Delonghi Evaporative Cooler EV290 Review

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The Delonghi evaporative cooler EV290 is the perfect combination of technology innovation and practicality. This exceptional evaporative cooler features an energy-efficient design that provides high-end cooling while consuming minimum energy.

The filtration system collects and sterilizes dust particles while the ionizer helps attain the optimal quality of air, which isn’t irritating or dry. With its 5.5-liter tank capacity, it allows a continuous operation for up to seven hours.

Another interesting feature in the EV290 is its LED display that helps you monitor all the settings. Moreover, the remote control functionality and multiple speed levels add to the convenience. Moreover, the practical castors make it easily portable.

It also has different speed modes, so you can easily customize the cooling speed according to your varying needs. And if all that wasn’t impressive enough already, the EV290 also comes with a one-year warranty.

So whether you want to enjoy a cool breeze or balance the humidity levels, this Delonghi evaporative cooler will definitely come in handy.

Make your way through this article to learn about this cooler in detail.

Pros and Cons



Unique Features

delonghi ev290

The Delonghi evaporative cooler EV290 has some stunning features to make it stand out. These include:

Filtration System

The best thing about this evaporative cooler is its unique filter system that ensures cleaner and fresher air.

While the unit fantastically balances the humidity levels, it also improves the air quality, thanks to the filtration system.

It traps dust particles and sterilizes them so you can enjoy a comfortable ambiance all day long.

Evaporative cooling

This cooler uses evaporative cooling, which proves quite beneficial in dry climates. It works by evaporating the water to cool down the surrounding air while retaining the moisture level.

This makes it an ideal choice for people suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma, allergies, or even a common cold.

LED Display

The EV290 has a small round LED display on the front that helps you easily adjust and monitor the settings. You can set the fan speed at low, medium, or high according to your needs.

Moreover, you can choose from several modes, including natural mode, sleep mode, and swing indicator. The cooler and humidifier indicator tells you the current settings, so you can change them as per your demands.

Remote Control

evaporative cooler reviews

The keys of the EV290 are labeled, and the buttons have a rubber texture to make them easy to press. But they also give control at your fingertips. You can adjust the settings using a remote control without having to get up from your place.

Enough Tank Capacity

The tank can hold up to 5.5 liters of water, enabling the unit to provide chilled and fresh air for seven hours. Additionally, there are two ice blocks in the package to boost cooling.

Issues & Concerns

Just like any other machine, the Delonghi Evaporative Cooler also comes with its flaws. Some major issues with this evaporative cooler are:

Noisy Operation

The unit can be noisy unless you put it in sleep mode. The loud noise can cause inconvenience, especially around kids and the workplace.

Subpar Cooling

While the unit efficiently adds moisture to the air, the cooling is merely subpar compared to other models of its range. 

Care and Maintenance

delonghi evaporative cooler review

Evaporative coolers generally require a bit more maintenance as compared to regular ones. With proper care and maintenance, you can maximize the cooling efficacy. Here is what you need to do:

How Does the Delonghi Evaporative Cooler Black EV290BK Compare with EV250BK

delonghi evaporative cooler ev290

Delonghi is known for producing high-quality cooling systems over the years. The EV290BK and EV250BK are the most recognized units. Here’s how the two compare:


Both models feature a user-friendly design. They have a nice LED display that allows convenient monitoring.

There are also three fan speed levels with three wind modes to help you achieve the required comfort. Similarly, the internal swing oscillation system improves the circulation of air in both models.

Finally, both of them allow you to access the key settings and functions using a remote control.


The major difference between these models is the filtration system.

The EV290BK comes with a practical filtration system for better air quality, unlike the EV250BK evaporative cooler. Though both of them are portable, the latter is relatively larger in size, which restricts its portability.

Moreover, the EV290BK cooler has a higher capacity of 5.5 liters than the 4.5 liters of the EV250BK. However, the latter is comparatively cheaper and much more energy-efficient.


The Delonghi EV290 comes with a one-year warranty, so it provides great value for your money. The warranty covers the technical and craftsmanship faults.


Where to Buy

If you like this impeccable evaporative cooler and want to enjoy a cool breeze of fresh air, you can get it here.

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