Top 10 Funny Noise Machine Videos

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Noise machines have been around for ages and are a good way to have some light enjoyment and play around. These machines are capable of producing all kinds of sounds and are particularly famous for the comedic aspect of these sounds and just how funny they can be for people.

In this article we mention a few funny noise machine videos that will probably leave you in tatters. The machines are capable of making all kinds of noises and are a delight to listen to. Go through the funny sounds we could find and enjoy them.

1. Funny Sound Effects

This sound machine produces funny sound effects for videos and is definitely not your everyday device. Some of the sounds produced are funny and will leave you in awe of the technology.

2. Cartoon Special Sound Machine

This battery powered sound machine can generate up to 16 sounds from different cartoons. The sounds are genuine and will give you the feeling of being in a live cartoon.

3. Alien Poop Prank

Sound machines do not get better than this. This is the ideal sound for pranks and jokes as it can give you a wide variety of sounds from Alien poop to much more. The video itself is hilarious.

4. Original Sound Machine

This amazing sound machine was launched back in 2009 and is still going strong with the quality of the sound produced. We love the variety of pranks that can be pulled through it.

5. Fart Sound Effect

This funny noise machine video will take you back to Middle School, where kids would pull pranks on their teachers with fart sound effects. The machine sounds original and will even confuse you.

6. Halloween Special Sound Machine

This sound machine is specifically meant for Halloween and is bound to leave you laughing. The machine comes with a number of additional features that allow you to create amazing sounds.

7. DohmMarpac

This sound machine might not be funny, but it does help people sleep in peace at night. The machine comes with an interesting presence and is a nice addition to add peace to your nights.

8. Sound Machine Cartoon

This funny noise machine can replicate common sounds you would usually hear in cartoons and gives you an amazing experience. We just love how funny kids find this.

9. Talking Trump Keychain

This talking Trump keychain is ideal for kids and adults alike as it can make everyone laugh regardless of their age group. The keychain makes some interesting Trump sounds and will make you laugh like crazy.

10. 12 Funny Sound Effects for Videos

This sound machine comes with 12 funny sound effects for videos and has been reviewed by this YouTuber. The machine comes at a little over $5 and is ideal for directors and other video makers.

The funny noise machines in this video have definitely tickled our laughing bones, and we hope that you enjoyed just as much. Some of these sounds are crazy and can be used to pull elaborate pranks on others around you.

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