Best Ultrasonic Humidifiers: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for an ultrasonic humidifier for your home or office?

You’ve come to the right place.

Prolonged exposure to dry air can harm your eyes, mouth, nose, and skin and trigger a range of health conditions and allergies.

Especially prevalent during winters or the flu and cold season, dry air can greatly aggravate infection symptoms and worsen skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

One of the best ways to combat dry air in homes is to use an ultrasonic humidifier.

This guide will help you understand what a quality ultrasonic humidifier looks like and help you find the best ultrasonic humidifier for your needs.

NOTE: if you want a unit optimized for aromatherapy, then make sure you also check out our reviews of the best diffuser humidifiers before making your decision.

Why Buy an Ultrasonic Humidifier?

Most people know a humidifier can alleviate symptoms of flu or dry air, but are turned off by a traditional humidifier unit that works by boiling water and producing steam.

Steam, after all, condenses quickly and can damage hardwood floors and furniture.

In addition, placing a hot appliance near children is not advised. 

In general though, most people don’t like the way a hot steam humidifer makes their air feel – wet and sticky, rather than comfortable.

If you struggle with dry air during the winter or due to an arid climate, then an ultrasonic humidifier might be the best solution for you.

Ultrasonic humidifiers turn water into a fine-mist aerosol spray that delivers a comforting and cool mist without producing heat.  

They’re also more efficient than heat-or steam-based humidifiers and less likely to over-humidify the air, protecting you from that sauna-moist uncomfortable air.

For bedrooms, thought,the best thing about ultrasonic humidifiers is that they feature a virtually silent operation.

Our Top 3 Picks

What's in This Buying Guide

Table of Contents

This buying guide has highlighted the features that make an air purifier best for odor removal. You will also find a list of factors to keep in mind while shopping for one, as well as a list of our top picks.

Each of the products we have mentioned is thoroughly tested for both build and performance. For further satisfaction, we have also included a detailed review of each unit along with its pros and cons so you can identify which model will work the best for you.

Best Ultrasonic Humidifiers

top ultrasonic humidifier
  • Homech Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Best Overall

  • 4 liters

  • 60-300 ml/hr

  • Coverage
    215-430 sq. ft.

best ultrasonic humidifiers reviews
  • Pure MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Best for small spaces

  • 1.5 liters

  • 150 ml/hr

  • Coverage
    250 sq. ft.

best rated ultrasonic humidifier
  • LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Best for large spaces

  • 6 liters

  • 300 ml/hrcool mist, 500 ml/hrwarm mist

  • Coverage
    753 sq. ft.

best rated ultrasonic humidifier
  • raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Best for aromatherapy

  • 2.5 liters

  • 180 ml/hr

  • Coverage
    300 sq. ft.

Thanks to its excellent performance, easy cleaning and simple maintenance, this Homech Humidifier deserves first place on our list of top picks.

It does an outstanding, silent job of humidifying almost any size bedroom or home office and is truly a quality set-it-and-forget-it device.




Our Review

The Homech Cool Mist Humidifier is the best ultrasonic humidifier for most people in our opinion because of its silent operation, affordability, and nice set of truly useful features.

The Homech’s adjustable mist output lets you set the amount of moisture you want the unit to disperse. It also features a good-sized 4-liter water tank for a longer and more efficient operation.

Plus, it distributes mist at the height of 2 feet, so you won’t have to worry about your table or desk getting wet. It further boasts a carrying handle that allows for easier transport and portability.

However, the most convenient feature of this model is its top-fill design. This design eliminates the need for lugging around the humidifier whenever you need to fill it, as you can simply bring and add a bottle of water as soon as the tank empties.

You also won’t need to remove the tank and bring it to the bathroom sink whenever it needs to be refilled, further enhancing convenience and ease of use.   

Editor's Rating


Best for SmallerRooms

This model’s compact design makes it suitable for smaller areas such as home offices and bedrooms.

The MistAire’s whisper-quiet operation further makes this no-frill device perfect for overnight use.

It is one of the best small ultrasonic humidifiers available today, and perfect for small-scale applications.




Our Review

The Pure MistAire is a cool-mist ultrasonic humidifier that doesn’t use or consume air filters.

It effectively moisturizes the air and can work continuously for up to 25 hours, making it perfect for office and overnight use.

