8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

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As summer approaches, it is time to consider investing in an air-conditioner to keep your days cool and your nights comfortable.

Air conditioning units mounted on walls have long been the preferred choice for homeowners, but things have started to change.

With more advanced and energy-efficient portable air conditioners available, it is now easier for homeowners to invest in these instead of more expensive wall-mounted air conditioner units.

To save money, you should consider buying a portable air conditioner.

1. No Installation

Un-box, unplug and enjoy a wave of cool air almost immediately.

You don’t need to worry about strange pipes and drainage, as portable air conditioners can be set up anywhere.

In addition, these units are sleek and blend in well with the other parts of your house.

Many portable air conditioners have no external drain hose, so you can place them anywhere in your house, not just near a window, and they won’t leak water.

You can also save money that you would have otherwise paid for installation.

2. They Are Energy Efficient

Portable AC

Consumers are starting to understand the impact of bad buying decisions and are turning to electronic items that offer energy efficiency and sustainability in their long-term use.

Portable air conditioners can cool down rooms in houses, offices, and even cars.

They’re equipped with the latest technology that saves up to 70 percent.

They’re also efficient at reducing your energy costs. You can run one unit all night for a cumulative total cost of less than $1.

This results in lower and more manageable bills for you

3. Friendly Impact on Environment

Traditional wall-mounted ACs currently used in homes and office buildings may produce more cooling but severely threaten our environment. Most wall-mounted ACs leak HFC refrigerant gas.

A portable air conditioner may use only a fifth of the energy used by other wall-mounted units.

As a result, portable air conditioners are a viable option for all homeowners and individuals looking for ways to keep global warming at bay.

4. Instant Cooling

Portable AC

Wall-mounted air conditioners create a cool environment throughout the room, whereas personal air conditioners focus on building your own stream.

A wall-mounted AC would can between 30 and 60 minutes to cool down a room and ensure its heat is overcome.

Portable air conditioners create their own comfortable micro-climate, so you don’t have to wait for the entire room to be cooled.

You’ll feel the cooling sensation sooner than you would if using a wall-mounted air conditioner.

5. Portable, Lightweight, and Compact

A small personal air conditioner combines the convenience of a pedestal fan with a wall-mounted air conditioner to give you a sensational solution.

These portable air conditioners are light and only weigh a maximum of 15 kg.

They also come with convenient wheels at the bottom to make it easy for you to move them around the room.

You can use the portability to your advantage by taking the air conditioner over for camping trips and carrying it around to your home gym, living area, and patio.

If you think of it, you don’t need a separate wall-mounted air conditioner in each room.

One portable air conditioner can come in handy for all areas.

6. Less Indoor Pollution

Portable AC

Traditional wall-mounted air conditioners only function when all the windows and doors are closed.

This can have a drastic impact on the air quality inside the house. Gases such as CO2 can form and find a home within your closed bedroom.

To limit pollution and improve air quality inside your house you should buy a portable air conditioner, as they do their job even when windows and doors are open.

7. No Costly Servicing

Remember how much it cost to change the gas in your last wall-mounted air conditioner?

And how expensive even minor servicing was?

Well, it’s time you bid adieu to those costly repairs and enter the world of cost-effective maintenance.

Portable air conditioners are easier to service and require minimal maintenance.

8. Outdoor Usage

Portable AC

You don’t have to miss sitting on your patio during hot summer days.

With some portable AC models, especially evaporative units, you can create your own mini climate while sitting outside to get some essential Vitamin D.

The cool air from the system would focus on you while keeping warm air at bay.

9. Quiet Operation

Another reason you need a portable air conditioner is how quiet they can be.

When was the last time you woke up from sleep because of the loud ceiling fan or the buzzing sound from the wall-mounted AC?

Well, today’s portable air conditioners are exceptionally quiet.

10. No Over-Dry Air

Portable AC

Most wall-mounted air conditioners create an environment of dry air inside your house.

This dry air can cause irritation in the eyes, throat, and nose.

Most portable air conditioners collect condensed water vapors from the air in your home and re-circulate them to negate the drying effect.

Many users can see a drastic decrease in their skin, eyes, and breathing problems after shifting to these portable air conditioners from the wall-mounted model they used.

This cooling technology is also perfect for humid regions where there is excessive moisture in the air.

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