10 Bubble Gum Machines to Chew On (Videos)

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Be it kids or adults, everyone just loves bubble gum. The passive activity of chewing gum as you carry on with other tasks for the day excites many. Naturally, since everyone loves gum, bubble gum machines are also fascinating to a number of people.

In this article we take a look at some fascinating and giant bubble gum machines that everyone will love. These machines produce a variety of gums which can be enjoyed just by clicking on the tab. So, stick with us as we look at some gum machines.

1. Giant Colorful Gumball Machine

This vlog on YouTube takes you through a little girl’s adventure with a gumball machine. The machine is filled with sweet gum and turned out to be an exceptional experience for the girl.

2. World’s Largest Gumball

This prank video shows the world’s largest gumball drop out of a giant gumball machine. We enjoyed the reactions people had and can’t stop laughing at the whole experience.

3. Giant Gumball and Food Machines

This video is just for you if you enjoy chewing on gum and are a foodie as well. The video includes a number of snacks and drinks machines as well, which will excite you just as much.

4. Gum Claw Machine Win

This YouTuber was playing games at an indoor arcade, when she ended up with this giant gumball through a claw machine. It will take some doing to chew through this.

5. Gum and Candy

Gum and candy are a little girl’s delight, and this giant bubble gum machine made the dream come true. This machine has gum and candies stacked to perfection.

6. Kids Enjoying Gumball Machine

This funny YouTube vlog looks at a couple of kids – Amelia and Avelia – enjoying their new giant bubble gum machine. The video is funny and shows the giant machine as well.

7. Gumball Machine Workings

This video jumps into the details of how a gumball machine works and explores the numerous processes involved. It is informative and educational.

8. 7 Foot Gumball Machine

This giant gumball machine is over 7 feet tall and is a favorite with kids. This video looks at just how much a 7-foot gumball machine earns during a day.

9. Gumball Machine Aquarium

This interesting bubble gum machine comes with an aquarium inside for fish to swim around. We just love the concept and innovation involved.

10. Unboxing Giant Bubble Gum Machine

This video looks at the unboxing process for a giant bubble gum machine. The machine is large in stature and is definitely not your everyday structure.

These gumball machines are a favorite with kids and are available across a number of indoor arcades and shopping areas. We hope you enjoyed this collection and were fascinated by the few giant bubble gum machines we had to show.

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