HoMedics Total Comfort Humidifier Reviews [2021]

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Having dry skin and a stuffy nose caused by dry air can be highly uncomfortable. Not to forget, dry air can lead to the worsening of several diseases. This is where the HoMedics Total comfort humidifier comes in.

The HoMedics Total Comfort humidifier releases a visible cool and or warm mist, which is perfect for maintaining the air quality.

The warm mist is useful for killing 99% of bacteria, whereas the humidifier also comes with an aromatherapy option to help create a peaceful environment.

Pros and Cons



Unique Features

homedics warm and cool mist humidifier

Here are a few features that make HoMedics Total Comfort Humidifier stand out from others. Let’s take a look at them:

Clean Tank Technology

To prevent mold and mildew buildup, these humidifiers are equipped with Clean tank technology. Furthermore, dual 1-gallon tanks allow easy handling and refilling.


This humidifier comes with a dual tank capacity and can run up to 120-hours. It features five different mist settings to choose from to best fit your space. You can also adjust the humidity. 

Moreover, it comes with an essential oil tray, allowing you to create a super relaxing environment. This unit features an easy-to-read digital display and comes with two demineralization cartridges.

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic technology is one of the best features of this humidifier. This feature allows the unit to release an invisible and a fine yet quiet mist for an effective yet smooth operation.

Night Mode and Auto-Shutoff Feature:

When the tank is empty or the water level is low, the product turns off on its own. This is made possible due to the automatic shut-off feature.

Furthermore, upon pressing the night mode button, the LEDs will turn off while the humidifier operates on the set temperature and humidity.

Comparing HoMedics with Similar Variants

homedics ultrasonic humidifier

There are several humidifiers on the market. However, HoMedics total comfort humidifier tends to stand out. The reason behind this is its impeccable design.

Where most humidifiers come with single or dual mists settings, HoMedics humidifiers offer five mist settings. 

Furthermore, HoMedics total comfort humidifier has a large water capacity and a run time of 120 hours, so it doesn’t require frequent refills like other variants.

Issues & Concerns

The humidifier does have a couple of issues worth bringing to your attention. These don’t take away from the innovative design or the performance but are still important to know.


Its operation isn’t too noisy, but it isn’t whisper-quiet either. Consumers did find that the humidifier produces a dripping water sound that may disturb a light sleeper.

Warm Mist

The humidifier comes with a dual mist option. Where the cool mist option stays true to its name, the other mist option delivers a room temperature mist instead of a warm mist.

Care and Maintenance

homedics humidifier cleaning

It is important to care for and maintain a humidifier to make sure that it lasts a long time. Here are a few tips and tricks to help maintain your humidifier:


The HoMedics Total Comfort Humidifier comes either with a one-year or two-year warranty. The warranty guarantees the humidifier to be free from any defect in manufacture and workmanship. 

The warranty is only extended to the original buyer only and does not cover damage caused by misuse unauthorized repairs or neglect.


Where to Buy

If this humidifier fits your bill, you can find the HoMedics total comfort humidifier here.


What is the cleaning process of the Total Comfort Humidifier?

In order to maintain the air quality of your house, it is important to keep the humidifier clean. When you see a “clean” red-colored symbol on the display, it is time to clean your humidifier. Remember to turn off the power and unplug the humidifier before cleaning it.

On an everyday basis, empty the tanks and rinse them before you refill them. Furthermore, empty and rinse the ultrasonic membranes and reservoir as well. 

Meanwhile, it is important to thoroughly clean the humidifier on a weekly basis to remove any build-up. Clean the insides of the tank using a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. 

On the back of the humidifier, behind a cover, is the ultrasonic membrane that also needs to be cleaned. Remove the cover and dump out any water in the reservoir. 

Next, pour in the water and vinegar mixture on the ultrasonic membrane surface and let it soak for five minutes. The buildup will loosen which you can then clean using a soft-bristled brush or Q-tip.

After cleaning, dump out the solution and rinse the ultrasonic membranes and reservoir with water. Place the cover back again and plug in the device. You can clear the red-light signal by holding the power button for three seconds.

Is Total Comfort Humidifier able to run for the entire night?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the total comfort humidifier at night. It’s better to opt for a cool-mist setting when placing a humidifier in a child’s room.

In the warm mist setting, the water will be heated before being released, which may harm the child in case he touches it accidentally. 

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