Why Buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

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Regarding portable air conditioners, there are plenty of reasons to buy one depending on your needs and situation.

The main reason someone would buy one is too cool a small area off, but the reasons go far beyond that.

This short article discusses some of the most common reasons people purchase a portable AC unit for their property.

Some Rooms Just Need More Cooling

buy a portable air conditioner

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to buy a portable air conditioner because they want to cool their homes evenly, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee evenly distributed cooling.

Rooms with large windows or areas with appliances that emit warmth need an extra boost of cool air, and that’s only one example.

Many people simply turn down the thermostat to keep the air coming, hoping the cooler air will spread throughout the house.

But doing this means you will use more electricity, resulting in an inconsistent climate inside your house.

Inconsistent temperatures can cause several members of your household to be uncomfortable. One person may be cold in the living room, whereas another may be hot in the kitchen or office space.

Portable air conditioners are useful for keeping your house cool without constantly running the central air system. They result in lower electricity bills and a consistent temperature throughout.

Everyone wins.

No Really Need Central Air

buy a portable air conditioner

Two-thirds of Americans use some air conditioning, but this does not necessarily mean they need or want a central air system that sends cool air through their homes’ air ducts.

There are several reasons why some people don’t have a central air system, but most live in regions where the climate is fairly mild year-round.

The highs may only go up to the mid-70s to low 80s, so there isn’t a need for a large air conditioner.

For this particular situation, a portable air condition­er can provide just enough cool­ing to keep the house com­fortable, even on the hottest days in that region.

Other parts of your house, such as a garage, may not have air conditioning. If you spend long times in these areas, this could become a real problem.

Portable air conditioners are an easy remedy for this problem and help you avoid installing new vents or an entire system in a standalone building.

Some Areas Need Dehumidification

buy a portable air conditioner

Humidity can be both an annoyance and a health hazard in your home.

While the musty smell is undesirable, too much humidity can lead to several problems that can sneak into your life without you knowing it.

Too much humidity in your home can cause allergies to become worse. When there’s more humidity, dust mites and mold spores tend to grow, which can cause an increase in allergy symptoms and discomfort.

There’s also the mold growth problem in some areas and inside the walls. The problem may be so severe that you won’t notice it until it’s too late.

Portable air conditioners act as dehumidifiers simply based on how they cool a room. During the cooling process, air conditioners remove the moisture from the air by condensing it into water vapor. This results in less moisture and cooler air.

If you live in a particularly humid environment or have allergies, a portable air conditioner can help cool down your home.

Some models can even function as dehumidifiers without cooling the room, giving you a multi-use appliance.

Energy Savings

buy a portable air conditioner

Over $11 billion dollars is spent on cooling homes each year in the U.S. Central air units, though much improved and more efficient than they were decades ago, can certainly drive your utility bills up with repeated use Summers are especially hot.

Portable air conditioners aren’t as energy efficient as central air conditioning systems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t save your money each month. As mentioned earlier, you’re wasting your money by running your central air conditioning system for hours on end just so that you can cool down the warmer parts of your house.

If you leave your central air unit running constantly, it will cool down other parts of your house that are naturally cooler, but you’ll end up paying for it, sometimes with a monthly electric bill that is 30% higher than it could be.

Portable air conditioners may be placed in these warmer parts of the house to help regulate the entire home’s temperature. Do you cook a lot during the summer? Your kitchen is going to be hot. Portable air conditioners can help keep the kitchen cool while preventing your thermo­stat from triggering as much.

Other Reasons

buy a portable air conditioner

Likewise, if you’ve got a room with lots of computer equipment, high-heat items like guitar amplifiers, or just a room full of windows, you’ll want some extra help cooling it down.

The same can be said for home gym rooms.

Turn on the portable air conditioner, close the door, and enjoy the cool breeze without running your central air conditioning run too long.

Suppose you live alone or share a room with another person. In that case, you can often get away with just using a portable air conditioner in your bedroom while turning off the central air conditioning system for the evening.

You’ll get a cool room and a lower energy cost to show for it.

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