You can operate the MistAire at a low or high speed and change the mist direction using its 360-degree nozzle.

It also features a built-in humidity sensor, and the automatic shut-off feature turns off the device when the water tank is removed or when the water level is low.

Finally, the MistAire comes with an optional night light and whisper-quiet operation to avoid disturbing your sleep, while its disc cleaning brush makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Editor's Rating


Best for Larger Rooms

This top rated ultrasonic humidifier from Levoit has almost every feature you can think of and more.

Although it’s designed for large spaces, it will deliver the same excellent performance in smaller spaces.

Unlike the prior 3 units, this Levoit ultrasonic humidifier comes with a humidistat that automatically adjusts mist levels according to the coverage area.




Our Review

Suitable for larger rooms and spaces up to 753 square feet, this is one of the largest and most feature-rich ultrasonic humidifiers available today.

This Levoit ultrasonic humidifier boasts a quality built-in humidistat that lets you to set the level of humidity you want in your room.

The unit will then automatically adjust the mist level to achieve and maintain the desired amount of humidity.

Along with creating and distributing a cool mist, this LEVOIT model also gives you the option of a warm mist.

You can use the warm mist option in winter to relieve dry noses and allergies. There’s also a higher-moisture output with warm mist.

This model comes with remote control, too, so you can change the humidity settings from the couch or bed. You can also set the timer with the remote controller, in caseyou forget to switch the unit off.

Lastly, if you want a little aromatherapy, you can add your favorite oils to the included aromatherapy tray and enjoy the scents throughout your room.

Editor's Rating


Best for Aromatherapy

The Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifier is ideal for humidifying & improving the smell of a small room for a long period of time. The single tank can last for up to 30 hours, and the unit will automatically shut off when the tank empties.

Boasting adjustable humidity (using a dial), the Raydrop Cool Mist makes it easy to add just the right amount of humidity to your room.




Our Review

Although the Raydrop ultrasonic room humidifier is small and compact, it features a fairly large water tank that will last more than a day in most condition.

Becausethis humidifier has such a small footprint, it’s perfect for adding to an already crowded bedroom or home office.

It boasts a top-fill design, which means you just need to detach the lid and add distilled or purified water before your next use.

If you like the relaxing scent of essential oils, you can add your favorites directly into the tank.

Lastly, the water tank is translucent, so you can easily monitor the water level in the tank and refill it whenever necessary.

Editor's Rating

Ultrasonic Humidifier Buying Guide

ultrasonic room humidifier

What Is an Ultrasonic Humidifier And How Does It Work?

An ultrasonic humidifier works by using sound waves to atomize water into a cool mist and blowing the mist into your room to add moisture. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers are ideal for wintertime use or in homes where the air is constantly dry.

By adding moisture back to your home’s air, these units keep your house comfortable even during cold and dry weather helping you breathe easier and protect your skin.

Ultrasonic humidifiers also work without using heat, so they’re safer than evaporative humidifiers in children’s rooms and around older adults who need care.

The operation of ultrasonic humidifiers is different than other types. They use high-frequency vibrations to convert water into a fine mist, which is then sprayed into the air. The mist evaporates as soon as it is blown out of the humidifier, which means the mist is much less likely to condense on surfaces.

Ultrasonic mist humidifiers feature a tank that needs to be filled with water in order for them to work. A full tank can last anywhere from a few days to a few hours depending on the model and the number of hours you use the humidifier.

Most ultrasonic humidifiers lets users adjust the amount of moisture they add to the air. Some also boast a humidistat that automatically maintains a desired humidity level without requiring your attention.

Why Buy an Ultrasonic Humidifier (verses other types)?

An ultrasonic mist humidifier is one of the most popular types of humidifier sold. It’s also one of the least expensive kinds, making it ideal for those who want a budget-friendly solution.

Ultrasonic models offer other advantages over other types, too – including:

  • Super-quiet operation: ultrasonic humidifiers are the quietest-operating models, especially compared with evaporative humidifiers because ultrasonic units don’t require a powerful fan.
  • Safer to use: If you have young children that frequently suffer from winter sniffles, then an ultrasonic humidifier might be the best choice. That’s because, unlike traditional steam humidifiers, most cool mist ultrasonic models do not contain heating elements.
  • Easier to clean:ultrasonic humidifiers are incredibly simple to maintain and clean compared with other humidifiers, especially  when you fill the tank with distilled water. They also normally do not require water filters, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of constantly replacing them.
  • Less condensation:  Ultrasonic humidifiers emit a super-fine mist of water that immediately evaporates when it hits dry air. This means no water droplets form and land on your floor or furniture, potentially causing water damage.

