Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan: In-Depth Review

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Bladeless fans are a modern upgrade of a centuries-old design that offers has several major advantages over conventional fans, including:

  1. Safer. Without moving blades, you can’t get cut.
  2. Easier to clean. The blades of a regular fan collect dust due to static electricity created when air flows over them. Bladeless fans, on the other hand, do not collect dust because they have no blades.
  3. No wind buffeting. Wind buffeting is when the air vibrates at a low frequency and can be incredibly annoying.
  4. Better-looking. Sleek and elegant, bladeless fans have a unique modern design that sometimes look like a standing art piece.

In our opinion, the AM07 tower fan by Dyson is one of the best bladeless air multipliers for home and office use due to its superior design. 

It is very aesthetically pleasing, and it delivers a smooth air stream to quickly and efficiently cool any large room.

Due to its oscillating movement, all corners of your room get fair cooling. And the included remote control lets you to adjust the airflow from your bed or sofa.

In this review, we’ll look at these and other features of the Dyson AM07 and compare it with the competition. We’ll also discuss some of its issues.

Pros and Cons

dyson tower fan



Unique Features

dyson cool tower fan

The Dyson AM07 air multiplier comes with several unique features that distinguish it from its competitors, such as:

Remote Control

You can fix the magnetic remote control on the fan to make sure it stays in its place. The remote control comes with a simple layout fixed on curved housing. It has controls for oscillation, timer, and speed settings in addition to the On/Off settings.

Powerful Performance

The Cool AM07 has a powerful performance because of its robust motor and bladeless design. The blower ensures a smooth supply of air in all directions with its superior impeller.


The AM07 fan has an effective oscillation mechanism that directs air to all parts of a room. This way, you do not have to rotate the fan manually or place it near your bed.


The fan also has a timer for 15 minutes to 9 hours, which helps in controlling the timing of operation.

This is especially useful for those who have to leave their pets at home for some time. The timer will automatically turn off the fan at the scheduled time to prevent wastage of electricity.

Energy Efficiency

This is a highly energy-efficient fan that helps save up to 10% energy. Plus, it has a noiseless operation as the motor does not consume any unnecessary power.

Issues & Concerns

dyson cool tower

While you get to enjoy many advantages by buying an AM07 fan tower, there are a few drawbacks you might have to deal with as well. These include:

Expensive Fan:

Dyson is a big name on the market when it comes to air multipliers and fans. This air multiplier is one of their top-selling products due to its excellent performance.

With all the features that it offers, it comes as no surprise that it is slightly expensive. So, people on a tight budget might not be able to afford it.

Control Options Need Improvement:

Most users of the AM07 air multiplier have a common complaint, and that is the placement of controls.

The control unit is at the base of the air multiplier, and people with back issues have problems bending down. So, if you lose the remote, accessing the control unit can be troublesome.

Needs Regular Cleaning:

Another concern is that it is an all-white fan, so it shows off dust more prominently. Hence, you will have to clean it frequently to avoid its messy appearance. However, the good thing is that it requires only gentle wiping, so this will not be bothersome.

Care and Maintenance

To make the most out of your AM07 tower fan, you have to clean it thoroughly every few months. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow to ensure proper maintenance.

How Does the Dyson AM07 Compare with The Competition?

dyson air multiplier am07 tower fan

In our opinion, the Dyson AM07 air multiplier beats its bladeless fan competition by a substantial margin. 

It has far better performance due to its powerful motor. 

It is 10% more energy-efficient.

And it has an oscillating frame that helps it cool all sides of a room, something many other bladeless models have not figured out how to do. 

Finally, the unique design is beautiful (IMO) and it pairs well with any modern styled room.

The only catch is that it costs more than most other air multipliers.


The Dyson AM07 air multiplier comes with a comprehensive 2-year parts and labor warranty.

However, the warranty is not valid for accidental damage or any damage caused while handling it. 

Damage caused by electrical outage or power surge is also not covered by this warranty.


Where to Buy

You can buy the Dyson AM07 air multiplier at leading retail stores or online here.

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