Best Vacuums For Intex Pools (2022): Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

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Shopping for a vacuum for your Intex swimming pool?

You have come to the right place.

This 10-minute buying guide will review and compare the top vacuums for the Intex pool.

Our top picks for pool vacuums are the automatic ones. Although they are more expensive than manual pool vacuums, they can save you tons of time and effort.

You don’t have to do anything once you have an automatic vacuum set up. The vacuum cleans the pool automatically.

Our in-depth buying guide for robotic pool vacuums will help you compare other models.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Best Vacuums For Intex Pools

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Vacuums For Intex Pools
  • Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

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Vacuums For Intex Pools
  • XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum

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Vacuums For Intex Pools
  • Hayward 900 Wanda Whale Suction Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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Vacuums For Intex Pools
  • Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum

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Vacuums For Intex Pools
  • Dolphin E10

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This cleaner is specifically designed for smaller Intex above-ground pools 24ft or less. So you can rest assured that it will not damage your pool.

You will need a filter pump that is sufficiently powerful with a flow rate of 1,600-3,500 gPH.

Intex is known for including underpowered filter pumps with their above-ground pools. Check your pool pump’s flow rate and decide if you need to replace it.

It is simple to set up the Intex Auto cleaner. Only one connection is required: the hose running from the cleaner to the return port of your pool.

The return port should be connected to the hose, not the filter outlet. To move, the cleaner uses the force of the water returning to the pool.

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is not like other suction cleaners. It doesn’t depend on your pool filter for debris removal. It has an internal filter screen to capture leaves, sand, and other debris.

To keep your cleaner running smoothly, empty and clean the filter often. Too much debris in the filter prevents the cleaner from moving and picking up more debris.

The Intex pool cleaner has bristles on the bottom to loosen dirt from the floor.

Before you put the cleaner in the water, you will still need to clean the pool. The cleaner won’t clean the walls.



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The XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum is suitable for cleaning both above-ground and below-ground pools.

It connects to the suction/outlet port of your pool, where water is sucked from the pool.

The pool’s water force allows the cleaner to move on its footpad. This also powers the cleaner’s suction which will enable it to collect all types of debris.

However, you will still need to manually brush the pool. The vacuum cleaner does not remove any dirt. It is easier for the vacuum cleaner to grab dirt from walls, floors, and steps if removed manually.

Unlike the Intex Auto Cleaner, the XtremepowerUS Suction Cleaner relies on the pool filter for debris removal. Make sure to clean your pool filter at least once a week.

Everything you need to set up the cleaner is included, including interconnecting and weighted hoses, hose weights, and the cleaner itself.

It can be a little challenging to set up the pool cleaner. For maximum suction, you will need to connect the correct length of hoses and weights.

The manual is obvious, and there’s a video tutorial on installing the Amazon product page.

The manufacturer recommends that the XtremePowerUS suction cleaning device be used with a pool pump rated at a minimum of 1 HP.



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This is another right choice if you are looking for an automatic suction cleaner. It’s more costly than XtremepowerUS but has more features.

Wanda cleaner is not a simple flapper that flies around in the pool. It has a turbine that controls water flow precisely to ensure maximum mobility and excellent cleaning performance.

First, connect the pump to the suction port of your pool. This hole is located on the side of your pool and where the pump draws water out for filtration.

To maximize suction power, it is a good idea to plug one of the outlet ports into your pool.

Wanda comes equipped with several hose sections which you can connect. To avoid tangling, only connect the sections that are necessary for your pool’s length.

You can order extra sections from the manufacturer if you have a pool longer than 30ft.

The Wanda suction cleaner is very effective. It is quiet and efficient and picks up leaves, sand, and other debris.

You still need to pre-brush the pool before you dip Wanda in the water. This means you will have to manually remove algae and other debris from the pool’s walls.



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Buy a powered pool vacuum if you prefer a manual vacuum to an automatic.

The Intex handheld vacuum is powered by a battery, unlike other pool vacuums powered by water pressure.

This means that you don’t have to connect it to your pool’s suction or return line. It’s easy to set up.

After you’ve installed the filter net and the brush-head attachment, it’s ready to go.

Two brush attachments are included.

(i) A broad brush, which is ideal for vacuuming and brushing the floors and walls.

(iii) A smaller brush to clean corners and along walls edges.

The telescoping pole is also made of lightweight aluminum.

The Ni-MH battery onboard provides good suction power. This cleaner can remove all types of debris, including leaves, acorns, and sand.

The black mesh is better at capturing larger particles like leaves and pebbles. Install both the black and white mesh filters to capture fine particles. The white one is on the inside.

The bristles of the cleaning head ensure that dirt and grime are removed from the pool floor.

The Intex cleaner can clean for 50 minutes on a full charge. This is enough time to clean an average-sized above-ground pool.

A USB cable is provided for charging.

Intex has many precautions in place for those who are concerned about submerging a battery-powered item in water.

This cleaner is water-resistant to IPX8, which is the second-highest level of protection.

