GermGuardian AC5000E Air Purifier Review

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The three filters in the GermGuardian AC5000E remove different types and pollutants from the air.

GermGuardian AC5000E has a HEPA filter that removes all airborne particles, including pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. It can capture 99.97% allergens down to 0.3 microns.

The AC500E’s activated carbon filter does a great job in eliminating odors from pets and cooking.

The Germguardian also contains a UV-C light disinfectant that kills bacteria and germs.

This air purifier works well in small rooms up to 180 square feet.

Continue reading to learn more about the GermGuardian Ac5000E air purifier, including its top features, known issues, and technical capabilities.

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Best Features

3-in-1 Filtration Technology

Air Purifier Review

The purifier purifies air after it has passed through three stages of filtration before being released into the room.

This filter is responsible for removing the most polluted air from a room. In addition, this filter captures pollutants like pet hair and large dust particles.

This not only improves the filtration performance but also prevents carbon and HEPA filters from clogging too quickly.

Activated Carbon Filter

This filter removes odors from cooking, smoking, and pets.

True HEPA Filter

This filter is the most effective of all three. It traps allergens as small and as tiny as 0.3 microns, such as pollen, mold spores, and dust mites.

UV-C light is an effective disinfectant. It destroys bacteria’s DNA and kills viruses.

The UV-C light will protect your family. You can also turn the UV-C light off independently if it bothers you.

Ideal for Small and Medium-Sized Rooms

In the space of 180 square feet, the AC5000E purifier can perform four air exchanges an hour. This is a remarkable performance, especially for such a small unit.

It prevents allergens and pollutants from accumulating in the air.

Filter Replacement Indicator

The AC5000E includes a filter and a UV-C light bulb replacement indicator. The filter generally lasts 6-8 months.

It can be shorter if it is in an area with high levels of pollution or wildfires.

Quiet operation

This air purifier is the quietest. It sounds almost like background noise, even at high fan speeds.

You don’t have to lower it when you go to sleep.

If you want a quiet room, the fan speed setting at the lowest setting is ideal. It is almost impossible to hear.

Ozone Free

Some UV-C light purifiers also produce ozone. Ozone can be harmful to your health if it reaches a certain level.

Only UV-C lamps with wavelengths less than 200 nm can produce ozone. It runs at 253.7nm, making it ozone-free. It is safe for you and your family.

GermGuardian AC5000E Limitations

Air Purifier Review

The new units emit a plastic-like odor, which is ironic considering that the purifier eliminates bad odors.

The problem is with the filter unit. The smell isn’t dangerous and should disappear within a week.

The UV-C light is another issue.

The light is too bright for people who like to sleep in darkness. However, you can cover the UV filter with something if you don’t wish to do so.



The GermGuardian AC5000E can be used to treat allergies or remove foul odors from your house. It is also a great option for cleaning the air in your home.

It can handle almost any allergen or air pollutant by using a 3-stage filtering process. In addition, the UV-C light filter offers additional protection against germs and bacteria.

This GermGuardian purifier is a great choice for small living spaces, nurseries, bedrooms, and homes.

Because it doesn’t weigh much, you can easily transport it from one room to another.

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