10 Coolest Cotton Candy Machines

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Cotton candy machines were an integral part of our childhood. We literally grew up with them. From the scrawny kiosks located outside major public spots, to the decorated shops with fancy cotton candy machines inside, the colors and aesthetics of these machines and the process itself were worth staring at for hours.

Well, as our generation grew up, so did the cotton candy machines around us. These machines have seen a number of changes and now carry a set of new features along with the same aesthetics that always defined them. In this article we take a look some of the coolest cotton candy machines today and how they are still carrying the aesthetics that once defined them.

1. Best Cotton Candy Machines in 2019

The cotton candy machines of 2019 really were something. This video takes you through a number of designs and looks at these machines in greater detail. You’ll love the fancy colors on some of them.

2. Top 5 Portable Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton candy machines can now be purchased for your home as well to make cotton candy on the go. Get your hands on one of these cotton candy machines today for the same taste at home.

3. Giant Cotton Candy Flower

Who doesn’t love skilled craftspeople working on their art to make exciting shapes and figures from cotton candy machines? This craftsman from Malaysia makes a giant aesthetic flower from a simple cotton candy machine.

4. Home, Mid-Grade and Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

This YouTuber compares home, mid-grade and commercial cotton candy machines by placing them together. The comparison of all three machine sizes does look intriguing and interesting.

5. Floss Cotton Candy Machine

This giant commercial cotton candy machine is responsible for making large balls of fur for us to chew on. The machine has a rapid output rate and the cotton candy here looks delicious.

6. Choosing a Cotton Candy Machine for Home Use

There are a number of cool cotton candy machines today for home use. This video helps you choose the coolest of them by reviewing all your options.

7. Cool Cotton Candy Maker

This cool cotton candy machine will surely intrigue you and make you want to be part of this gathering. The person at the kiosk seems to be enjoying the process as customers watch on and dance to the beats.

8. Cotton Candy Machine Bangladesh

Cotton candy machines are the same all over the world. This video from Bangladesh takes you through the process of making candy floss from the machine and how the vendors wrap it up.

9. Cotton Candy Vending Machine

This cotton candy vending machine looks really cute and cool and gives amazing output to cotton candy lovers. The process is simple and as the video shows, the end result looks sweet as well.

10. Giant Cotton Candy Machine

This giant cotton candy machine can produce over 75 kg of cotton candy per hour. This video of the production line at work will leave you in awe at the speed and rate of work.

We love the entries in this article and are suddenly craving some cotton candy from vendors near us. Hope you liked them as much as we did and can grab onto cotton candy for the cravings you probably also got from watching these machines.


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