Best HEPA Air Purifiers with Permanent Washable Filters

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Tired of constantly spending a hefty amount on your HEPA air purifier filters?

Consider getting a HEPA air purifier with permanent washable filters.

Many air purifiers come with filters that you need to buy and replace every 3-6 months to maintain their effectiveness.

This seems like a long-term commitment that will eventually drain your wallet as well.

Fortunately, HEPA air purifiers with permanent washable filters cut down on the money you need to invest for upkeep. 

If this sounds right up your alley; continue reading.

In this guide, we have listed the best options you should consider and how to buy the one that best matches your needs. 

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What's in This Buying Guide

This buying guide is the complete 101 on HEPA air purifiers with permanent washable filters. We’ve listed and reviewed our top options.

To further help you choose one from our listed options, we’ve included a buying guide that covers everything you need to know about these purifiers.

Table of Contents

Best HEPA Air Purifiers with a Washable Filter

air purifier with washable hepa filter
  • Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

  • Best Overall

  • Coverage Area
    140 sq. ft.

  • Filters
    Activated Carbon, Permanent HEPA,

  • Dimensions
    10.84 x 8.08 x 16.43 inches

  • Weight
    6.3 lbs.

washable hepa filter
  • ENVION Therapure TPP240

  • Best for Large and Medium Rooms

  • Coverage Area
    343 sq. ft.

  • Filters
    Permanent HEPA, UV light, Ionizer

  • Dimensions
    7.9 x 26.1 x 9.6 inches

  • Weight
    10.3 lbs.

washable hepa filter air purifier
  • Honeywell HFD-120-Q

  • Best for Allergic People

  • Coverage Area
    170 sq. ft.

  • Filters
    Prefilter, Washable iFD, Ionizer

  • Dimensions
    10.4 x 9.65 x 28.74 inches

  • Weight
    14.5 lbs.

air purifier washable hepa filter
  • Winix 5500-2

  • Best for Odor Control

  • Coverage Area
    360 sq. ft.

  • Filters
    Washable pre-filter, Washable Activated Carbon, Replaceable HEPA, PlasmaWave

  • Dimensions
    15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches

  • Weight
    15.4 lbs.

If you want to purify a small room or an office, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier is just what you need.

This compact unit is rated for rooms measuring up to 160 sq. ft. Its convenient design allows you to position it vertically or horizontally, making it fit almost anywhere in the room.




Our Review

This model boasts a true HEPA filter that traps and removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants, even those that are as minute as 0.3 microns.

This means that the air purifier can get rid of almost all pollutants, including pet dander; pollen, dust, and mold.

We love how this unit comes with an easily cleanable true HEPA filter. You just need to vacuum the filter to ensure it maintains its efficiency and effectiveness. This excellent feature saves you the money and hassle of constantly buying replaceable filters.

Moreover, the Hamilton Beach TrueAir features a compact design that allows you to set it up vertically or horizontally.This makes it easier for you to slot the purifier in small rooms where there’s not a lot of free space available.

Lastly, the TrueAir has an incredibly quiet operation so it won’t disturb your sleep when you switch it on at night.

Its “Whisper Clean” mode is the quietest, but you also have the option of choosing from “Quick Clean” or “Medium” modes if you want cleaner air faster.

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Best for Large and Medium Rooms

Designed for maximum effectiveness, the ENVION Therapure TPP240 reduces pollution; odors, smoke, and allergens.

Ideal for large and medium rooms of up to 500 sq. ft, the unit’s optional ionizer, onboard clean filter indicator, and 24-hour automatic timer undoubtedly make it one of the best HEPA air purifiers with permanent washable filters.




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The ENVION Therapure TPP240 is equipped with a HEPA filter that effectively captures and removes airborne pollutants including mold; dust, pet dander, bacteria, and odors.

It also features a UV light that’s excellent at targeting and eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses.

This model can cover up to 343 sq. ft, making it ideal for large and medium rooms.

It purifies and circulates the air in the room three times per hour and boasts a CADR rating of 132 for dust, 137 for smoke, and 155 for pollen. This further makes it perfect for people with allergies and homes with second-hand smoke.

