How to Clean a Dehumidifier Bucket

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A dehumidifier is a wonderfully convenient tool that you can use in order to keep condensation, mold and bacteria from growing in your home. They’re especially useful in areas with higher humidity, because they pull condensation from the air and therefore keep the area a little more dry and comfortable. If you have allergies or asthma, a dehumidifier can be especially useful. If you own a dehumidifier, it’s important to know how to empty and clean the bucket so that it doesn’t become part of the problem.

What is a dehumidifier bucket?

As the dehumidifier pulls water from the air, that air naturally has to accumulate somewhere. That’s why dehumidifiers come with a container, or bucket that the water drains into. That way, when the bucket is full you’ll be able to take it out of the machine and empty it out. This also gives you a good idea for how much water would otherwise be in the air if you didn’t have the use of a dehumidifier. It’s a good way to tell whether or not your machine is working efficiently or correctly. It’s important to make sure that you empty out the humidifier bucket regularly, otherwise the same bacteria and mold will start to grow within the bucket.

Benefits of using a dehumidifier

Those who live in a more humid climate know that things like condensation can be a problem. It can attract unwanted pests such as termites and silverfish, and also allow things like bacteria and mold to grow. It’s no secret that mold can have multiple negative effects. It smells unpleasant and in extreme situations it can even make you sick. For those who want to avoid these kinds of problems, a dehumidifier can be a great tool to use in your home.

A dehumidifier can keep mold from growing and make your home more resistant to pests that are drawn to moisture. It can also help with breathing problems like allergies and asthma, which can be enough of a problem on their own without moisture in the air adding to the problem. In hotter seasons, a dehumidifier can help to make the air in your home a little more palatable by removing some of the humidity from it. Nobody likes to be in a situation where they can’t even move without breaking a sweat, and having a tool around that can pull water from the air can also help to cool your home slightly.

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How to clean a dehumidifier bucket

Clean a Dehumidifier Bucket

From time to time, you may need to give your dehumidifier bucket a good cleaning. Otherwise it can become a home for the same kinds of mold and bacteria that you’re trying to avoid in the rest of your home. If you clean the bucket regularly, it won’t become a problem but if you let it sit for too long without at least emptying the bucket then it can become a lot more difficult of a problem to take care of. Like with most things, it’s better to do a small amount of regular cleaning than to wait until a lot of mold has built up.

If there is no noticeable buildup of mold or other unwanted organisms, then all you’ll need to do is wipe the bucket down regularly. Use a soft, damp cloth. If you want something a little stronger you can opt to use soap and water but make sure to rinse out all the soap after. It can also be a good idea to let it dry before putting it back into the machine, but if you just plan on using it right away again this may be less of a need.

If it has been a while and you find that mold has begun to grow in the bucket, then you may need to use more intense methods. You may choose to scrub the mold out by hand, or you can use a pressure washer in order to get the mold and any other unwanted materials out. Then you can use a damp cloth either with just water or with water and some mild soap. After that, make sure to at least check the bucket regularly to make sure a buildup doesn’t occur again.

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Storing your dehumidifier and bucket

When you need to store your dehumidifier for a while, it’s important to make sure any water inside the machine is drained out as much as possible. You can help to achieve this by turning off the dehumidifier and letting it sit for an hour or two. Then, you can empty out any water that is in the bucket and wash it out. Because you’re going to be storing it, you should let the bucket dry out completely. Otherwise it can start to grow mold and bacteria while sitting in storage.

You may also want to wrap the bucket in plastic after it has dried completely. This will help keep the bucket dry while it’s in storage. If you want to give the dehumidifier more time to air out before putting it away, that’s a great option. The more the machine and bucket get dried out, the better chance you have of them being clean and in good shape when you need to get it out again.


A dehumidifier can be an incredibly useful tool around your home, but if you don’t make sure to clean out the dehumidifier bucket, it can become an ideal home for mold and other undesired organisms. Because of this, it’s important to check the bucket regularly and empty it out or clean it as needed. That way your machine will be able to continue pulling water out of the air in order to avoid mold rather than become a home for it.

When you’re planning on storing your dehumidifier, there are also a few more steps you should take in order to make sure it remains in working order for when you need it again. Just a little bit of cleaning can go a long way to keep your dehumidifier functioning!

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