It also has an automatic shut-off feature. It shuts off when it is taken out of the water and starts up again when put back in the pool. This protects the pool from dry-running damage.

The Intex handheld cleaner is used in Intex pools that are up to 18 feet long. It can also be used in Intex spas.



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Robotic pool cleaners work in the same way as pressure and suction automatic cleaners. They can clean the pool by themselves.

Robotic cleaners are not connected to your pool’s return or suction lines, unlike other automatic cleaners. Robotic cleaners have an electric motor and electricity to provide suction and mobility.

The Dolphin E10 robotic cleaner is our favorite for Intex pools and all above-ground pools. It’s a new model from Maytronics.

The majority of robotic cleaners for above-ground pools only have basic functionality and features. The Dolphin E10 is a better option. They can clean very well.

This is a smaller version than other high-end Dolphin models and comes with advanced features such as smart navigation and active brushing to remove stubborn dirt and algae from the bottom.

The E10 is a vehicle that moves on tracks, which provide more traction than the wheels.

The pool floor is cleaned by the active brush while the suction pulls in the debris to the top-loading filter basket.

It is much easier to clean and remove the filter basket than filter bags. The only problem is that it can’t catch fine debris such as sand or silt.

This filter does a great job of catching leaves, bugs, and acorns. However, you will need to purchase an ultra-fine filter for daily cleaning.

The Dolphin E10 is lightweight, making it easy for you to use. You won’t have to struggle to get it out of the pool, unlike other robotic cleaners.



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Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Buying an Intex Pool Vacuum

Vacuums For Intex Pools

Vacuum Type: Automatic vs. Manual

Manual vacuums cost less than $100, but you will need to move the vacuum around. This means that you will need to dedicate a few hours each weekend to vacuuming the pool.

An automatic pool vacuum will save you time and help you vacuum the pool more efficiently. Although it is more costly, this pool vacuum saves you time and effort.

Robotic vacuums are more expensive than suction and pressure vacuums. Connect them to your pool’s return or suction port.

Although a robotic pool vacuum is more costly, it does not require any setup and doesn’t depend on your pool pump.

Our bottom line is that if you have a tight budget, a manual pool vacuum will work for you. You can purchase a good vacuum for as low as $50. An automatic pool vacuum will save you time and effort when cleaning your pool.

Pool Size

Pool vacuums have an established pool size limit. This is based on the length and cable of the hose (for robotic vacuums).

If your above-ground pool is more than 30 feet long, you need to be extra careful. To extend the reach of your pool vacuum, you may need to purchase a better vacuum or extra hoses.


Vacuuming alone is not enough to clean the swimming pool. The dirtiest part of the pool, which includes algae, biofilm, and other debris, is stuck to the walls and floor. It can be difficult to remove without brushing.

Some vacuums come with brushes that can be used to remove this dirt. Some vacuums have brushes but not all. In these cases, you will need to manually scrub the pool to remove the dirt.

A pool vacuum equipped with bristles or brushes saves time as you need only to clean the walls (most above-ground pool vacuums do not clean the walls).

Safe For Your Pool

Some above-ground pool vacuums may not be safe for Intex pools. Some vacuums can damage your pool liner or cause scratches and scuffs.

Shop for a vacuum safe enough to clean vinyl or PVC pools.

You should look for non-marring tracks or wheels, bumpers, and scratch-resistant pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuums For Intex Pools

What’s The Right Type of Vacuum For an Intex Pool?

Intex pools can also be vacuumed by both manual and automated pool vacuums. Make sure that the vacuum can be used in vinyl- or PVC-sided pools.

How Do You Turn On Your Intex Pool Vacuum?

It all depends on what type of vacuum you have. Connect the hose to an outlet port if it’s a suction cleaner. Connect the hose to an inlet port if it is a pressure cleaner.

Before you connect the hose, make sure that it is completely dry. Then, slowly lower the vacuum into the pool until the water rises through your hose. Alternatively, you can connect the hose to a return line and fill it with water.

If you have a robotic pool cleaner, you don’t need to turn on the pool pump. The vacuum has its own power and filter. 

Can I Leave A Pool Vacuum In An Intex Pool?

To prevent it from wearing out too quickly, most manufacturers recommend that you remove the pool vacuum after cleaning.

Some pressure and suction cleaners can be used to continuously vacuum the pool.

Do You Need To Turn On Your Pool Pump While Vacuuming The Pool?

It all depends on what type of pool vacuum you have. Your pool pump must be turned on if it is a manual, suction, or pressure cleaner.

This is because the vacuum works using the force of water getting into the pool or moving out to collect the debris.

You don’t have to turn the pool pump on if you have a robot pool cleaner. The vacuum comes with its own filter and power.

How Often Should I Vacuum The Pool?

It all depends on how dirty the pool is and how often it is used.

You can vacuum your pool once per week if you don’t have to deal with the leaves and dust. However, if your pool is close to trees or you use the pool often, you might need to vacuum it daily.

You can use an automatic vacuum cleaner to vacuum every day without any extra effort or time.

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