10 Funniest Answering Machine Messages Ever (Videos)

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Answering machines have been around for ages and have really made it easy for humans to attend to calls from a number of people when they’re busy. Instead of hanging up on people during a busy schedule, answering machines allow humans to send their calls to an automated response, which can update the caller about your possible location or even record their message for you.

While the job done by answering machines is mostly serious, there are some funny instances in between that leave people in tatters. In this article we look at some funny answering machine messages’ audio and have a good laugh at them.

1. Funny Answering Machine Messages Audio for You

This video has a number of funny answering machines’ audios that you can use as well. The audio messages have a humorous side to them and will definitely leave your callers laughing.

2. Funny Answering Machines

This funny compilation video takes a look at a number of funny responses given through an answering machine. The answers are definitely going to give you a great laugh.

3. Best Answer Phone Messages

Automated messages do not getter better than the ones mentioned in this video. The audio responses are pure gold and are bound to leave callers impressed.

4. Answering Machine Messages from 1985

The 1980s were weird as far as fashion and trends were concerned. This automated answering machine message from 1985 is bound to make you feel weird.

5. Custom Voicemails Compilation

TikTok stars are quite popular today, and it is a growing rage for them to record custom voicemails and post their videos online. This compilation video of the same will leave you impressed with the clarity and detail.

6. Late 80s Message

When answering machines first came out, people would leave weird messages on them. This video compilation of answering machine messages is bound to leave you laughing or in a state of cringe.

7. Funny Answering Machines

Answering machines today are funnier than they ever were before, due in part to the creative comedians of today. This comic video online adds funny answering machine lines to calls in the Matrix.

8. Funny but Offensive

This funny but offensive answering machine message is either going to leave you in tatters or make you feel offended. In any case, we feel that this message is humorous.

9. Family Guy Messages

Any Family Guy fans around? Well, we have got some good stuff for you. These answering machine messages are recorded in line with Family guy and will excite you.

10. Old and Funny Answering Machine Messages

Answering machine messages have been funny for a long time nowand were quite interesting back in the day. These traditional answering machines will make you laugh and are quite funny.

Well, this was a comedic ride for sure and contained some amazing and humorous answering machine messages in it. We’re still reeling from the laughs and hope that you are too.


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