Dometic Brisk Air 2 Rooftop RV Air Conditioner: Review

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Dometic Brisk’s Air RV air conditioner is one of the most powerful 15,000-BTU units available for an RV. 

It can work as both a ducted AC system as well as a portable ductless unit.

Moreover, it is incredibly lightweight and built to last, making it suitable for all road conditions. 

Even better, this Dometic AC is quiet and vibration-free.

The Dometic Brisk II may not be what you are looking for. 

However, the Coleman Airxcel Mach 15 has a similar cooling power (15,000 BTU). 

Our roundup of the best RV air conditioners lists some other great suggestions, too.

Best Features

Dometic Brisk II’s 15,000 BTU cooling power makes it a great choice for large RVs. In addition, the new AC is faster and cooler than the 13500 BTU older models.

Cooling performance does not depend on BTUs. Airflow is equally essential because low airflow and high BTUs will lead to less than optimal cooling performance.

We are pleased to report that the Dometic Brisk II has an airflow rate equal to its cooling power. It moves air at 350 CFM (cubic feet per minute), more than the Coleman Airxcel Mach 15’s 320 CFM airflow.

Dometic Brisk II’s high airflow cools your RV quicker and maintains a comfortable temperature, even during hot days. However, the fan can be a little noisy.

1. Heating Option

The Dometic Brisk II has an optional heating function, just like most RV air conditioners. 

However,  the heating cannot be used out of the box. You will have to purchase a heat strip and place it in your AC.

The heating power is half of this unit’s cooling rating (5,600 BTU). Therefore, we don’t recommend large RVs rely on the Dometic Brisk for their primary heat source. 

This is especially true if they spend a lot of time in colder areas or enjoy winter camping.

That said, you can keep warm on cool nights and evenings using the heater function.

2. Durable Construction

The Dometic Brisk features a galvanized steel top and a carbon-steel base that allow it to withstand harsh conditions without breaking down. The laminated shroud is also UV-resistant.

Dometic AC’s EPP foam housing reduces its weight. As a result, it is lighter and easier to transport the AC up to the roof of your RV. This also reduces your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Bracketing of the motor, compressor, and evaporator together helps reduce vibrations and noise coming from the AC.

The Dometic Brisk II is not silent though – its fan can be quite loud.

3. Versatile Installation

You have the option of having the Dometic Brisk II installed as either a ductless system or a ducted system. It depends on your RV’s existing system.

Ductless is the best choice for outfitting an RV or converting an old school bus. It allows for a faster and more affordable installation.

If you choose the non-ducted (ductless) option, you must purchase the control unit separately.

If you have an RV with a duct system in place, you can connect the Dometic AC directly. You can then use your existing wall thermostat for temperature control (you don’t need the control unit).

Limitations & Issues

RV Air Conditioner

Due to its high CFM, the Dometic Brisk II can make a lot of noise. 

The Coleman Mach 15 is a better choice if you find fan noise annoying or distracting since it’s much quieter.

The Dometic Brisk II also doesn’t include a control unit. Therefore, you will need to purchase it separately if you install it as a ductless system.

Also, there is no heat strip included. So if you wish to heat your RV, there is one more thing that you need to purchase.

Bottom line

Although the Dometic Brisk is a little too loud for some, it offers outstanding cooling performance.

And as far as the noise level, most owner appear to get used to it.

Apart from its great cooling performance and features, the Dometic Brisk II roof RV air conditioner is also a great choice if you own a large RV and spend a lot of time in hot climates. 

Also, if you specifically need a ductless AC then this is a great option.

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