10 Funniest Slot Machines ;-) Captured on Video

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Slot machines are fun to play with and can actually signal big winnings if you’re in luck. Since they’ve been around for so long, a lot of people have had weird encounters with them. Be it at the luxury casinos of Las Vegas or a street side local pub in London, slot machines do not fail to amuse us with the excitement and winnings they offer.

In this article we look at the fun side of slot machines and list down10 of the funniest slot-machine videos. These videos will definitely appeal to fans or creators of funny slot machine memes.

1. Old Lady Tricks Slot Machine

This old lady went on to trick this rare slot machine by shoving $100 into it until the bonus arrived. In this funny interview the lady can be seen telling her tale.

2. April Fool’s Day on the Slot Machine

April Fool’s Day is that time of the year where everyone can be seen fooling each other with interesting ideas and gigs. This slot machine video takes you through some interesting and funny slot machine streamers.

3. Bean Slot Machine

This video of Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson is bound to leave you in tatters. The British actor totally nails the frustration one feels on the slot with his amazing reactions and expressions.

4. Funniest Player Ever

Slot machine players do not get funnier or better than this. This player certainly didn’t like losing and showed aggravated reactions every time that happened. We love the reactions and movements.

5. Player Goes Crazy

The last thing you want to see at the slot machine is a player going crazy. Well, this player didn’t appreciate the slots and made sure his emotions were channeled through.

6. Guy Goes Mad

This guy went totally ballistic on the roulette machine and even smashed his fist into it when the odds went against him. The reaction surely is an indication of rage and frustration.

7. Secrets for the Slot Machine

Want to know how to win on a slot machine? Well, these fun secrets will get you through. This video looks at some of the interesting tips and techniques you can follow to win on the slot machine.

8. Massive Jackpot

This video of a massive jackpot at a pub in Rio de Janeiro is fun to watch. The YouTuber is definitely enthralled with their jackpot and can’t contain her excitement.

9. Man Loses Anger

This 2017 video of a man losing it near a slot machine is absolutely hilarious. The man was expecting the stakes to go in his favor, and completely lost it when the course of events turned out to be different to what he had earlier imagined.

10. Slot Machine Fail

This funny slot machine fail will definitely get you in tatters. The video takes you through a failed attempt to win at a slot machine. The failed attempt probably angered the individual and they ended up ripping off the slot machine.

Some of these slot machine videos are extremely funny and will leave you in tatters. We hope you enjoyed the collection and laughed as much as we did while compiling these videos.

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