This air purifier also comes with an ionizing feature that targets the molecular structure of pollutants and contaminants. It works by releasing and dispersing negative ions that stick to the pollutant particles, weighing them down, and preventing them from floating in the air.

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Best for Allergic People

The Honeywell HFD-120-Q boasts permanent filtration that efficiently and effectively captures up to 99% of all airborne allergens, even those as small as 0.3 microns. It traps up to 18 times more contaminants than ionic models and purifies and circulates the air around five times per hour!




Our Review

The Honeywell HFD-120-Q is designed with a true HEPA filter and removes up to 99.97% of allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns.

You can also easily wash the filter to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness.

To make things more convenient, the model comes with a “clean filter” indicator that tells you when the filter is dirty and needs to be washed.

Its fan also boasts a powerful and silent operation, making it the perfect option for people who want to use the air purifier in their bedroom during the night.

The Honeywell HFD-120-Q further includes an ionizer function that disperses negative ions and captures pollutants and contaminants that the HEPA filter did not trap.

Lastly, the unit is suitable for rooms up to 170 sq. ft and purifies and circulates the air five times per hour, so you won’t have to worry about any allergens left behind!

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Best for Odor Control

Ideal for every home environment, the Winix 5500-2 is an incredibly popular model that effectively captures and removes pollen; smoke, VOCs, dust, pet dander, mold spores, and household odors.

Boasting WinixPlasmaWave technology, a 99.97% True HEPA filter, and a washable AOC carbon filter; the unit is perfectly suitable for kitchens; bedrooms, and large to medium living spaces.




Our Review

Boasting numerous high-tech features, this elegant, all-black air purifier will seamlessly blend into almost every decor.

It’s especially a good choice for individuals concerned about cooking or pet odors since it’s designed for odor control as well.

It features a true HEPA filter, which means that the unit will filter out 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. Its washable filter is further designed with carbon, making it incredibly strong and lightweight.

The machine also features PlasmaWave technology, which works by breaking down allergens and odors. Together with the HEPA filter, this feature ensures odor-free and clean air at home.

The air purifier has several automation and convenience features as well. One such feature is an auto mode that automatically adjusts the filtering mode based on the surrounding air. The model also allows you to manually switch between the four fan speeds.

Furthermore, you won’t have to switch off the air filter before going to bed, as its optional sleep mode ensures it only operates at a near-silent speed as soon as the sun sets. It also features a filter indicator that informs you when it’s time to replace the filter.

Lastly, the Winix 5500-2 has a coverage area of 360 sq. ft, making it perfect for medium and small-sized rooms.

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HEPA Air Purifiers with Washable Filters: Buying Guide

washable hepa filter air purifier

What Does a Washable Filter in the Air Purifier Mean?

As you might have guessed, a washable filter is one that you can wash with water and soap. You simply have to soak, agitate, and rinse the filter, and it is ready to use again!

Washable filters are of two kinds:

Both are almost equally effective at eliminating pollutants from your home. The only difference between them is the design, so you can buy either of the two without worrying about their efficiency. 

Why Buy an Air Purifier with a Washable Filter Over Other Kinds?

washable hepa filter air purifier

When looking for air purifiers, you will also come across models with disposable and permanent filters. So, what makes washable filters the better choice? Let’s have a look:

Washable vs. Disposable Filters

The name of these filters is pretty self-explanatory.

As mentioned above, washable filters are the ones that you take out of your air purifier, wash and rinse with water and soap, and install them back once they dry out.

Disposable filters have a short life – usually 12 months – and once they’re at the end of their life, you will have to remove them.

The problem with disposable filters is that they are very expensive. And since you’ll have to replace them after every few months, the total cost of running air purifiers with disposable filters goes quite high.    

Washable vs. Permanent Filters

Both types require little maintenance and can easily work for up to 15 years without bearing much damage. However, both types require different kinds of maintenance.

You can’t wash permanent filters. In fact, water will completely destroy them and render them useless. So, to clean a permanent filter, you will have to vacuum it to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime.

Vacuuming a permanent filter is easier and quicker than washing a washable filter. However, vacuuming doesn’t leave the filter as clean, so it will eventually start losing its effectiveness.

