Wagan 12V 24 Litre Cooler and Warmer Review

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The Wagan EL6224 thermoelectric cooler can hold up to 24 liters. It can cool or heat whatever you put in it.

This cooler/warmer can hold 27 cans of 2 Liter bottles or four cans, yet it is small enough to fit on the floor of your car.

The EL6224 is an ideal companion for day trips, camping, and road trips. Additionally, it is will come in handy in an RV or boat.

The Wagan EL6214 does not have enough cooling power to freeze, but it will keep drinks and foods safely chilled.

If the Wagan El6224 cooler is not what you need, check out other 12V compact coolers that we reviewed in our thermoelectric coolers & ice chests guide.  For example, the smaller Wagan EL6214 is a better fit for smaller vehicles..



Product Specifications


Best Features

Litre Cooler and Warmer

1. Combination Thermoelectric Cooler+Warmer

The Wagan EL6224 thermoelectric cooler is also a 2-in-1 warmer. 

You can heat your food to 140F by flipping a switch. This is useful if you need to warm your baby’s milk, keep take-out food warm, or heat a picnic lunch.

The Wagan cooler cools much more efficiently than mini-fridges that run on compressors, because only the fan at the top is moving to remove heat.

This cooler is durable and sturdily built. Some owners have used their coolers for many years without problems.

Thermoelectric coolers are convenient in many ways and more convenient than an icebox. 

There’s no need to add ice, and you won’t find your food soggy or wet.

2. Keeps Food & Drinks Cold (not Frozen)

Litre Cooler and Warmer

The Wagan cooler won’t cool as fast as a mini-fridge driven by a compressor, and it will take several hours for warm food and drinks to cool down. 

Also, you can forget about freezing food from room temperature.

The Wagan cooler is however excellent for keeping food and drinks cool, especially if they are placed into the cooler cold or frozen.

This Wagan cooler cools to 36F below the ambient temperature (external heat). This is sufficient to keep the interior cool in most cases.

If you keep this cooler in your hot car for several hours, your drinks will still be cold.

3. Compact 

The cooler can hold four 2-liter bottles, although the slim + tall design is small enough to fit on your car’s floor.

4. Extra-Long 12V Cord

We love the extra-long power cord that plugs into the 12V socket in your car. It’s a thoughtful feature.

This lets you place your cooler wherever is most convenient, without worrying about whether it will reach the outlet.

It can be placed in front of you, behind your passenger or driver seat, or right behind the center console so that you can reach it easily.

If you’re not driving, you can use any 12V outlet to plug in the cooler, and this is similar to a solar generator for camping.

This cooler is perfect for you if...

Litre Cooler and Warmer

Avoid buying this if...

items. Instead, we recommend buying a mini-fridge/freezer that is compressor-driven.

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