscriptions at your doorsteps but also one-time deliveries.

Filters Delivered sends out air filters according to the replacement schedule that you dictate, and you no longer have to worry about having an overabundance of filters stacked up in your basement. 

The best part about this subscription service is that they are adamant about having the lowest pricing and will match the price of every online filter service present. If you purchase their filter and then find a similar item for less price than their competitor, you can request a price match within 14 days after purchasing by simply emailing their contact support. 

However, for a complete price match guarantee, you need to make sure that the item matches in size, MERV rating, materials, and pack quantity. Also, Filters Delivered does not match the price with the competitor if it is out of stock.  

Air Filters Delivered also provides you with customization of filters if you are unable to find your size. In order to customize, you simply have to follow two steps; find the dimensions you are looking for and choose the filter material you need. They provide you with three different filter materials, and each has the ability to eliminate certain kinds of pollutants. 

For example, MERV 8 has the ability to filter out household dust, dust mites, lint, pollen, and mold spores, where MERV 11 not only filters out the previously mentioned pollutants but also deals with coughing smog, pet dander, and smoke. The toughest filtration is provided by MERV 13 since it has the ability to remove virus carriers and bacteria as well. 

Depending on your need, you can choose the filter based on filter material as well. Air Filters delivered also allows you to shop by brand, including Carrier, Honeywell, Aprilaire, SpaceGard, and Lennox. It also has other less popular brands that include Bryant, Air Kontrol, Maytag, and York. 

You simply have to head on to their site and choose the depth of the filter you are looking for; they provide you with 1″ to 6″ depth and sizes of the filter according to it. You can also shop by performance and go for the filter material that you find most suitable. 

Air Filters Delivered provides you with an excellent selection of multiple brands to choose from, and all of them are available at an excellent price point. And with all that, it also lets you purchase the filters in packs of six, twelve, and even more! You can also opt for one-time delivery or go for their subscription service and enjoy free delivery all the time!

This company guarantees satisfaction and risk-free purchasing, and you can cancel or alter your order anytime you want. 


Best For Asthma And Other Allergies

air filter price

Why Subscribe: TRU provides its customers with the best and top-performing filter only, MERV 13. It has a very informative buying procedure and is a partner of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

With TRU Filtered Air, you can take the hassle out of running to the store to get air filters for your house and get them delivered instead. TRU can deliver filters of any size to your doorstep for free.

The filters are top-rated and have medical-grade efficiency. Universities and hospitals trust MERV 13 air filters, and they have higher efficiency air filtration. This means that the filters are able to get rid of the same allergens and bacteria as hospital air filters and are effective in doing so. 

Furthermore, these filters have optimized pleats for a better flow of air. A filter that has poorly spaced or few pleats doesn’t provide adequate filter area for airflow.

Similarly, having plenty of pleats can cause a reduction in airflow as well. However, the TRU filter’s pleats are spaced optimally and reinforced with metal to provide the ideal airflow and excellent pleat stability. Plus, the diagonal grid and rigid filter frame offer users maximum strength. 

Furthermore, instead of opting for compressed paper, TRU uses specialized high-loft filter media to increase efficiency up to 95%.

This material is thicker and can trap and intercept a high percentage of harmful pollutants. This results in excellent filter efficiency and, all the while maintains proper airflow. The best part? TRU filters do not come with chemical coatings or any dyes. 


Best For Managing Subscription

air filter subscription

Why Subscribe: Simple Filter Plan provides excellent subscription options for you to choose from, and they range in quality, beginning from Basic to Advanced to Premium.  

At Simple FIlter Plan, you can enjoy a wide variety of air filters delivered right to your doorstep. You incur no hidden cost or any kind of exorbitant shipping fee. The first thing that the Simple Filter Plan website does before you place the order is walk you through a detailed questionnaire and determines the kind of filter you need.

It is incredibly easy to subscribe to their filtration service, and it provides you with three different options to subscribe to Advanced, Basic, and Premium. Using the advanced filter subscription option allows you to enjoy a full package of options with the best air filters provided at your doorstep. 

Furthermore, these options are then divided monthly, every two months, and every three months as well. The monthly option is ideal if you have multiple pets and want to keep allergies at bay.

Meanwhile, if you have a single pet, you can opt for filter delivery every two months, and for an average suburban home, we recommend every three months. 

Simple Filter Plan is an excellent delivery service because you choose when you want the filters shipped, and you can also cancel it anytime without any additional charges. They provide you with 100% satisfaction with a money-back guarantee, and you can customize your simple filter plan according to your family’s needs.