What to Look for When Buying an Air Purifier with a Washable Filter

air purifier permanent hepa filter

A HEPA air purifier with permanent washable filters is a big investment in your family’s health and well-being. To make sure it’s not a wasted investment, make sure to look out for: 

Coverage Area

The square footage rating of an air purifier is one of the most important things to look out for. The square footage rating is basically the size of the room it can cater to.

You might be tempted to invest in a smaller model for a large room, especially if you’re on a budget. However, it won’t be as effective and your air won’t be as clean. 

Another related factor is the ACH of the unit. ACH refers to the air changes per hour and is the number of times it can completely filter the air of the stated area.

High-powered HEPA filters can change the room’s air multiple times per hour. And while they are expensive, they ensure cleaner air.

Note that the ACH mentioned in the product description is what you will get if you run the unit at the maximum fan speed. 

Filter Life

washable hepa filter

It’s easy to forget when you last washed your filter. Plus, without opening up the unit and taking out the filter, it can be hard to determine when you need to wash it.

So, if you’re forgetful or busy, look into getting a HEPA air purifier with a filter life indicator. Usually, you will find it in the form of a light and will turn on when you need to wash the filter. 


Since air purifiers with washable filters can’t cater well to large spaces, you will often have to move them around.

Plus, chances are, you will end up getting a fairly large air purifier. So, look for features like caster wheels and handles that will make it easier for you to move it around. 

Build and Durability

Since the air purifier will be cleaning the air for your family, make sure it is made from quality materials. And of course, you wouldn’t want your money to go to waste by investing in a poor-quality unit.

One indicator of good build quality is the warranty. Better warranty coverage usually means higher quality and improved durability.

Apart from the quality, do look for the build. It should be aesthetic and seamlessly fit into different interiors. Of course, this won’t affect the unit’s operation, but it will increase your room’s appeal

Noise Levels

Running a HEPA purifier at full speed can be quite loud, so it’s better if you look for air purifiers with multiple speed options.

Most units have an almost silent operation, so you can place them in your bedroom, too. However, in other cases, air purifiers will make an annoying sound if you run them at high speeds.

But these faster-cycling options are great for purifying your house when you’re out or when you’re doing something where some noise won’t bother you.


hepa air purifiers with washable filters

Air filters with washable filters can only cater well to rooms up to 250 sq. ft, so they are not suitable for large rooms.

Moreover, you won’t find any innovative features or upgrades on these purifiers. In fact, most of them don’t even have Wi-Fi or remote capabilities.

Lastly, you will only come across limited options. Most manufacturers opt for replaceable permanent filters instead of washable ones. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

air purifier washable hepa filter

Cleaning and maintaining washable filters is very easy. Usually, the unit will inform you when it’s time to wash the filter. Once you get that notification, remove it from the air purifier.

Cleaning the filter is very simple.Just wash it with warm soapy water and then wipe it dry with a cloth. Then let it air-dry completely before inserting it back. Remember, you should never insert a wet filter since it will reduce the unit’s efficiency and may even lead to the growth of mold.

Even if your air purifier doesn’t tell you that it’s time to clean up the filter, it’s necessary that you keep an eye on it. Your filter could be dirty even if the indicator did not light up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it recommended to purchase washable air filters?

The initial prices of air purifiers with and without air purifiers are roughly the same. You don’t have to pay anything extra at the time of purchase.

With replaceable filters, you have to pay for the filter replacements every few months. This cost can total up to $200 a year. However, washable air filters help save you from this cost.  

How often should I be cleaning the washable air filter?

It’s best to clean washable filters every month or as soon as the indicator light on your unit lights up.

What’s better? An air purifier with a washable filter or a standard air purifier?

This is more of a personal performance. Most people prefer air purifiers with washable filters because they help save money that you would otherwise have to spend on filter replacements.

Final Verdict: What is the Best HEPA Air Purifier with a Washable Filter?

We found the Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifier to be the best HEPA air purifier with a washable filter available in the market because of its quiet operation, compact design, and effective True HEPA filter. However, make sure you go through all the models mentioned above and choose the one that stands out to you the most.