LG 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Although 8,000 BTU won’t cool your entire house, it is enough for individual rooms.

The LG LP0817WSR portable air conditioner, 8,000 BTU, is designed to cool or dehumidify your bedroom and baby nursery, as well as your home office.

It is compact and can be moved easily from one room to the next. Although it is easy to set up, some people might have difficulty with the installation.

It is quite large, but it is very powerful.

Many LG owners claim that it cools the room to a nearly chilly temperature. However, the LG portable AC is a great option for rooms that get too hot or musty or don’t get enough cooling air from the central AC.

Continue reading to find out more about LG’s portable AC unit for small rooms.

4.0 stars out of 5



Best Features

Portable Air Conditioner

For small to medium-sized rooms, 8,000 BTUs

The LG LP0817WSR portable air conditioner isn’t the most powerful at 8,000 BTUs. Other models, such as the Honeywell M14CCS, are more powerful but more expensive.

The LG LP0817WSR 8000 BTU portable air conditioner is a great choice if you need a compact, powerful and affordable mid-range unit. This air conditioner is suitable for rooms up to 200 square feet. It is as powerful as larger air conditioners in bigger rooms if used in the correct size room.

It is suitable for your home office, master bedroom, or library. It cools the room and removes excess moisture (humidity).

If you need to cool large rooms or connect rooms, I recommend that you get a bigger – at least 10,000 BTU – AC portable unit. Be prepared to spend at least $400, and most likely well over $500.

The LG 8,000BTU will cool small to medium-sized rooms for less than $300.

Highly Portable

Portable air conditioners have many advantages, including their portability.

This is also true for the LG 8,000BTU AC. It is approximately 58 pounds in weight.

Thanks to the attached wheels, it is lighter than other portable air conditioners and easily movable from one place to another.

You can easily move it yourself, even if you’re not going up and down the stairs. But it’s more versatile than that. For example, you can use it in the office in the daytime and then return to your bedroom at night.

It is also compact. At 17 inches wide by 27 inches tall, the unit can easily pass through any doorway. In addition, it takes up very little space, so it is to set up anywhere. The only restriction is that it must be close to a window for venting.

Easy to Use – Has a Remote Control

Portable Air Conditioner

The portable AC unit is much easier to maintain and use than central ACs. There are no miles of wiring, ductwork, and installation. Plug it in, and you’re good to go.

After you’ve set it up, which takes approximately 2 hours, or 1 hour if your portable AC is newer, the LG portable AC conditioner is ready for use. It comes with a window installation kit.

The control panel on the front has an LED display panel and three buttons to either side. You can use the buttons to control the fan, turn the unit on/off, adjust the timer, change the temperature, and set a timer.

You can leave the unit on for up to 24 hours. After the timer expires, it will automatically shut down. This is useful if you’re going to bed at night and don’t want your AC running all night. You can also set the unit so that it will automatically restart at a specific time.

LG comes with a handy LCD remote control that you can use to avoid pressing all those buttons.

A second feature is that the unit has an automatic evaporation system. This allows it to remove all moisture from the room. So you don’t need to worry about emptying the water bucket.

Auto Swing Louvers

You’ll see many louvers on the side where cool air blows. You can either swing them back and forth or use the remote control.

They move around the room to improve air circulation, which prevents hotspots.


Portable Air Conditioner

It takes a bit of effort to get up.

Customers may have trouble setting up the unit, particularly the window kit. To help you set it up correctly, refer to the manual or LG’s website. It will take you longer than you expected.


This portable air conditioner is for small rooms. The noise is almost like a loud white noise or a fan on high.

It will get easier. Some people find the noise soothing and even enjoy it.



We love the LG 8,000 BTU portable AC conditioner for small and medium-sized rooms.

It is affordable and simple to set up. In addition, it has powerful cooling and dehumidifying capabilities.

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