NOTE: Some ultrasonic humidifiers let you choose between cool-mist and warm-mist versions. A warm mist model will quickly increase the room’s humidity level, as the mist will evaporate faster. This kind is ideal and more comfortable for people living in areas with colder winters.

So if you care about any of the issues above, then an ultrasonic humidifier might be your best bet.

What to Look for in a Ultrasonic Humidifier

Here are the most important features to consider when selecting the right ultrasonic humidifier for your specific application/needs:

Coverage Area

Your choice of an ultrasonic humidifier primarily depends on the type and size of the room you’re planning on humidifying.

For example, a larger open office will need a large-coverage model to properly humidify the entire room.

However, keep in mind that bigger is not always better, and the overall effectiveness of the unit will depend on numerous factors including atmospheric pressure, relative humidity level, and temperature.

It’s also important to note that a too-powerful humidifier can produce too much moisture on its lowest setting, while a model that’s too weak won’t solve your dry air issues.

Make sure you get a device that’s rated for the size of the room you want to use it in.

Mist Type

Ultrasonic humidifiers can be warm mist, cool mist, or both.

Cool-mist humidifiers are better for people suffering from colds, as they help reduce the swelling in nasal passages and make it easier to breathe.

On the other hand, warm mist humidifiers or steam vaporizers are less expensive options. They produce a warm mist by boiling water with a heating element and consuming more energy than cool mist units.

Energy Efficiency

Because you will probably use your humidifier daily for months at a time, it is advisable to go for energy-efficient humidifiers, particularly Energy Star-approved ones.

You should also look for models with filter sensors, as they’ll inform you when it’s time to replace the filter. This feature helps increase energy efficiency because the longer you use dirty filters, the harder your humidifier will work – resulting in more energy consumed and airborne contaminants.

Noise Level

cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifiers generally have a super-quiet operation, and some units barely make any noise when they’re working.

If you want an white-noise model (more popular than you might think), go for one that emits around 40 decibels. This will produce an audible hum below the decibel level of a normal conversation, so you won’t have to talk loudly to be heard, and it won’t disrupt your sleep.

Tank Capacity & Hours of Production

The size of the tank or the reservoir is a crucial deciding factor. If you’re going to humidify a large space, you should choose a model with a large tank. Although this seems obvious, it’s essential to ensure that you won’t have to refill the tank several times a day.

Similarly, if you’re going to humidify a small room, you should go for a unit with a smaller tank. This will save you both time and space, as you can fit the smaller unit anywhere in your room.  

Make sure you consider the space in your room before investing in a humidifier. If you want to place the unit in your car, go for a compact model, but if you want to humidify your living room or bedroom, then it’s advisable to buy a larger one.


Quality ultrasonic humidifiers can last many yearsas long asthey’re properly cleaned and maintained.

However, if you use hard water in your unit even the best-maintained models willaccumulate mineral deposits over time, making them hard or impossible to clean.

That’s why it’s advisable to select models with water filters (or only use distilled water), as they’ll remove all dissolved minerals from the water and reduce the build-up of ‘humidifier dust’ in your home.

Pros and Cons

best ultrasonic humidifier reviews

Although there are many advantages an ultrasonic humidifier offers, there are a few drawbacks as well.

Make sure you weigh these pros and cons carefully before making a purchase.


Reduced Virus Transmission

The winter season brings a lot of bacterial and viral infections that spread quickly in dry air, and a humidifier can hinder this transmission by increasing the moisture in the air.

If you’re suffering from an infection, then an ultrasonic humidifier can make the air more comfortable for you to breathe and help you heal faster. The increased humidity will keep your respiratory tract moist, lessening irritation, coughs, and sneezes.

Clear Sinuses

Blocked sinuses can truly make your life miserable. By adding moisture to the air, humidifiers lubricate and clear your nasal passage and get rid of all the tightness and dryness in your nose. This consequently makes you less susceptible to throat and nose infections.

