Perfect Aire 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

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The Perfect Aire portable AC is ideal for all-year-round use. It can heat or cool a room.

The Perfect Aire has 12,000 BTUs of heating and cooling power to cool rooms up to 550 sq. feet. This is enough for most rooms, including basements and open-plan living spaces.

The AC/heater portable also has a dry dehumidifier and fan modes for mild cooling.

The control panel and the remote control help in switching between different modes and settings.

The included slider kit makes it easy to install the AC. In addition, the caster wheels make it easier to move the AC to another room, making it highly portable.

Continue reading to see our complete review of the Perfect Aire portable AC.

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Best Features

Like the popular Edgestar 12,000 BTU model, the Perfect Aire portable AC has 12,000 BTUs of power – enough to cool large and mid-sized rooms of up to 575 square feet in size.

It is useful in most rooms in a typical American home including the bedroom, living room, nursery, and home office.

Heating Capacity

You don’t need to turn on the AC if it gets cold. Instead, turn on the heat mode to continue using your AC.

This is helpful if you want to save a little more than if your central AC was all you had.

Operating Modes

The Perfect Aire offers a variety of operating modes that you can use to address different situations.

* Auto mode – This is the default mode of the AC. This mode automatically chooses a temperature setting to maintain your desired temperature. For example, it activates heat mode if the temperature drops and the cool mode becomes too hot.

* Cool mode – The AC circulates cool air in the room to lower the temperature.

* Heat mode – The AC circulates hot air in the room to increase the temperature.

The temperature range for both heat and cool mode is 62F-88F.

* Dry mode – This is the dehumidifier function using which the AC removes moisture from the air and evaporates it.

* Fan-only mode: Disables cool, heat, and dry modes. Only the fan can operate. To control fan speed and fan noise, you can adjust the fan speed.

* Sleep mode – Maintains the ideal temperature and fan speed for sleep and saves energy

* Follow me mode- This mode can only be activated using the remote control, and it allows the AC temperature to be controlled more precisely in a specific area of the room. 

A few additional settings are available that I have not included: 

Swing, which controls the louver

Timer to set an automatic-on or off schedule

Remote Control

Perfect Aire Air Conditioner

The Perfect Air remote control is one of my favorites. 

Although it looks pretty standard from the outside, all of the unit’s functions and settings accessible on the control panel are available on the remote.

You can adjust the fan speed, increase or decrease the temperature, and change the operating mode.

Notice: The remote control comes with an LCD display, so you can pair it with any smart AC controller.

Follow Me Thermostat

The remote control can also double as a thermostat, detecting the temperature in a specific area and triggering the AC to raise or lower it.

Let’s suppose you’re sitting at the far end, away from the AC. It might feel a little too warm, even though the AC is in Cool mode for a while.

The remote allows you to adjust the temperature from where you are sitting. 

To activate this feature, simply press the FOLLOW ME button on your remote. The remote will show you the temperature and send an alert to the AC.

The AC continues to heat or cool the air until it reaches the target temperature.

This feature is excellent for large rooms, where cool air might not reach certain areas.

Bucketless Drainage

This AC is self-evaporating, so you don’t have to drain it.


The AC has timer settings to automatically turn on or off after a specified period of 24 hours.

Easy Installation

Everything you need to put the Perfect Air in your home comes in it. The kit includes the window slider and vent hose, vent adaptor bolt, foam seal, drain hose, and vent hose.

This manual contains clear and precise instructions that will guide you.


Perfect Aire Air Conditioner

The Perfect Aire’s price is its main drawback.

The majority of portable ACs with 12,000 BTU cost less than $500. Unfortunately, this AC is more than $800.

That said, this powerful unit comes with almost every feature and mode you could need.

I believe the price is worth it considering that it includes a heater and several features you won’t find with other portable air conditioners.

The remote-control-cum-thermostat is also very cool and helpful.



The 12,000 BTU Perfect Air portable AC is an excellent choice if you’re looking for large-room, full-featured AC with heating and cooling.

Although it is more expensive than comparable units, the Perfect Aire offers versatility, incredible features, and great value for money.

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