Their filters lower your energy bills, avoid breakdowns, keep your house away from pollutants and dust and ensure your AC runs smoothly, making it an excellent long-term investment. 

How To Choose An Air Filter Delivery Service?

air filter delivery

Before you head on and subscribe to an air filter delivery service, you need to look out for some important notes. It can be hard to remember to change the air filter and hard to purchase and subscribe to a service.

Luckily, many manufacturers nowadays provide excellent features, causing you to tilt more towards their company. 

Many private companies provide users with a wide range of options at an affordable price, making it difficult to choose a company. However, to help you out, we have mentioned some features you need to look out for. These will ensure that your subscription service puts you first. 


best air filter subscription service

The first and foremost thing to focus on when opting for a private filter delivery service is to check if they have the filter you need available on a regular basis.

The majority of centrally air-conditioned and heating systems require a specific kind of filter because they are used to entrap the debris found at home, and the size of the filter depends on the debris it is entrapping.

This allows them to work at a good quality level. If the filter size varies from the size of the debris, it won’t help clean the air and void your warranty since service technicians will not be able to help you if the filter size is incorrect. 

Size/Length Filtration Rating

Another essential aspect to consider when finding a filter delivery service is to make sure that they carry the right air filter that your central system can handle.

Some people tend to opt for higher filtration filters to ensure that the air around them is deeply cleansed and purified.

However, the problem with that is most air systems of older models cannot keep up with the high filtration filters and get sluggish and clog up during operation. If this happens, then your central air system will overheat, leading to system meltdown and expensive repairs. 

Before choosing an air filter service, you must make sure that it does not try to sell a particular size filter since this can lead to a damaged home system, and the service will not incur any repair charges. You can easily find the filter size using the index card located on the system itself or through the instruction book.

If you are unsure, you can simply call the retailer who helped with the installation. Once you find the size, make sure you check the top subscription services present and if they have the filter in stock

Customer Support

Good Customer support

The level of good customer support is the final selling point for the best air delivery subscription service. No matter what you are buying, whether it is a dehumidifier, a computer, or a delivery service such as this, feeling valued for your purchase is what every person needs.

The buyer must be sure that they have opted for the best service present and be thanked for their purchase in order to make them a regular customer. 

The company must also be accessible to all through various hours, whether it is through telephone, email, or online chat windows. A company that is easily accessible will help you with all future inquiries regardless of the time, and this is something that makes it worth investing in.

Good customer support also requires following its date and time; if it claims that you will receive your air filters on a particular date, then they must follow through and guarantee its arrival on time. If they offer you a discount on your first year, then it should easily be available on your invoice and visible on your payment schedule.

There should be no hidden charges or fees since this can lose your trust in the company. 

The last thing that companies must have in order to achieve excellent customer service is a guarantee on products. The private delivery service that you subscribe to must always send you brand new, unopened, and undamaged filters. In case they are damaged when they reach you, the company must be willing to refund you the entire cost or resend you the filters to ensure no loss at your end. 



What Is The Average Cost For Air Filter Subscription?

Most air filter delivery services provide free shipping on recurring orders, and they usually charge around $8 to $30 per filter, depending on the size and filter material you order. You get charged at intervals of your scheduled deliveries; this means that you will pay once a month or once every three months, depending on your package. Schedule adjustments and cancellations do not require any extra charges, making them more convenient for you.

Is It True That Pleated Air Filters Restrict Airflow?

air filter subscriptions

Yes, this is true. Pleated air filters do, in fact, restrict the airflow to your HVAC system. This happens because the air pressure makes the pleats unstable and makes them overlap; this, in turn, creates a blockage in the airflow. Finding an air filter with optimal pleats is what you should look out for. 

How Good Is MERV 8 Filter?

A MERV 8 air filter is very common due to the two-inch pleats it has. This makes it very efficient in trapping indoor pollutants that can debilitate allergies and asthma and also lead to long-term respiratory problems. Another factor leading to the popularity of the MERV 8 filter is that it is easy to service and very inexpensive. Depending on the company, these filters can last up to six months and even a year when used on a regular basis. These are the most suitable for basement dehumidifiers

Final Verdict: What Is The Best Air Filter Delivery Subscription?

Even though all of the air delivery subscription services reviewed above are the top ones in the market, according to us, the winner is definitely Second Nature. It is always on time, provides you with free delivery, has a free trial for first-time users, and has more than 66000 different sizes. You can also customize the filters and enjoy crisp, clean air in your household. 

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