10 Awesome Pitching Machines You Wish You Owned

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Who doesn’t think pitching machines are cool? They can help you practice indoors and play an integral part in improving your baseball game. Many baseball star hitters actually improved their launch skills by going back to the nets and practicing their shots with pitching machines. The results were soon evident for everyone to see and helped elevate their skillset.

In this article we take a look at some of the most perfect pitching machine videos online. These videos will make you fall in love with the machine and the drill involved in them.

1. Spinball Wizard

Imagine going up against the spinball wizard, which can spin sideways and makes hitting a challenge for all players. The machine is perfectly designed and does generate good pace as well.

2. Top Pitching Machines

This compilation video gives you a view of the 5 best pitching machines in the market today. All of these machines come with interesting additions that make practicing both, fun and exciting for everyone involved.

3. Jr Hack Attack Pitching Machine

The Jr Hack Attack Pitching Machine is definitely a gem to practice with, and this video gives you insight into that. The ball speed and the movement are all exceptional.

4. Franklin Sports Pitching Machine

This review of the Franklin Sports electronic pitching machine takes you through the intricate details of the pitching process and gives you an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scene of a pitching machine of this pedigree.

5. Compilation Video

This viral YouTube compilation video looks at 10 of the most brilliant pitching machines available today. These machines really do up the ante and make practice fun. 

6. Pitching Demonstration

This demonstration of the Baseline pitching machine is fun to watch and gives an in-depth look at the pace generated by the machine. The machine can hit speeds from 20 to 70 mph.

7. Homemade Baseball Pitching Machine

This pitching machine by Jugsports is ideal for young kids and teenagers practicing their hitting skills. The machine can deliver pitches at varying speeds and techniques.

9. Bata-2 Pitching Machine

The Bata-2 pitching machine is the choice of many major league teams and can throw pitches from 25 to 100mph. The machine weighs around 98 lbs. and gives a beast of an output.

10. Rawlings Pro Line Pitching Machine

The Rawlings Pro Line Pitching Machine comes with three wheels and is used by a number of major league teams including the A’s, Indians and Cardinals. The machine can deliver some fiery slingshots and is perfect for major league practices.

All of these machines carry their own pros and cons but are surely elegant to look at. We hope you love this collection and are just as fascinated by the perfect patching machines on view as we are.

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