10 Funniest Copy Machine Memes Ever

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Copy machines have become a big part of our everyday lives. We use them at our workplace, we use them at the stationers’ and some people even use them for school assignments and projects. From our journey as students and into the corporate world, copy machines remain constant and are a big part of our day-to-day lives.

Even with the exposure to copy machines, some people end up making mistakes while using them and creating some funny content for us. In this article, we look at copy machine funny videos and take you through hilarious compilations of people messing up with the photocopier.

1. Funny Xerox Machine

Ever wondered how not to use a copy machine at work? Well, this video gives you your answer. This lady uses the copier in the worst imaginableway and faces the brunt of the repercussions.

2. Photocopier

All of us want to leave a good impression on our first day at a new job. Butwhat if the photocopier messes up? This guy got a bitter dose of reality on his first day.

3. Office Stress

Office stress can make you do a number of funny things, including messing with a copy machine. This corporate worker picked the wrong day to mess with the machine and faced the music.

4. Cat Attacking Copy Machine

One thing we know in general is that cats aren’t really fond of copy machines. Call it the buzzing sound or the general whirring, there is natural irritability toward these machines in them. This video just substantiates our premise.

5. Funny Copy Machine Commercial

How do you effectively market a copy machine? Well, you use humor as a source. Don’t understand what we’re on about here? Take a look at this video and enjoy this funny copy machine ad.

6. Copy Machine Destruction

Had a bad day at work? Want to break the copy machine into pieces? Well, you don’t have to do the deed yourself as this YouTuber’s experience of destroying a copy machine can satisfy you.

7. Photocopying Water

We just cannot have enough of water, right? Well while there is an impending water crisis around the corner, the situation isn’t bad enough for us to photocopy water. This YouTuber had other plans though.

8. Trapped in Copier

This funny for gags video takes a look at an elaborate prank with a guy trapped inside the copier. The video is bound to leave you in tatters.

9. Cats vs. Printers

While we do know that cats don’t like copy machines, it turns out that they don’t like printers either. These cats can be seen fighting and destroying printers for some reason unimaginable.

10. Photocopying Money

If you’ve ever wanted to photocopy money, then this video is for you. The video takes a look at a YouTuber photocopying money and being apparently disappointed at the obvious end result.

These videos have left us laughing and we hope they had a similar impact on you as well. Enjoy these videos and pass them on to friends and family for some additional gags.

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