Black & Decker Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump 14,000 BTU

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Do you need a compact but powerful way to cool & heat a large home office, living room or a large master suite?

This Black & Decker portable air conditioner with built-in heat pump may be your best option.

Although this 14,000 BTU portable AC may look small, it is powerful enough to efficiently cool a space of 550 sq. ft. and heat one up to 200 sq. ft.

This unit is ideal for larger rooms such as a living room, media room, or home office.

It also costs less than $500, making it a screaming bargain.

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Best Features

Portable Air Conditioner

Although it looks small, this AC packs a lot of power.

It has a cooling power of 14,000 BTUs and heating power of 11,000 BTUs.

Enough to cool an area with a maximum size of around 550 square feet.

This unit is also suitable for open-plan living spaces.

The heating area should not exceed 200 square feet, however.

Four Operating Modes

Portable Air Conditioner


This is the standard cool setting. First, make sure your unit is at Cool mode (it’s that one with the snowflake image). Then, to set your desired temperature, use the remote control or control panel’s arrow buttons. The recommended temperature range for Cool mode is 64F-95F.


This setting warms the room. Select the heat mode (shown in the sun image) from the remote control or control panel and set the desired temperature. The recommended temperature range for Heat mode is between 50F and 77F.


You can also call it the DRY mode. It removes excess moisture from the air and vents it outside via the window vent. The mode is automatic and cannot be adjusted.


This mode turns on the fan at the speed that you have set. This mode is ideal for mild cooling. You can adjust the fan speed in both cool and warm modes to increase performance or decrease noise.

There are buttons for other modes on the remote control.

For example, the Max function provides rapid cooling, Sleep mode that automatically regulates the temperature to ensure a restful night, and Air Swing mode oscillates the airflow.

Bucketless Design (Sort of)

This self-evaporative conditioner is capable of removing moisture from the air. The drain hole is sealed with a plug to prevent leakage.

If the humidity is high and the evaporator cannot exhaust all the water outside, however, it will stop working.

To get it back in operation, open the drain hole and manually drain the water using a hose and keep the drain hole plugged. This is a common problem with many portable ACs that self-evaporate.

Slide-Out Filter

The unit has a large filter that is easy to remove from the back.

A quick rinse with tap water will clean it, and it can be reused numerous times before it needs replacement.

Control Panel w/ LED Display

Portable Air Conditioner

The top of the unit features a beautiful LED control panel.

The LED lights displayed under different symbols indicate which setting is active: snowflake for cool, sun for heat, water droplet to dehumidification, etc.

Additional functions include a 24-hour on/off timer and max mode, sleep mode, swing function, and an F-to-C button.

Portable and Compact

This Black & Decker AC is a truly compact portable AC with 14,000 BTU.

It doesn’t take up much space, and it is easy to move about.

The underside has caster wheels that allow you to move easily from one room to another, depending on your air conditioner needs.


Portable Air Conditioner

Besides the high price (given its 14,000 BTU AC), the main problem with this model is the maintenance. Even small obstructions in the vents can cause the fan to malfunction.

If you use the unit every day, you will need to open it and clean the vents periodically.

It is also essential to regularly clean the filter.

It can also make some noise on high setting. To reduce the noise, choose the lowest fan setting if you intend to place it in your bedroom.



This portable AC is our favorite if you have a large space to cool and you want to cool it fast.  It’s not the quietest, but the all-seaon capability is nice. And the price is great.

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