Portable Air Conditioners & Allergy Relief: A Match Made In Heaven

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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how frustrating the warmer months are.

Many things in the air cause your allergies to flare up, resulting in itchy eyes, runnier noses, headaches, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Portable air conditioners are a valuable ally in your battle against allergies inside your home.

If you use central air to keep your house cool, portable air conditioners can provide effective relief in some ways that a central unit cannot.

Moisture and humidity in the air exacerbate your allergies and encourage the growth and fester­ing of common allergens usually found indoors. You could be creating an environment where allergens thrive without even realizing it.

The Mayo Clinic recommends having a humidity level of 30-50% at home. Portable air conditioners constantly dehumidify the air when running; some can even function as dehumidifiers when not cooling.

So, whether you’re using one as a dehumidifier during the colder months or as an air conditioner when it’s warmer out, you’re keeping the humidity down either way, which helps keep the allergens down. It really can’t be stressed enough.

Keep Temperatures Down

allergy relief with portable ac

Cooling an area or space is the number one goal of a portable air conditioner, but this can help fight allergies.

Even if you’re running central air during a hot day, it might not be enough to cool off parts of your home in a sunny area or have other factors that cause it to be warmer than other areas.

If this is the situation, then you depend on your central heating system to work overtime, making your whole house cold while the heat bleeds into your warm room.

Not only is this extremely inefficient energy-wise, but your room may still not be as comfortable as it needs to be at 70°F.

A portable air conditioner can help you achieve that without creating any inconsistencies in your home.

Bedroom Use

Using a portable air conditioner in your bedroom at night may help you manage your allergies because the device’s temperature and dehumidifying capabilities can help.

Allergies can be a big problem for you while you’re sleeping, leading to poor sleep and waking to feel the effects.

Using the portable unit in your bedroom at night ensures a consistent room temperature while keeping humidity. This lets you keep an isolated room cool without running the central air system all night.

Extra Air Filtering

allergy relief with portable ac

Filtering the air in your home more effectively can help your allergies. Central air units filter the air, but they don’t always get all the dirt and mold spores that circulate in the air.

If you live in a dorm room or an apartment, you may not know the maintenance level, so you must check before you move in. This may cause more allergens because filters aren’t changed or cleaned often.

Portable air conditioners provide an extra layer of protection from allergens, filtering out the air even more in that room.

The filters on these units are usually easy to change and clean, ensuring that you have even more air filtering in your space, eliminating more allergens, and providing you with a more favorable environment.

You can be sure that your portable air conditioner unit will substantially filter in whichever room you put it in.

It can also help with pet dander, dust, and allergens from the furniture. Make sure you keep your system clean and change or clean the filter regularly.

Better Control Over Certain Areas

Not everyone may suffer the same allergies if you have multiple family members.

If you depend on an air conditioner to keep everyone comfortable, you might end up with someone much more uncomfortable than the others, which could very well cause tension and sleeping issues.

Portable air conditioners can help keep people cooler in more isolated ways when they’re stuck indoors during an emergency.

If you have allergy problems and need to keep your room at a certain temperature during the night, but your housemate doesn’t, then you’ll find an air conditioner to be life-saving.

You can close the doors and set your air conditioning to a certain temperature, allowing you to have your own climate control in the room while everyone else uses a central unit. It’s a win-win.

And don’t forget, a portable air conditioning unit is portable — so you could use it in various rooms of the house throughout the day if you have a way of ventilating it properly.

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