Less-Dry Skin

Cold dry air removes moisture from your skin resulting in cracked, chapped, and dry skin. Dry air is particularly harmful to the skin of babies and children, as they are more sensitive and susceptible to the dry air. An ultrasonic humidifier keeps your skin soft, supple, and moisturized.

Sleep Better

It’s difficult to fall into a deep and comfortable sleep when you’re breathing in dry air, especially if your nose and throat feel parched.

By placing an ultrasonic humidifier in your bedroom, your body will be able to clear your nasal passage and respiratory tract, allowing you to settle in to a night of restorative, restful sleep.

Furthermore, the drier the air, the worse your snoring becomes. The added moisture from an ultrasonic humidifier can moisten and clear your throat, effectively reducing snoring and allowing you and your partner to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Aromatherapy, too!

Most ultrasonic humidifiers give users the option of adding essential oils for aromatherapy. This will make your room smell refreshing and will allow you to relax and relieve your stress.


Frequent Cleaning

Since an ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t come with an internal filter, you’ll have to regularly clean the unit yourself. But don’t worry, as it’s incredibly easy to clean. We advise using vinegar and water as a cleaning mixture.

Purified Water Only

You’ll need to fill the tank of your ultrasonic humidifier with purified water to ensure you get optimal health benefits and the best air quality. Using tap water can result in mineral build-up and white dust or residue on surfaces.

More Expensive

Ultrasonic models are more costly than traditional diffusers, vaporizers, or humidifiers. However, the price ultimately depends on the complexity and number of features offered by the product.

Cleaning and Maintenance

best ultrasonic humidifier reviews

Since an ultrasonic humidifier works almost daily, it needs consistent and regular cleaning and maintenance. This entails both daily and weekly cleaning:

Daily Cleaning

Once you switch off your unit, you should clean it before your next use. You just need to remove the nozzle from the water reservoir, empty out any remaining water, and rinse both the reservoir and nozzle with clean water.

Use a clean towel to pat the unit dry and make sure you don’t damage the sensitive parts, like the sensor. Lastly, ensure that all parts are completely dry before you reassemble the humidifier.

This regular cleaning will ensure that water does not remain in the reservoir for too long and help prevent bacteria build-up.

Weekly cleaning

To ensure optimal operation, you’ll have to thoroughly clean the humidifier every week. It’s advisable to fill its reservoir halfway with a mixture of warm water and bleach or warm water and vinegar. Make sure you whirl the water around the tank so that it reaches every nook and cranny of the tank.

Let the water sit for thirty minutes, then use the brush that came with the unit to gently scrub the inside of the tank. Clean the water basin in the same way, and then rinse the entire humidifier with warm water before leaving it out to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fill the tank of an ultrasonic humidifier with tap water?

top ultrasonic humidifiers

Most ultrasonic humidifiers break water particles and split up and spray out mineral particles as well. If you fill the unit’s tank with tap water, it will create a mineral residue or ‘white dust’ and will spread it around the room.

These mineral deposits promote bacterial growth in the tank, which is then dispersed into the air, affecting the quality of air in the room. Thus, to avoid allergies and bacterial build-up, it’s better to use purified water instead of tap water.   

Are ultrasonic humidifiers bad for your health?

Ultrasonic humidifiers can negatively affect your health if they’re not maintained and cleaned properly or if humidity levels remain too high. Dirty humidifiers can promote mold and bacterial growth, so make sure you keep your unit clean and diligently monitor the room’s humidity levels.

Why do ultrasonic humidifiers produce dust?

White dust is created by the mineral composition of the water that you add to a humidifier. Once the mist settles on the different surfaces in the room and dries, it leaves behind dried mineral residue or ‘white dust.’

White dust is not a concerning issue for most people, but if you suffer from asthma, allergies, or lung health infections, you should be wary of it.

Final Verdict: What is the best Ultrasonic Humidifier?

After carefully reviewing dozens of best-selling and top-ratedultrasonic humidifiers sold today and considering their features and specs, in our opinion the Homech Cool Mist Humidifier is the best ultrasonic humidifier for most people.

With its incredibly silent operation, large coverage area, and even mist distribution it’s certainly a model you should consider.

However, everyone has their individual set of needs.

Therefore,make sure you go through our ultrasonic cool mist humidifier reviews to find the unit that best suits your needs before you make a purchase.

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